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Tradeview LTD

About Us

Tradeview was established in 2004 with a vision: To provide unmatched online trading solutions to a broad range of traders and investors around the world. We are more than just a brokerage; Tradeview gives its clients the latest trading technology, flexibility and personal support with our cultivated team of industry professionals. This means 24 hour trade support and streamlined administrative procedures to ensure your needs are met with speed and accuracy. Tradeview LTD. is an online dealer/broker regulated by CIMA. Tradeview’s provides direct access ("online") trade execution and clearing services to institutional and professional traders for a wide variety of electronically traded products including stocks, options, futures, forex and CFDs on major indices and commodities such as gold and crude oil. Tradeview LTD. is a fully registered Securities and Investment Business entity (“SIBL”) with the Cayman Island Monetary Authority (“CIMA”) License # 585163.


Product and Services

MAM (Multi Account Manager): MetaTrader 4 Multi Account Manager

The Tradeview MAM plugin is a simple, fast, effective and reliable addition to the MetaTrader4 System. Working completely within the MetaTrader server, the Tradeview MAM is extremely diverse and can work with any method of trade generation, whether trading manually, using expert advisors or other bridges.
The Tradeview MAM plugin allows users to assign multiple sub-accounts to a single master account. Any trade then opened by the master account will be distributed automatically among the sub-accounts, in real time; with the individual sub-account volume calculated using a simple allocation method. When a deposit or withdrawal is made to a sub-account, the corresponding master account balance will reflect this, and stay aligned with the total sub-account balance. Multiple master accounts can be configured with the plugin, each with their own corresponding sub-accounts.


MAM Features

  • Access to MT4 Terminal
  • Trading operations at multiple on sub accounts
  • Flexible location parameters – lots, free margin, percentage, balance or actions
  • Unfolding all of trading operations on a structured tree
  • MetaQuotes approved to integration in MT4
  • Embed into a native MT4 terminal
  • The MATs can manage EAs at any number of accounts
  • Skills to close individual trading operations realized on sub accounts



  • Increase amount of trading
  • Total control of Brokers on management activities
  • Intuitive management / Trading interface
  • Unfold fast, easy and without problems


MetaTrader 4

  • Expert Advisor
    Within MT4 trading platform, traders have the ability to develop their own trading strategies through our Expert Advisors and backtest those strategies as well.
  • Comprehensive Charting Package
    MT4 offers a comprehensive charting package allows customizing chart interface to personal requirements and provides with wide range of analytic instruments.
  • Multilingual Support
    MT4 supports different languages, and a MultiLanguage Pack program is included into distributive packages. It provides translation of all program interfaces into any language.


MetaTrader 5

  • Built-in MetaTrader Market
    Purchase or rent trading robots, technical indicators, scripts and other applications for financial trading.
  • FX signals and copy trading
    MetaTrader 5 allows you to copy deals of successful traders or share signals with others.
  • Strategy Tester
    Trading robot testing and optimization modes supported by the built-in strategy tester (Multi-Thread ed).



  • Customizable Charts
    cTrader charting is full of features to suit the needs of any and all traders.
  • Level two Pricing
    Access to a depth of market that shows full range of executable prices that are streamed directly from our liquidity providers.
  • Fast Entry and Execution
    cTrader supports multiple order processing so if you’re entering several trades at once, there is no order queue.



  • Multiple Order Types
    Multiple order types that provide traders with complete control of order timing and execution.
  • Execution based on positions
    Execution based on positions, which enables traders to make informed decisions based on account information.
  • Reliability of its technology
    A very simple and user friendly interface is combined with a fast, advanced and complex technology running on the background.


Tradeview Copier

Copy trade made simple. Built for Money Managers. Money Manager easy tool to trade in different accounts at the same time

  • Easy installation. Ready to use and simple configuration settings
  • Low system resources
  • Use it in more than two MT4 Platforms at once


MetaTrader 4 Bridge

The MT4 Bridge connection is a plug-in for the MetaQuotes software, MetaTrader 4.  The plug-in enables a server running MetaTrader 4 server to offload risk to another MetaTrader 4 server. Any person who has their own MT4 server may not want to release all functionality to another firm. With this Bridge plug-in you retain all functionality with the ability to delegate certain accounts to the Bridge. As you pass risk over the Bridge your company accounts are represented as one omnibus account and hidden on the bridged server. All back office maintenance is still under your control.


FIX API, Financial Information Exchange

The application programming interface (API) is the actual source code to several of our trading platform products. It is widely used in any software development, but in the financial industry it is used to increase and maintain a firms available products. A client may not want to use our available trading platforms, so we provide this source code for programmers to link their software to ours. As other trading platforms trade through our API, all trades will come to Tradeview Forex for clearing while you retain your preferred platform's functionality.

Liquidity Services

In order to expand your firm, you are going to need at least one or two liquidity accounts. In times of high market volatility a liquidity account allows you to hedge your clients' trades and mitigate risk among a range of different trading counterparties. There are different ways of managing risk, from passing 100% to laying off a small portion of trades. Our team has years of experience dealing with both technological and financial matters, so don't hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have. Holders of a clearing or liquidity account receive free tech support 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.


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