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Trading Cores


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Trading Cores is an innovative trading software manufacturer, providing an outstanding trading experience over web and mobile.



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PROFTIT, from Trading Cores, is an industry leading CRM solution that provides brokerages with tools to manage, analyze, optimize and automate a brokerage. Manage and control the entire business from end to end including, marketing, sales, call centers, retention, compliance and much more. All the Trading Cores trading platforms integrate seamlessly to create a comprehensive business solution that can be managed from a single console.

  • Sales Motivation
  • Lead Splitting
  • Full API
  • Marketing
  • Reporting
  • MultiBrand
  • Cashier





Trading Cores is dedicated to building and providing a range of innovative, reliable and easy-to-use trading platforms.All of our products are built for an exceptional trading experience and are aimed at the ever-evolving retail trading industry. Bundles are built in such a way that all types of traders will enjoy the experience

CFD Trading- Simple & Sophisticated CFD Trading Platform

Bundles Trading- Brand NEW innovative Bundles Trading Platform

Crypto Exchange- All-in-One platform for Crypto Exchanges





Bundles are an aggregation of leveraged CFD assets that have been pre-packaged together. A Bundle can include a combination of FX pairs, stocks, commodities and even cryptocurrencies. With a single click, traders can open a position. Bundles are a simple trading tool that makes them ideal for beginners and experienced traders. Learn more.





The Trading Cores CFD platform is designed to be the most user-friendly trading platform ever. From beginners to professionals, the platform is easy to navigate and even easier to use, plus the range of built-in tools gives traders the ability to make better trading decisions, faster!
The web platform can be accessed from any browser and the native App gives traders the option to trade anywhere, any time from an Android or iOS powered device.



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