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Turnkey FX (TFX)


About Us


We are a leading technology company that specializes in technology for forex brokers, liquidity bridges, and risk management tools for forex brokers.

Turnkey Forex started up as an Investment Advisor for institutional investors , and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. From our beginnings from Wall Street to launching a brokerage, we’ve tried to stay true to our core belief – “CUSTOMER IS THE KING” and to deliver an exceptional trading & customer service experience to our clients. We owe a huge thanks to – YOU – for joining us on this awesome journey, and we hope that –YOU’LL – continue to be a part of our story.

Turnkey Forex is headquartered in London. We allow anyone to trade the financial markets with us. We strive to offer the best trading experience in the world through superior trading technology, low spreads, fast execution, and stellar customer support. Our management team has a solid track record with vast experience in the industry and understands what traders need to trade effectively. Our aim is to provide customers with a stellar trading experience.




Product and Services


Trade Station


Trade station allows you to examine the market and participate in trading. Each station show reliable information and gives as access to specific function of the software Trade station includes trading in all the major instruments like Forex, Futures, CFDs and ETFs and in built indicators. In addition to this, you can even build your own strategies.

  • Suitable controls via FXVoyager Toolbar
  • Build, check and run automated strategies via ActFX
  • Trade in Currency, Currency Forward contracts and Options, CFDs, Equities, Futures and ETFs.
  • Multiple workspaces to organize your windows and adjusting the size of your spaces; switching between the workspaces using workspace tabs and buttons
  • Drag and drop facility from one workspace to another workspace; grouping similar windows together and saving spaces
  • Selecting from several desktop profiles, or creating and saving your own.
  • Select one or more than one accounts to see the financial data and trade
  • You can view the rates on the dealing rates window
  • To set stop loss and limit order, open the trade tab of FXVoyager Toolbar and click stop/limit or from open positions window
  • Clicking on close position button below trade tab to directly close the positions/right click and close
  • Creating objects on charts, then copying and pasting it on multiple charts according your requirements



MT4 desktop


It is one of the most popular applications for trading forex, analysing financial markets and using Expert Advisors. This platform offers a lot of opportunities to traders of all skill levels: advanced technical analysis, adjustable trading system, Algo trading and Expert Advisors.

  • Set stop loss and take profit orders while opening a new position
  • Trade with more precise lot size for risk management
  • Feed when and how much position you want to close
  • Anonyms trading for the clients as the providers will not be able to see SL, Limit and Pending orders
  • No trading restrictions
  • Easy integration of expert advisor strategies
  • Helps in creating EAs according to the trading rules
  • Design can be customized according to your style and preferences
  • Implement scripts that help you manage your trading
  • Convenient and easy way to keep up with your account details
  • Complete set of trade orders, trade history and interactive charts
  • 30 in built indicators, compatible for all types of orders



MT4 Mobile


This is an application which allows you to trade in Forex with your Android smartphone or tablet. One of the most popular software MT4 is now available on your phone absolutely free of costs. MT4 is fully functional forex trading platform with most critical technical analysis tools with easy integration to understand the features in everyday activities.

  • Full technical analysis package
  • Integrated with variety of tools for customizing trading indicators
  • Processing and trading with real time data
  • Allows you to set automated trading alarms and signal messages
  • Enables the community sourced indicators and expert advisors
  • Gives a feature of trading in 32 different languages
  • Feature to creature various different customized indicators for different time periods (varying from minutes to months)
  • Secure trade session with unique username credentials given
  • Provides updates on financial news
  • Automatic position alerts via emails
  • Timely system signals and trading actions
  • Contains all the necessary tools for traders of all skill set




Trade Pad


This is the world’s easiest way to organize digital media collection as it allows you trade in all the trading instruments you trade on desktop platform like CFDs, Forex pairs, ETFs and Future contracts.

Some of the Key Features of our Trade Pad applications are as under:

  • Traders can access the app and easily monitor the trading activity on their accounts
  • Easy access to trading accounts positions; orders placed, and open and closed positions
  • Sync your account with trading activity in real time
  • Profit and loss will be displayed on the history page
  • You can change the displayed dealing rates just by tapping on the rates settings
  • You can directly Buy and Sell from the displayed button
  • Tap on Stop or Limit to place a conditional order on the selected positions.
  • Allows you to monitor the positions and to switch the accounts by Account Info Bar
  • Analyze the market with real time dynamic charts
  • Tap on the indicators to confirm your positions from 18 popular indicators in-built
  • Switch from Candle, line to bar chart styles and trade from one window
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe is quick and easy, syncing all the applications




Trade Phone


It is a fully fledged integrated trading solution for iphone users. Trade Phone allows you to trade in all the instruments you can trade on Trade Station a desktop application like Forex, CFDs, Futures and ETFs.

Some of the Key Features of our Trade Phone applications are as under:

  • Live streaming dealing rates and news available 24*7
  • Live trading from your Trade station Phone account
  • Real time interactive charts with market dynamics and technical indicators
  • Making informed decisions viewing real time charts
  • Easy order and position management for all pending, OCO orders
  • Access to the details of your account in real time
  • If you have multiple accounts, you can access to the data of each account
  • Easy and efficient setting of Stop or Limit or Closing of position
  • Know the past performance of your positions in an easy format.
  • Know your closed position in detail
  • Creating and saving chart templates
  • Customizable subscription to instruments



Social Trading


Social trading is a new way to trade in the forex market.

Some of the Key Features of our social trading are as under:

  • Know their trade history and receive alerts and signals when they’re active in the market
  • Quickly and easily browse the top experienced traders, their profiles and use filters to find the most successful ones
  • Copy all trades of a particular trader using AutoCopy option
  • Use in-built charts and analysis tools to monitor your trade positions
  • Empower the trading field by emphasizing on the different strategies and make your own.
  • Become an earning follower with easy application and huge returns



White Label Program


True ownership of your Forex brokerage. Start a profitable Forex brokerage with our professional solutions. Our offering include





MAM Account


Multi Account Manager accounts are for money managers and clients looking for managers to efficiently manage their funds.

In MAM accounts, all trading activities are concentrated on a single money manager’s account wherein the funds of all investors are consolidated. Investors, without doing trading themselves, may earn profit by simply entrusting the whole trading process to their chosen fund manager. And the manager receives an agreed upon amount which serves as commission from investors for managing their funds.



VPS Hosting


Avoiding latency and maintaining platform connectivity is a trader’s most essential asset. Every millisecond is vital for the success of your trades, thus a good VPS comes handy. Virtual Private Server (VPS) allows Forex traders to run a variety of automated trading strategies, including expert advisors (EAs) 24 hours a day 7 days a week without having to maintain any computer hardware, back up internet or power supply.

Our clients are able to subscribe to a Forex VPS service from external third-party providers, helping ensure trades are never disrupted by technological or connectivity issues.





We offer API connectivity to traders using automated trading systems or developing their own custom built trading system to create their own bespoke trading tools and algorithmic trading strategies with our APIs.



Robo Trading


Robo Expert Advisor (EA) is a flexible automated trading strategy that trades on your behalf, provided certain conditions are met in the market




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