When you decide to start a Forex Brokerage business, either you have already finalized to go with MT4 Trading Terminal or your prospective clients or forex traders ask you to offer them Meta Trader 4 Trading Terminal. You can download the MT4 Terminal from anywhere but to offer it as your brokerage solution you need MT4 White Label Solution.

In this blog, you will learn:

  • What is MetaTrader 4 or MT4 White Label
  • Components, functions and modules of MT4 White Label
  • Can I buy MT4 White Label directly from MetaQuotes?
  • MT4 White Label Cost or Price
  • What does an MT4 White Label Solution Provider offer?
  • List of MT4 White Label Solution Providers

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What is MetaTrader 4 or MT4 White Label?

MT4 White Label is forex trading and brokerage solution developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp in year 2005. Here MT4 stands for MetaTrader 4 which is the most popular Forex Trading Terminal or Software among Forex Traders, Brokers & Developers. 

People search it online with different terms like MT4 White Label, MetaTrader 4 White Label, MetaQuotes White Label, Forex White Label, Meta Trader White Label etc. They all mean the same.  

MT4 was developed solely for Forex Traders and no wonder it has helped Forex Trading Market to evolve to humongous volumes of USD 5 Trillion a day. Even after 2 decades of its launch, MT4 Trading Terminal still enjoys the monopoly as first choice among forex traders.   

MT4 White Label is the most sought after Forex White Label among the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a forex brokerage.  

Components, functions and modules of MT4 White Label

“MT4 White Label is Forex Broker Solution developed by MetaQuotes and comes with MT4 Manager, MT4 Trading Terminal/ MT4 Client Terminal and Server & Database.”

It is a comprehensive software solution that deals with real time high frequency data transfer have different functions and modules to run it efficiently.  MT4 aka MetaTrader 4 White Label does consist of 3 key modules like:

  • Forex Brokers Terminal popularly known as MT4 Manager
  • MT4 Trading Terminal which is also known as MT4 Client Terminal 
  • and Server & Database to manage everything

Let check each and every modules and functions of an MT4 White Label.

1. MT4 Trading Terminal / Client Terminal

MT4 Trading Terminal which is also called Client Terminal alternatively is essentially forex trading platform for traders. It contains the set of software, tools and modules that facilitate a forex trader in technical analysis, order placement in selected currency pairs and reporting. Here are some of the essential features of a MT4 Trading Terminals:

1.1 Currency Pairs

MT4 Trading Terminal shows the list of all all the trading instruments like Forex Currency Pairs, their prices, bid and ask quotes, depth etc.

1.2 Technical Analysis Tools

A forex trader like any other stock trader needs Technical Analysis tools like Charts, Indicators, Drawing Tools etc to analyse and take trading decisions. MT4 Client Terminal has all critical and essential tools that a trader may need for profitable trading.

1.3 Order Management System

OMS is a critical part of any trading software which pools all the trades and matches them with best possible counter-parties. MetaTrader 4 Trading Terminal comes with an excellent in built Order Management System that works seamlessly. Its lets traders place Limit Order, Market Orders, Stop Loss Orders.

1.4 Reports

Reporting is critical for a trader to see margins, equity, available balances, what orders he has placed till now, open and closed positions, executed orders, charges, profit and loss etc. MT4 Trading Platform has an elaborate reporting system that lets traders see all these reports.

1.5 MT4 PC / Desktop Terminal

For most of the people PC or Desktop is the most convenient device to access internet and carry out different tasks. Forex Traders are no exception to this, in fact most of pro traders prefer accessing MT4 Trading Platform over a desktop, laptop or PC only because its easier to look at charts and analyse a currency pair.

MetaQuotes has developed MT4 Desktop Terminal for 3 most popular operating systems and devices like:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux / Ubuntu

Its worth mentioning that MT4 Desktop Terminal has the maximum functionalities for traders.

1.6 MT4 Mobile Terminal

Several studies have shown that more that half of all the online activities are done over a smart phone now. Advancement in Forex Technology has enabled traders to carry out trading activities on that go over their phones.

MetaQuotes has developed MT4 Mobile Terminal for all popular operating systems and devices like:

  • iOS Devices : iPhone, iPad 
  • Android Devices : Google Android Devices (Smart Phones, Tab etc)

MT4 Mobile Terminal is actually a trimmed down version of desktop version. Its has only essential tools like charting, order placement etc.

1.7 MT4 Web Terminal

While MT4 Desktop Applications is great, they have their own limitation that they can be accessed from one desktop only. So in case a forex trader is traveling or not in access to his laptop, he could get access to his MT4 Trading Terminal over the web browsers too like:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firebox
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer

Same as Mobile terminal MT4 Web Terminal is actually a trimmed down version of desktop version. Its has only essential tools like charting, order placement etc.

2. MT4 Manager / Broker Terminal

MT4 Manager / Broker Terminal as the name suggests is for Forex Brokers to create client accounts, assign them trading accesses and rights like what currency pairs they could trade in, leverage, spread, swap, etc.

MT4 Manager / Broker Terminal helps brokers in managing entire forex brokerage operations like:

  • Account Creation
  • Processing User Inquiries
  • Allow access to Risk Management, Exposure etc 
  • Back office
  • Reporting
  • Dealing Desk to manage the orders matching

3. MetaTrader4 (MT4) Gateway

Although MT4 is an advanced forex trading software but a forex broker does need access to different third party tools and data to provide a seamless trading experience to its clients. A fully functional Forex Trading Terminal needs currency pairs, live price quotes, liquidity etc and all these need third party access.

MetaTrader4 Gateway is a built in connectivity solution to other MT4 Servers for access to Liquidity: STP & Coverage Operations.

4. MetaTrader4 (MT4) Data Feeds

MetaTrader4 Data Feeds provides uninterrupted News & Quotes feeds related to different markets like forex, crude, gold, intentional news that impact forex markets etc. These news and event updates are very critical for forex traders to take informed trading decisions.

5. MetaTrader4 (MT4) Back Office & API

The best part of MetaQuotes business model is that they understand Forex Market is decentralized, huge and spread across the globe. Different Forex Market Participants may have different needs and requirements.

Working on these custom requirements may not be feasible for MetaQuotes. So they have provided us with APIs that Forex Technology Developers can use to create applications, modules and tools that could help traders.

Here is the list of different MT4 APIs:

  • MT4 Server API
  • MT4 Manager API
  • MT4 Data Feed API
  • MT4 Web API
  • MT4 Report API

6. Server, Database & Security

The Security of Data & Servers is one of the top most concerns everyone who provides or avails software solutions. And the concerns get heightened when these solutions are related to financial transaction.

As the name depicts, Forex Trading is all about currencies and money thereby the need for greater Server, Database & Security comes.

MetaQuotes has taken great care of these concerns by developing and providing state-of-the-art solutions like:

  • MT4 Data Center
  • MT4 Watchdog 
  • MT4 Report Server

7. MT4 Multi Terminal for Fund Management

Fund Management has become an important part of all financial markets and Forex Market is no exception. As the popularity of Forex Trading grew rapidly so did the demand for Fund Management.

Here are the 2 most popular MT4 Multi Terminal for Fund Management tools:

  • PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module)
  • MAMM (Multi Account Management Module)

We have discussed about them in details in following dedicated blogs:



Can I buy MT4 White Label directly from MetaQuotes?

One word answer to the question whether one can buy MT4 White Label directly from MetaQuotes is; NO!

MetaQuotes sells the MT4 Server or Admin License to re-sellers who in most cases are Technology Companies. They further sell MT4 White Label License to the Forex Brokers who ultimately provide the MT4 Trading Terminal the end user which is Forex Trader.

Apart from White Label, they provide end to end turnkey forex broker solution which includes business set up, forex trading tools, hosting etc. We will discuss them in details ahead. 

This arrangement allows MetaQuotes to focus on development of advanced forex tools & technologies for both brokers and traders.

How much is MT4 White Label Cost or Price?

Lets give you the break up and clarification on MT4 White Label Cost & Price.

  • How much does it cost to a broker?
  • Why does it cost this much?
  • What additional tools your MT4 White Label Provider can provide?

How Much Does MT4 White Label Cost is a tricky question to answer. Since there are 2 parties involved i.e. MetaQuotes & Reseller or Forex White Label Provider, there are 2 elements of MT4 White Label Cost for Forex Brokers: 

MT4 White Label Cost Breakup

MetaQuotes’ Charges

For every MetaTrader 4 White Label License MetaQuotes charges following:

  • One Time Set-up Fee USD 5000
  • Monthly Charges USD 1000 for Web Terminal & USD 1750 for both Web & Mobile Terminal   

Reseller Charges

For every MT4 White Label License, a provider may levy following charges in addition to what MetaQuotes charges:

  • One Time Set-up Fee USD 500 or more
  • Monthly Charges USD 1500 or more

FINAL Charges to Broker

As an aspiring Forex Broker, you must be wondering how much an MT4 White Label Cost you? Here is the breakup of charges your need to pay to your Forex White Label Providers:

  • One Time Set-up Fee USD 5500 or more
  • Monthly Charges USD 3000 or more

What does an MT4 White Label Solution Provider offer?

Its very important to note that while MetaQuotes only provide MT4 White Label Solution, you as a Forex Broker will need more than that to start and operate a forex brokerage business.   

Do you feel that these MT4 White Label Solution Providers charge you too much for MT4 Broker License? Read The Following:

  • MT4 White Label Solution Providers need to pay over USD 100,000 just for the MT4 Admin / Server License and thousands  of dollars every month for hosting, bridges etc. They need to recover these costs and make some profits as well, after all they too are running business. 
  • Many Forex White Label Providers provide additional services and tools like;
    • Business Incorporation Service
    • Bank Account Opening
    • Forex License Consulting
    • Forex Website Designing & Hosting
    • Traders Room or Forex Broker CRM to manage back end of Forex Brokerage Operations
    • Payment Gateway to manage user deposits and withdrawals in your preferred mode 
    • Round the clock Technical Support
    • Forex or MT4 Liquidity Providers 
    • IB & Affiliate Management Tools
    • Forex MAM & PAMM Software
    • Trade Copier Software 
    • Mobile Manager
    • Mobile App for CRM 
    • MT4 Plugins like Virtual Dealer
    • MT4 Manager API
    • MT4 Server API
    • Liquidity Bridge
    • Currency Pairs like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF
    • Live Price Quotes, etc.

To run a successful large scale Forex Brokerage business, you need to have these services and tools someday. MT4 White Label Solution providers that have all these come handy when you are planning to start up and further scale up your brokerage business.

You need not run from pillar to post to get these different tools. A good Forex White Label Provider will have all these at your disposal on demand at a reasonable cost. 

List of MT4 White Label Solution Providers

Our Forex Directory does have a dedicated category for MT4 White Label Solution Providers that has 90+ companies listed in it. We are listing dome of those MT4 White Label Solution Providers right here. You can either click on logo image or the name of company to visit the individual listing page of a particular MT4 White Label Provider.   

You can get the list of all MetaTrader 4 White Label providers by visiting the category page.

B2B SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES provides forex trading technology solutions. We offer world’s most popular trading platform WHITE LABEL MT4/MT5 which includes, API solutions, customization option, Reporting, plugins, infrastructure and support services. Contact us for availing these low cost and reliable technologies solutions.

Doo Technology is one of the leading Forex Trading Technology Solution provider. We offer stable product and professional services such as InTrade HTML5 Trading Terminal, Outrade Social Trading System, CRM System and Clearing System. You can launch your own brand using our White Label solutions

FX Trade Services is providing most efficient FOREX turnkey service. We help brokers by providing MT4/MT5 White Label program, MT4 / MT5 Manager API and Server API, MT4 / MT5 Plugins and PAMM/MAAM services. We also facilitates Traders by providing Trader’s Room facilities, etc.

If you are planning to start your own forex brokerage business and looking for a brokerage solution provider, Orion Capital Management can be your best partner with 8 year of experience in forex world. We provide MT4 White Label Solution and MT5 White Label Solution. 

ForexSolutions is proud to claim one stop solution provider to forex brokers. We offer MT4/5 White Label Solution, MetaTrader 5 Gray label solution, Forex Broker CRM/Traders Room, Connectivity to Liquidity Providers, PAMM/MAM Services, Website Development, IB & Affiliate Services. 

KGI SECURITIES is helping brokers and financial institutions by offering low cost and flexible forex solutions. Our White Level Solution is very helpful in launching new brand in forex world. You can extend your existing business by using our trading platform like KGI METATRADER 4 White Label.


We can conclude this blog in following points 

  • MT4 Trading Terminal is the most popular Forex Trading Software which is developed by  MetaQuotes
  • MT4 White Label Solution comes packed with different Broker and Traders modules
  • If you are planning to start a forex brokerage business, MT4 White Label is your best choice  
  • You can not buy MetaTrader4 White Label from MetaQuotes directly and need to go MT4 White Label Provider for that.
  • MT4 White Label Provider usually charge USD 5500 or more in Set Up Fee and USD 3000 or more in monthly charges which include MetaQuotes’ charges too
  • MT4 White Label Solution Providers offer much more than MT4 like Company Incorporation,  Broker CRM, Website, PAMM, MAMM, Trade Copier etc. 

Hope this article brought clarity on MT4 White Label Solution and its cost. Please feel free to contact us for any queries or clarifications. Please do share thoughts in the comment section.

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