Whenever someone plans to start own forex brokerage business, he or she is advised to go for MetaTrader White Label Solutions either MT4 White Label or MT5 White Label. A major credit to the expansion and reach of Forex Trading Market goes to MetaQuotes for developing MT4 & MT5 Trading Platforms. 

We have already discussed about MT4 White Label Solution & its cost in a previous blog. It can be checked here

In this blog we will talk about different aspects  of MT5 White Label Solutions like:

  • What is MT5 White Label?
  • Components, functions and modules of MT5 White Label
  • Features of MT5 White Label 
  • MT5 White Label Cost or Price 
  • List Of MT5 White Label Solution Providers
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Lets start!

What Is MT5 White Label Solution?

MT5 White Label Solution developed by MetaQuotes is an upgraded version of the legendary Forex Trading Terminal MT4 White Label with focus on multi asset trading like Forex, CFDs, Stocks Exchange securities like Stocks, Commodities, Bonds, NCDs etc & Commodities Futures & Options Derivatives, Cryptocurrencies. 

MT4 White Label was developed primarily for the Forex Trading purpose. Most of initial forex traders were stock traders who wanted to trade into stock exchange instruments like shares, futures and options etc.    

Forex Trading doesn’t involve many exchange traded instruments features like volume, Futures and Options, contract expiry, adjustments against dividend, bonus, split etc. 

So MetaQuotes developed the MT5 Trading Platform with enhanced capabilities and functionalities for different trading instruments like forex, crude, bullion, commodities, shares futures and options etc.  

MT5 White Label comes with advanced technical analysis tools like indicators, time frames etc. 

Components, functions and modules of MT5 White Label

The standard components and functions in MT5 White Label Solutions are similar to MT4 White Label Solutions. 

1. MT5 Trading Terminal / Client Terminal
    1.1 Currency Pairs
    1.2 Technical Analysis Tools
    1.3 Order Management System
    1.4 Reports
    1.5 MT5 PC / Desktop Terminal
    1.6 MT5 Mobile Terminal
    1.7 MT5 Web Terminal
2. MT5 Manager / Broker Terminal
3. MetaTrader4 Gateway
4. MetaTrader4 Data Feeds
5. MetaTrader4 Back Office & API
6. Server, Database & Security
7. MT5 Multi Terminal for Fund Management

We have already discussed them in MT4 blog. Details of these can be checked there.

Features of MT5 White Label

Although most of functions in MT4 & MT5 White Labels are similar, there are difference in features. Lets have a look at Key Features and Advantages of MT5 White Label for Forex Brokers & Traders:

Multi Asset Trading Platform

While MT4 White Label & MT4 Trading Terminal were developed with prime focus on forex Trading, MT5 White Label an advanced version that  comes packed with MT5 Trading Terminal & Order Management System that are capable to help traders trade into different securities from various Asset Classes:

Multi Asset Trading Platform: MT5 White Label
  • Forex Currency Pairs
  • Commodities like Crude
  • Bullion like Gold
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stock Exchange Securities like Stocks, Derivatives (Futures & Options) etc.

Now forex traders can trade into instruments of their choice; not only the Forex Currency Pairs but exchange traded instruments too with ease.

Time Frames

Forex & Stock Traders rely heavily of Technical Analysis for trade selection. There are different tools which help them and “Time Frame” is one of the most critical of them. Smaller time frames help traders to take short term and intraday trades. Large time frames help them in establishing bigger trend and long term trades.

MT5 Trading Terminal provides:

    • 21 different timeframes
    • 11 different types of Minutes Charts
    • 7 types of hourly charts 
    • 3 types of Daily, Weekly & Monthly Charts.
Time Frames: MT5 White Label

For most of the forex and stock traders more is merrier and MT5 Trading Terminal has just that for them.

Technical Indicators & Analytical Objects

Like mentioned above Technical Analysis is at the core of most of trading decision whether its Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Derivatives, Crude or Gold. Technical Indicators like MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages etc help traders in identifying the direction of price in stipulated time with higher accuracy. 

Technical Indicators and Analytical Objects: MT5 White Label

MT5 Trading Platform comes with 

    • 38 popular and effective indicators like MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages etc that can be customized as per the requirement of traders.
    • 46 advanced analytical objects  like lines, channels, Gann Tools, Fibonacci Retracement Tools, Elliot Wave Tools etc

46 advanced analytical objects which are grouped into the following categories:

  • Lines that can be plotted over both price charts and indicators. Some of the most commonly used Lines by traders in technical analysis are Trend Lines, Vertical Lines, Horizontal, Cyclic Lines, Drawing Tools, etc.
  • Channels like equidistant, regression channel, etc. that can be plotted over both price charts and indicators. 
  • Gann Tools for the die hard fans of technical analysis tools developed by W. D. Gann.
  • Fibonacci Retracement Tools; very popular among forex, crypto and stock traders which are created on the basis of the numerical sequence by L. Fibonacci.
  • Elliott Wave Tools, based on the wave theory of R. N. Elliott for the cult followers of otherwise complicated Elliott Wave theory to make their life easier.
  • Geometric Shapes like square, triangle, and ellipse to mark different price points, confluences, divergence etc. This helps traders in analyzing visually. 
  • Symbols like arrows, check and stop signs  allowing to mark the most important points or areas in chart to better see the grand picture.
  • Graphical Objects  like text, text labels, button, etc. to write the observations and predictions so that they can be revisited again. These tools help Master Traders in showing the trades and logic to their followers as well while taking screenshots for creating videos.

Market Depth

Market Depth is another essential information that most traders especially stock and derivatives traders use to assess the liquidity in a particular security or symbols.

Market Depth shows how many trades and quantities are placed at different price points on both Bid & Ask sides of any given security.

Many forex and stock traders analyse and traded taking market depth in consideration. This feature has added to their technical analysis capabilities.  

It’s common knowledge that higher liquidity ensures easy entry and exits from a trading position with no or nominal slippage.

Market Depth: MT5 White Label

MT5 Trading Terminal has an in-built feature to show the Market Depth for a particular symbol during the live session.

Economic Calendar

News and events significantly impact all kinds of securities across asset classes right from forex to stocks to crude and gold prices. Every pro trader keeps a track of news and events across the world on an Economic Calendar. Despite being used by millions of traders MT4 Trading Terminal did not have Economic Calendar and MT5 White Label has just addressed this issue by providing an in-built Economic Calendar. 

Economic Calendar: MT5 White Label

Despite being used by millions of traders MT4 Trading Terminal did not have Economic Calendar and MT5 White Label has just addressed this issue by providing an in-built Economic Calendar.

Now forex, crypto and stock traders can keep track of events and news to better plant their trading and positions to ensure higher profits and no undue losses.

Hedging Tools

Hedging is one of the most important and popular Risk Management tools available to traders and investors alike across the asset classes the world over. Most of the traders with large positions Hedge their positions to mitigate the risk of losses in case of an unforeseen event.

MT4 Trading Platform doesn’t allow hedging which is a big limitation. Traders and Brokers kept requesting MetaQuotes to introduce Hedging. 

Finally hedging tools have been introduced with MT5 White Label Solution.

Hedging Tools: MT5 White Label

MetaQuotes’ MT5 Trading Terminal has the HEDGING feature that traders can use to better manage their risks and not only ensure the safety of funds but profitability as well.   


Netting simply means adjusting or netting off a new trade/position against an already open position in the same symbol. It leaves the Positions Tab with just one position in that particular symbol.

Netting: MT5 White Label

Netting helps traders to see net profit or loss without calculating it manually for different positions.

MT4 White Label doesn’t have Netting Function but MT5 White Label comes packed with it.

Order Types

MT5 White Label offers wide spectrum of Order Types that covers the need of almost all types of traders. Market Orders and Limit Orders are the most popular and common Order Type be it forex, crypto or stocks trading. 


MT5 Trading Terminal offers most of the popular Order Types for the ease of trading.

Order Types: MT5 White Label

But when a trader or technical analysts start going deep into it, they realize that  different strategies need different type of Order Execution methods. 

MT5 White Label comes with wide range of Order Execution Methods:

  • Market Orders
  • Limit Orders
    • Buy Limit
    • Buy Stop
    • Sell Limit
    • Sell Stop
    • Buy Stop Limit
    • Sell Stop Limit

Order Fill Mechanism

Order Fill Mechanism forms an essential part of Order Management System.
Different OMS follow different Order Fill Mechanism but MT4 follows only Fill or Kill method but MT5 White Label provides traders with different  Order Fill Mechanisms:

Order Fill Mechanism: MT5 White Label

3 Order Fill Mechanisms available with MT5

  • ICO (Immediate or Cancel) 
  • Return orders fill 
  • Fill or Kill

These Order Fill Mechanisms of the MT5 give both Brokers & Traders give great flexibility to plan their trades and risks.

How Much Does An MT5 White Label Cost or price?

If you are planning to start a Forex Broker, you must have been advised to either go with old MT4 White Label or an advanced MT5 White Label for trading technology. 

Since you know now what an MT5 White Label is and now is the time to answer the million dollar question: How much does an MT5 White Label Cost?

Here is the breakup of charges your need to pay to your Forex White Label Provider for an MT5 White Label:

MT5 White Label Cost for Forex Brokers

One Time Set-up Fee : USD 5500 or more

Monthly Charges: USD 3000 or more

MetaQuotes’ Charges  USD 5000 as one Time Set Up & Monthly Charges of USD 1000 for Web Terminal & USD 1750 for both Web & Mobile Terminal.

Your Forex White Label Solution Provider Reseller may charge a One Time Set-up Fee of USD 500 or more and Monthly Charges of USD 1500 or more. 

List of MT5 White Label Solution Providers

Our Forex Directory has list of more than 90 MT5 White Label Solution Providers. Some of them are being listed here but you can check entire list by visiting the category page. 

Fair Trading Technology is your go-to forex broker solution provider. We help your to start and grow your CFD & Forex brokerage business by offering BROKERTOOLS which have Back Office, Trader’s Room, Partner Magment and Asset Management solutions.

If you are planning to start your own forex brokerage, we can help you with Forex, Commodity, Equity & Index Trading Platform, STP, ECN & Hybrid Order Execution Modules, Payment Processor Software, Hedge Fund Software, Liquidity Bridges, Live Price Feeds from Multiple Sources, etc.

TurnKeyForex.com has been providing Forex Brokerage Technology Solutions to its clients for years now. We are leading platform provider such as MT4, Trade Station, Social Trading and Trading Conditions. Our trading tools range include Forex MAMM Software, VPS Hosting Solution, API, etc.

Trussti Technologies has expertise in helping forex brokers set up their business with tech solutions. Our MT4 White Label Solution includes Low Setup Costs, Back Office Integration, Omnibus Centraliser, Signal Investor, Reporting, Website Designing & development, FIX API for liquidity.

TradeTools FX technology group is renowned Forex Brokerage and Crypto Exchange Tech Solution Provider. We offer MT4/MT5 White Label Solution, Traders Room/ Client Cabinet, Forex CRM, Crypto Exchange Software, Payment Gateway integration, Liquidity Providers Integration services. 

TechForBrokers offers customized solution to clients as per their need and help them in business expansion. Our offering includes variety of trading platforms such as MT4 and MT5 White Label Solution and expert level consulting for forex technology and payment solutions. 


Hope this article gave answers to your questions like:

  • What is MT5 White Label Solution?
  • Features of MT5 White Label
  • How much does an MT5 White Label Solution Cost?
  • MT4 v/s MT5, which is better for Forex Brokers & Traders?

If you analyse logically MT5 White Label & Trading Terminal wins over MT4 White Label & Trading Terminal and why not? MT5 is an upgraded or advanced version of MT4 and developers made sure to get rid of limitations, add features that Forex Brokers & Traders requested and pack it with other trending tools and features. 

The icing on the cake is the pricing. MT5 White Label, despite being very advanced and better that MT4 White Label, still cost same or similar us it comes as a cheap forex white label solution that work best.

Please feel free to ask for any help or queries in the comment section. We can help you connect with leading MT5 White Label Providers. Just ping us with your requirement. 

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