Forex Software is computer program that facilitates the Forex trading which essentially represents the buying and selling of currencies using other currencies. There are several Forex Software that help different group of Forex participants like retail traders, institutional traders, brokers, market makers, liquidity providers, payment gateways etc.

Forex Software comes in different forms like tools, modules, web apps, mobile apps, bridge, robots etc.

Forex Software can be grouped into different categories like:

  • Forex Trading Software
  • Forex Broker Software
  • Forex Professional Software
  • Forex Business Software
Forex Software

Forex Trading Software

Forex Trading Software is the set of program, tools and modules that let traders carry out different aspects of forex trading like Currency Pairs, Live Price Quotes, Charts, Indicators and other Analysis Tools, Calendars, Order Matching Engine, Profit and Loss Tracking, Reporting etc.

There are many Forex Trading Software available in market. Here is the list of some of the most popular Forex Trading Software:

  • MT4 & MT5 Forex Trading SoftwareDeveloped by MetaQuotes MT4 & MT5 are the two most popular Forex Trading Software. Ever since its launch MetaTrader 4 aka MT4 is the most popular forex trading software among the forex brokers and traders. MT5 is the upgraded version of MT4 with advance features to support stocks trading too.
  • cTrader by Spotware
  • Ninja Trader by NinjaTrader, LLC
  • M4 by ModulusFE

Forex White Label

Forex White Label is the complete forex broker turnkey software package that helps people to start and run a forex brokerage business. It comes with trading terminal for their clients, manager panel for managing the operations, partner (IB & Affiliates) management etc.

Some of the most popular Forex White Label Solutions are MT4 White Label, MT5 White Label, cTrader, Ninja Trader etc.     

Forex Trading Software

Broker CRM

Broker CRM is cloud based Customer Relation Management Software designed for Forex Brokers. It helps them manage client on-boarding, deposits and withdrawals, Forex Fund Management Solutions, Exposure and Risk Management etc.

Clients Cabinet or Traders Room

Clients Cabinet which is also known as Traders Room usually a part of Forex Broker CRM only that helps traders and partners to access their respective dashboards and access modules like KYC, Fund Deposit & Withdrawals, Reporting etc.  

IB & Affiliate Management Module

IB & Affiliate Management Module lets Forex Brokers to manage their marketing partners that help them expand the brokerage business. It helps marketers, master traders, influencers, bloggers and individuals to register as partners, generate Affiliate link, track the joiners and earnings. IB & Affiliate Management Module is usually integrated with Broker CRM only.

PAMM Software

Managed Fund Service is one of the most popular value added service offered by forex broker to its clients and PAMM accounts are one of such service. PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module wherein individual traders can connect with master trader and allocate funds to him to trade for them. The funds are locked for pre-decided duration while master trader makes the trades. The investor clients can see the trades, fund performance etc. but can’t interfere with the trades. At the end of duration, profits and losses are adjusted and distributed to investors after deductions for professional fee and/or cut in profits.

This entire system is automated and managed with the use of a Forex Software called PAMM Software.

MAMM Software

MAMM Accounts are another popular Forex Fund Management service offered by forex brokers. Here MAMM stands for Multi Account Management Module. With MAMM accounts investor clients give access of their trading terminal to master trader who directly places the trades into multiple accounts simultaneously. Here funds don’t move to Fund Manager’s account and remain with investors only. And do have control over trade management like when to exit trades, adjust the targets etc.

MAMM Software helps automating this entire process.

Forex Liquidity Bridge

Forex Liquidity Bridge is the piece of software that connects the Liquidity Providers and Forex Broker Terminals to supply and receive price quotes, bid and asks prices, buy sell orders etc. seamlessly. MT4 Bridge is most popular Forex Liquidity Bridge.

Binary Platform Software

Off late, Binary Trading has got great popularity among forex traders. It’s slightly different than Forex Trading. Binary Trading is pure speculation where traders or clients predicts whether the price of given instrument like Forex, Crude, Gold etc will close high or low in given duration like 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes etc. Traders bid money here and they are paid over 80% of bid amount if their prediction was right and lose 100% if they were wrong.

Binary Trading Platform Software helps broker to manage their Binary Trading business with different functions and tools that perform above mentioned tasks.

MT4 Manager API

MT4 Manager API is the software that helps developers to develop custom forex software for brokers to carry out their operational tasks with ease like customer on boarding, funds management, value added services like PAMM Account, MAMM Account etc. Forex Broker CRM that we discussed above is created using MT4 Manager API for brokers that use MT4 White Label Solution.

MT4 Server API

MT4 Server API is used for the development of custom forex software that helps traders in better trading like Algo Trading, EA (Expert Adviser), etc. As the name suggests, MT4 Server API helps in building custom software and tools that run exclusively on MT4 Server.

MT5 Server API

Same as MT4 Server API, MT5 Server API is used for the development of custom forex software and tools that helps fx traders to do Algo Trading, EA (Expert Adviser), etc. As the name suggests, MT5 Server API helps in building custom software and tools that run exclusively on MT5 Server.

This is the list of Forex Software for now. We will keep adding more Forex Trading Software, Broker Software, tools and plugins to this list.