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TraderSoft is an online trading technology provider specializing in services to the financial industry.
We are, your all-inclusive provider supplying you with all the resources you need in order to become a successful broker.

Our focus is equipping brokers and traders with premium technologies and intuitive tools to fully operate premium brokerages and supplemented trading solutions that enables brokers and financial institutions to maximize revenues. Through our global exposure and unique experience, we provide brokers worldwide with all-inclusive, boutique tailored services: trading platforms, Backoffice solutions, marketing systems, 24/7 support and business consult.

Our fields of expertise include systems development, software support, data management and project management.
With a strong staff of top developers, UI designers, analysts and first-class customer service representatives, we are your one-stop-shop brokerage service provider.



Product and Service




The Tradersoft Platform-Tradersoft’s proprietary platform combines cutting edge technology with simplicity and ease of use. The platform is sophisticated enough to satisfy experienced professional traders, but is readily accessible to novices.

One Wallet - Multiple Instruments
The Tradersoft platform delivers multiple trading instruments under a single wallet and provides integrated charts and analysis tools. Traders receive live data feeds with real market prices and other advanced features.

  • CFDs, FX & Cryptos under 1 wallet
  • Over 1,000 of the world’s most popular assets
  • Available for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Ultra-fast execution
  • Fully customizable layout
  • Multiple charts and advanced analysis tools
  • Integrated 3rd party trading signals providers
  • Order execution and price alerts
  • Risk management tools
  • Smart activity dashboard





Mobile trading is the future of online trading and your clients expect top quality mobile platforms that are compatible with their handheld devices. Tradersoft gives your clients the freedom to access your trading platforms and their accounts from any location in the world with network coverage.

All our trading platforms downsize perfectly to fit small screens with no loss of functionality or user experience. Our secure mobile platforms encourage greater client engagement and 24 hour trading. We also ensure that all promotional materials and back office systems are mobile compatible.

All Tradersoft platforms are available a iOS and Android Apps and will work on all well-known devices.

  • Tradersoft Proprietary Platform
  • Crypto Platform

Mobile technology is rapidly evolving and improving and represents one of the most exciting - and least exploited - fields in the fintech industries. Our developers are at the forefront of mobile development and we are the first to adapt our products to new mobile opportunities.





Tradersoft’s new web-based crypto trading platform is purpose built for trading digital currencies. It allows brokers to effectively exploit the massive crypto currency boom and cash in on the world’s fastest growing and most exciting asset class.

Our stand alone crypto platform has attracted very favourable reviews from across the fintech industry. The platform’s advanced design, innovative use of technology, and user friendly interface make it a powerful market leader.


Platform Features

  • Margin trading logic (same as CFD/FX trading logic)
  • Over 40 of the world’s most popular digital currencies
  • Desktop, mobile and tablet versions
  • Ultra-fast execution
  • Fully customizable layout
  • Multiple charts and advanced analysis tools
  • Order execution and price alerts
  • Smart dashboard





Your CRM is the backbone of your brokerage and will ultimately determine the success and profitability of your business. TraderSoft is the only fintech service provider to offer a complete and fully integrated back-office solution. Our CRM systems are tailored to meet your current needs and are flexible enough to allow and stimulate rapid growth.

We deliver a seamless and coordinated customer management process across sales, customer support, billing and marketing. Your operation will not be restricted by traditional silos.

Integrated CRM
We enable you to retain a smaller workforce that gets better results.

  • Telephone, Email, Live Chat, Webinar, SMS
  • Web integration - upload docs, push notifications, etc.
  • Virtual Terminal





Your website is the public face of your brokerage and the overall quality of the site and your marketing materials is a direct reflection of your brand’s credibility and prestige. Your site is also the first point of contact for new clients and a good site is a valuable retention asset for existing clients.

An effective CMS (content management system) is a vital business tool and not an optional extra. Tradersoft’s CMS allows you to generate and manage content that will convert leads and boost your revenues.





Our advanced affiliate program provides you with the best tools to manage your affiliates​and maximize your marketing campaigns. It is a complete package for both your managers and​affiliates with front and back end solutions.



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