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With our many years of experience in the financial markets and our strong expertise in systems, Trussti Technologies is able to offer customised advice and solutions. No matter if you are an aspiring start-up or an established brokerage, we can lend you our wealth of experience to avoid unnecessary risk exposure and maximise every opportunity in increasing profitability.

Trussti Technologies is strategically placed in Singapore to form partnerships with major Liquidity Providers, Prime Brokers and Technology Partners who have established themselves in this city whilst tapping on strong network outreach to the global industry.At Trussti Technologies, after understanding the needs of our clients, we combine business acumen with IT expertise to find the best suited solution. Each solution that we offer our clients is unique and custom made for their needs. Our products and services are also structured in a scalable and flexible way so that our clients will be able to meet the demands of the ever changing market conditions.

Having a wealth of experience, Trussti Technologies has the ability to be your one-stop solution leading you every step of the way from the idea conception to the establishment of your brokerage.


Product and Services


Trussti Technologies’ FIX API allows for easy integration with various external systems such as back office systems, trading platforms, external feeds, etc. The API FIX plays an essential role in keeping the data accurate by communicating in a recognisable form and keeping the transmission speed between each interface with minimal latency.


Liquidity Aggregator

Trussti Technologies’ Liquidity Aggregator makes use of its own proprietary algorithm where various feed source are aggregated to ensure that the best bid/ask price is reflected at any point in time while smoothing out erroneous spikes. The Liquidity Aggregator also protects against arbitrages and scalpers to maximise our clients’ profits. Should there be any feed breakage problems, proactive measures are in place and Trussti Technologies will be able to rectify immediately.

Omnibus Centraliser

The Trussti Omnibus Centraliser is targeted specifically for White Label Partner solution providers.

Understanding the conundrum that brokerages often face when deciding whether to take on a White Label Partner due to the additional work load needed to increase monitoring, separation of books, ensuring that the margin placed upfront is sufficient to hold the risk and as the list goes on, Trussti created the Omnibus Centraliser.

The Omnibus Centraliser is a solution where the White Label Partner will be able to have full ownership of his accounts. The White Label Partner will be given the autonomy to decide how he would like to risk manage the trades he receives.

Signal Investor

The Trussti Signal Investor is a plug-in free solution targeted specifically for institution client like Money Manager or Introducing Broker.

Capitalising on the strength of better and more experience trader, the user can benefit from a wider pool of investing guru and customise their own portfolio.  Money Manager or Introducing Broker can select strategies that match their personal trading preferences, such as risk tolerance and past profits. Once a strategy has been selected, all the signals sent by the strategy will be automatically applied to the client’s brokerage account. No intervention is required by the client as all the account activity is controlled via the platform. Money Manager or Introducing Broker will be able to have full ownership of their portfolio.

Trussti Reporting List
The Trussti Reporting List provides a solution for an easy reference to the executed trades. This allows our clients to analyse their trade flow. From the details of the pips made per trade, to which currency pairs their customers have been trading on for further analysis.

MT4 Trading Terminal for Mac

The MT4 Trading terminal for Mac is a custom built platform to work seamlessly with the MT4 trading platform. This empowers clients to trade on any Mac computer which reduces the need to run virtual machines on their systems or be restricted to using Web platforms.

Clients will have the same functions as the MT4 trading terminal where the custom platform is based not on an add-on or plug-in. Functions such as Expert Advisors (EAs) and the customizability of the MT4 will be available.


Trussti Technologies provides a Webtrader platform to give clients instant access to the global market without installation or download. Brokerages can provide an alternative platform to their clients who are accustomed to trading via the web browser and on-the-go instead of being tied down to a device. Webtrader is accessible via Windows, Mac or linux operating system while trading behind a firewall of the server.

MT4 Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Trussti Technologies has the capability to integrate the MT4 platform to a customised CRM system according to your needs. In this way, customers’ information can be archived automatically and retrieved when necessary. This allows our clients to concentrate on finding new leads while ensuring that the current relationships are maintained.

White Label Solution

Looking to take on more ownership of managing your clients’ trades and have your own brand but lack the IT solutions to manage?

The white label solution provided by Trussti ensures that all the backend worries will be set up and handled by our IT expert consultant. Depending on the needs and risk appetite of our clients, Trussti will be able to provide a customised solution suite for each client.

Having all the products developed in-house, Trussti has the capabilities to customise them to the specification of each client to deliver a complete end-to-end white labeled trading solution designed to help you increase your bottom line, maximize your operational efficiencies and manage your risks.

Some benefits of the White Label Solution include:

  • Low Setup Costs
  • Back Office Integration
  • Omnibus Centraliser
  • Signal Investor
  • Reporting
  • Website Creation
  • Flexibility



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