Forex Trading business has a vast market and it getting larger everyday. Forex Traders from different parts of the world are contributing to over USD 6 Trillion per day by using different Forex Trading Platforms like MT4, MT5, cTrader etc. These all forex trading platforms are part of one or another forex software package called Forex White Label Solutions. 

It is the backbone of every Forex Brokerage and Trading Business. In this blog, you will get to learn most important aspects of Forex White Label.

  • What is Forex white label or Forex white label software?
  • Best forex white label solutions
  • Forex white label cost
  • Forex white label providers
  • Forex white label program
  • Free forex white label
  • How to apply forex white label?

What Is Forex White Label?

Forex White Label is a turnkey Forex Brokerage Technology Solution developed for entrepreneurs or businessmen that want to start forex broker firm at low cost. Forex White Label Software is suite of different modules like Forex Broker Terminal & Traders Terminal. 

A broker can brand it as its own. So it’s as simple as buying/licensing a product developed, manufactured or created by someone and putting your own Brand Label on it.

White Labeling is quite popular in FMCG, Consumer Goods, and Fashion Garments etc. Manufacturers make the products and Marketing Companies simply put their own brand on it and sell it to their end customers. 

White Labeling is amazing because manufactures’ expertise is in producing quality products at large scale whereas marketing companies’ expertise lie in promotion and selling. Both businesses complement each other.

Forex White Label MT4 MT5

Forex White Label like MT4, MT5, cTrader, Ninja Trader are set of Fully branded & customized software & tools for Forex Brokers and Traders in running brokerage and forex trading respectively.

Forex White Label business is no exception to this. Companies like MetaQuotes who offer MT4 & MT5 White Label Solutions to Forex Brokers have huge team for development of forex brokerage & trading tools. They have expertise in forex trading domain knowledge, development and scaling up. They have been doing it for decades now and have got near perfection. 

On the other side are the Forex Traders who need a Forex Broker who will provide them with all the tools, infrastructure & services that they need to trade into forex.

The Forex Brokers are middleman that bring together traders, liquidity providers, ECN, Master Traders, Fund Managers, Hedge Funds etc. They get different forex trading solutions together like trading terminal, live price quotes for currency pairs, liquidity provider, payment gateway etc. This ensures traders could trade into their favorite forex pairs smoothly without any delay, interruptions and glitches. 

Key features of a Forex White Label?

  • Mobile Terminal, Desktop Terminal & Web Terminal
  • Account management
  • Order processing
  • Quotes transmission
  • Flexibility to add and customize the functions
  • Flexibility to run Multi Terminal Functions like MAM, PAMM, Trade Copier etc

Key Components of a Forex White Label

A Forex White Label Solution usually has the following 3 Components to be the backbone of a Forex Brokerage Business and provide tools, function &, features that help both forex traders and brokers to operate smoothly: 

  1. Forex Trading Terminal
  2. Forex Broker Terminal
  3. Server & Database Infrastructure

Let’s understand what all these Key Components are, and how do they help FX Brokers and Traders.

Forex Trading Terminal

Forex Trading Terminal is the front-end for Forex Traders which provides them with a platform that facilitates them in participation in Forex Market. This Trading Platform should be packed with Currency Pairs, Live Price Quotes, Matching Engine, Order Management System, Accounts, and Profile etc. Let’s discuss them in details:

Key Features of a Forex Trading Terminal

  • Flexibility to Trade on Mobile, Desktop & Web
  • Currency pairs like EuroUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY etc
  • Live Price Quotes for all the currency pairs
  • Flexibility to set the market watch for preferred currency pairs stocks
  • Ability to Place Variety of Orders like Limit Order, Market Order, Stop Limit Order etc.
  • Matching engine that ensures orders are placed and executed at speed and accuracy with lowest possible cost
  • Account section to check the available margin
  • Order Book to check all the Open & Closed Orders with quantities, price, timestamp
  • Profit & Loss aka P&L book
  • Charting Tools like Bar Charts, Candlestick charts
  • Time frame as small as 1 minute to a month
  • Analysis Tools like Indicators (Moving Average, Bollinger Band, MACD, PSar etc)   

Forex Broker / Manager Terminal

Forex Broker Terminal is at the core of every forex brokerage business. It helps the brokers in managing the client on-boarding, authorization, trading facilities, payments and reporting etc.

Key Features of a Forex Broker Terminal

  • Customer On-boarding like Account Creation, Password Generation & Account Activation
  • Trading Groups: You may have to create different groups if instruments for different traders like someone wants to trade into forex pairs only, someone wants CFD and crude etc.
  • Charges: As a broker you may want to levy different charges on different categories of trader. Forex Broker Terminal needs to have this functionality
  • Leverage: You may want to give different leverage to different class of traders or your clients.
  • Margins: Minimum margin requirements could be set for different group of traders depending on their scale of trading.
  • Reports: access to the reports of trades, positions, overall exposure etc.
  • Risk Management: a Forex Broker needs to have proper risk management tools to asses exposure and flexibility to act on those risks to ensure they remain profitable and don’t make undue losses.

Server & Database Infrastructure

Server & Database Infrastructure form the core of all back end and frond end operations of a forex white label solution.

Access Server

It helps in getting access to server, establishing connections and place the settings of choice. All licenses usually come with most optimum settings and brokers or solution providers need to put in minimal details to get it operational.

Its advisable not to change the default server settings unless its very necessary and you know what is going to happen after you change the settings. Expert advice is highly recommended.

Trade Server

Trade Server manages the trading related modules and services like Currency Pairs, Price Quotes, Liquidity, Order Books, Order Matching, OMS (Order Management System), Leverage, Margins, Stop Loss points etc. Its essential for all the trading activities.

History Server

History Server as the name suggests keep the historical data like dates, times, OHLC prices, volumes etc.

Back Up & Reports Server

Back Up & Reports Server as the name suggests keeps backup of all critical and essential data, information etc along with reports and logs for future reference. A trusted and transparent forex broker is expected to ensure proper back up and reports server.

Its required by the forex regulations as well.

Key features of Server & Database Infrastructure

  • Speedy and reliable Servers
  • Backup and data recovery functions
  • Security system
  • Over 100% Up-time

5 Best Forex White Label Solutions

Here is the list of 5 Best Forex White Label Solutions which are most popular and advanced. They have higher adaptability among the Forex Traders & Brokers. Respective Forex white label cost has been mentioned too.

1. MT4 White Label Solution

MT4 White Label Solution is the most popular Forex White Label Solution in Forex Market. MT4 stands for MetaTrader4 which is marquee Forex White Label Software developed by MetaQuotes Software Corps. MetaQuotes has developed the best forex white label solutions MT4 & MT5.

MetaTrader 4 MT4 Logo

MT4 or MetaTrader 4 was first launched in year 2005 by MetaQuotes and ever since it ruled the Forex Trading Technology segment. Many credit MT4 Trading Terminal for grand spread of Forex Market to world over. Ever since its launch, MetaQuotes is relentlessly working on improving the MT4 Trading Terminal & MT4 Manager Terminal which is essentially Broker Operations Terminal.

Its popularity among Forex Traders is similar to Windows OS among the Personal Computers & Laptop users. As most of the first time PC & Laptop users learnt the basics on Windows and now their brains and muscles are hooked up to Windows only. Even if they are offered with other options with promise of better features and functions, they rarely buzz.

MT4 Trading Terminal enjoys similar hard core fan following among the forex traders. Most of them learnt Charting, Order Placement etc. on MT4 Trading Terminal only and now they can’t even think about something else.

This is why MT4 enjoys the monopoly position when it comes to Forex White Label Solutions. Start-up Forex Brokers can’t ignore this hard core fan following of forex traders for MT4.

2. MT5 White Label Solution

MT5 White Label Solution is an advanced version of MT4 White Label which is not only great for Forex Trading but accommodating to exchange traded securities like Shares/Stocks, CFDs, Futures & Options etc. It is by far the best Forex White Label Solution available as of now.

MT4 Trading Terminal was solely focused on Forex Trading which was the need of hour when it was first launched in year 2005. Forex Broker & Trader community simply hooked up to its very advanced function, features, speed, up-time and reliability.

As the Forex Market grew in size more and more stock traders and other traders who would otherwise trade into conventional securities, started exploring Forex
Trading. Similarly, Forex Traders who started their trading journey with Forex only, started exploring Stock, Futures & Options Trading.

The biggest challenge was the adaptability to entirely new trading terminals and
technologies. MT4 Trading Terminal was more about Forex Currency pairs and
trading and not much about the nuances for Exchange Traded Securities like Stocks, F&Os etc.

MetaQuotes sensed the opportunity and launched MT5 White Label Solution in year 2010 to en-cash it. MT5 allows Forex Trading along with Stocks,  Derivatives & Commodities. The initial response to MT5 White Label was not very encouraging as in first year of its launch, over 50 businesses adopted MT5 White Label while 400 still remained with MT4.

The primary reason for this lukewarm response to MT5 White Label was due to poor Backward Compatibility and resistance to change. Forex Brokers & Traders
were so hooked up to MT4 White Label & Trading Terminal that they simply
refused to look at any other option however great it was! Their logic was simple: Why rock a smooth sailing boat!

MT4 & MT5 Forex White Label Cost

MetaQuotes sells MT4 White Label Solution License which is one of the best forex white label solutions through its re-sellers channels only. You can’t buy it directly from MetaQuotes. Forex every MetaQuotes charges set up and monthly fee. An indicative breakup of MT4 / MT5 Forex White Label Cost includes;

  • One Time Set-up Fee: USD 5000
  • Monthly Technical Support Fee: USD 1750 (with following break-up)
    • Desktop MT4 Terminal: USD 1000
    • Optional Mobile MT4 Terminal: USD 750

Since Mobile MT4 Terminal which costs USD 750, is optional; USD 5000 for one time set up fee & USD 1000 for Technical Support is effectively the lowest MT4 White Label cost that MetaQuotes will charge you. 

3. cTrader White Label

cTrader is another popular Forex White Label Solutions which is developed by Spotware Systems Ltd. The USP of cTrader Forex Trading Software is the ability to automate trade placements, trade management and back-testing. “cTrader Automate” is the advanced tool that lets traders custom develop EAs or Trading bots according to their own Trading Strategy and place orders automatically.

cTrader Logo

cTrader White Label Cost

While Spotware Systems Ltd claims to offer better Forex White Label Solution than other FX White Labels, the cTrader Forex White Label Cost is lesser several times. Please check the breakup of cTrader White Label Cost:

Here is the breakup of cTrader Forex White Label Cost that a Forex Broker broker need to pay if s/he intends to use it as brokerage solution:

  • One Time Set-up Fee: NIL
  • Monthly Technical Support Fee: USD 750-1000*

*The monthly technical fee largely depends on scale of your brokerage operations.

No Set Up fee and Monthly Technical Support within USD 1000 makes cTrader White Label extremely attractive for start-up forex brokers. One can start Forex Brokerage Business without investing huge sum on technology. As the business grows, you can invest more on automation and advance technology but the sweetest part is that you would be investing back what you earned. 

4. Ninja Trader White Label

Ninja Trader is Forex Trading Solution developed by NinjaTrader Group, LLC which provides end-to-end forex Trading Solution to Traders. They have their own trading terminal and one of its subsidiaries NinjaTrader Brokerage provides the Forex Brokerage as well.

NinjaTrader White Label

They have enlisted some of other brokers as well on their platform who use their Forex White Label Solution. The list includes City Index,, Interactive Brokers, FXCM, Oanda, TD Ameritrade etc. Best part is a trader can switch from one broker to another without any hassle.

Key features of NinjaTrader 

  • Trade Simulation 
  • Advanced Market Analytics
  • Pro Charting Tool
  • Back testing
  • EA (Expert Advisor) Development Tools etc.

We will discuss more about NinjaTrader Trading Platform in a dedicated article.

5. M4 White Label

M4 White Label by ModulusFE is an open source Forex Trading Technology which helps Forex Brokers to customize the whole Forex Brokerage & Trading Terminal. The Source Code for this Open Source Forex Trading Technology can be downloaded. There is no turnkey forex brokerage solution like MT4, MT5 etc. but one can get the code and create its own proprietary fully branded platform.

Forex White Label Solution Providers List

Please check our Forex Directory Category dedicated to Forex White Label Providers. It has the list of more than 50 Forex White Label Providers.

Trading Cores is bringing new sensation in financial world by providing tech solutions for BUNDLE TRADING. We are experts in providing trading solutions over web and mobile. Our CRM solution is most trusted product which include analysis and management of brokerage. 

TraderSoft is expert in providing online trading technology solutions. Our aim is to offer cost effective fin tech solution and services to brokers and financial institutions. You can access our user friendly trading platform for launching your forex brand in web, mobile and crypto. 

Top FX is a leading forex brokerage solution provider. We are among those few Forex White Label Solution Providers who offer cTrader White Label. We offer end to end fx brokerage solutions like MULTI-ASSET LIQUIDITY across Forex, Metals, Energies, Indices and CFDs through FIX API

How to Apply Forex White Label Solution

Here is a short and brief explanation of How to apply forex white label?

Step 1. Visit the Forex White Label Providers Category

Step 2. Check different Forex White Label Providers from the list

Step 3. Shortlist as many providers that you find interesting. We recommend you to contact at least 4-5 Forex White Label Providers.

Step 4. Ask for details and demo

Step 5. Negotiate and chose the best Forex White Label Provider.

Step 6. KYC with MetaQuotes or other Forex White Label Software Development Company.

Forex White Label Solution Providers List

Forex White Label Program is usually offered by Prime Forex Brokers who have created a full forex brokerage solution and now want to make additional money. Not everyone can afford to invest in huge forex broker set up cost.

Forex White Label Program allow people with low funds to start their own forex brokerage business at low cost and at times for FREE!

The brokers may charge a small amount for set up and monthly fee and volume and transaction based charges.

FREE Forex White Label Solution

There are few brokers who offer Free Forex White Label Program. All you need to have good potential to bring the decent volumes. This helps them to scale up the volumes. The Free Forex White Label usually doesn’t cost any set up fee or monthly fee. There are volume or transaction based charges that you need to pay but it makes sense.

If you can bring clients who would trade with you. It makes sense to start small and as you grow your base, you can start your own brokerage business with no strings attached.

FAQ about Forex White Label Solutions

What Is A Forex White Label?

Forex White Label is a fully branded turnkey forex brokerage solution for start up forex brokers. Forex White Label Solution is set of Forex Brokerage & Trading Software, Tools & Modules which a broker can deploy to provide Forex Trading Services to Traders.

What Forms The Forex White Label Solutions?

A Forex White Label Solution usually has the following 3 Components to be the backbone of a Forex Brokerage Business and provide tools, function &, features that help both forex traders and brokers to operate smoothly: 1. Forex Trading Terminal 2. Forex Broker Terminal 3. Server & Database Infrastructure

What Are The Best Forex White Label Solutions?

There are 4 Best Forex Brokerage Solutions available for those planning to start a Forex Brokerage Business: 1. MT4 & MT5 White Label Solution by MetaQuotes 2. cTrader by Spotware Systems Limited 3. Ninja Trader by Ninja Trader Group, LLC 4. M4 by Modulus FE

Forex White Label Cost

For most popular and best Forex White Label Solutions MT4 & MT5, a broker may require to pay USD 5500 or more for set up fee and USD 2500 or more in monthly charges. This includes MetaQuotes Charges along with charges levied by your Forex Brokerage Solution Provider for the services. The Cheapest Forex White Label Solution is cTrader White Label which has no set up cost and monthly charges as low as USD 750.


Here is quick summary of this blog on Forex White Label solutions:

1. Forex White Label is the Forex Software that helps brokers and traders to participate in forex market.

2. MT5, MT5, cTrader, NinjaTrader, M4 are some popular Forex White Label Solutions.

3. Forex White Label Solution Cost starts from USD 1000 per month and can go upto several thousand dollars depending on the solution. 

Hope this article brought greater clarity to you about different aspects of Forex White Label. If you want to understand about Choosing Right Forex White Label Solution Provider please read this Definitive Guide.

Wish you great success with your plan to start your own forex brokerage business!

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