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TradeServes is world's leading high grade forex technology solution provider. MetaTrader 4 and 5 solution development and platform maintenance is core of Trade Serves. We have a wide range of product like Forex Broker CRM, Forex Broker Web Design and Development, MT4 White Label and MT5 White Label Solution, MT4/MT5 Server API, MT4/MT5 Manager API, MT4/MT5 Plugins, MT4/MT5 PAMM Plugin and MT4/MT5 MAMM Plugin. Our forex services are also very helpful for new branding Forex Company Formation, Forex Licensing, Bank Account Opening, Payment Gateways, MT4/MT5 Liquidity Bridge and Broker Tools. If you are looking to start a forex broker business we can help you with end to end forex brokerage solutions!

At TradeServes, we strive for excellence in the development of turnkey solutions and maintenance of the MetaTrader platform. With us, Forex brokers get the technological tools necessary to attract new customers, surpass competitors and more effectively manage their business. We strive to help forex brokers by providing high-quality technological solutions and services that satisfy all their needs, allowing them to more effectively manage their business. Our vision is to improve the forex market by creating advanced, easy-to-use and flexible technological solutions for fully licensed and white-labeling MT4 / MT5 brokers.

Your search for forex technology solution provider ends here. Check out our products and services.


TradeServes Forex Tutnkey Broker Solution Provider

Product and Services


Forex Broker Web Design / Development


Website is the first face of a business,you can build a new own website by using launchFXM templates, Moreover our team can custom a webpage for your requirements. The Forex broker's website should look special, and be attractive to its audience. TradeServes has by now developed many sites for the Forex market, and each of them contains a unique look and is also user-friendly.

It Includes: Live Quotes, integrated online applications, chat mode, CRM integration, CMS, MetaTrader 4 integration (MT4), multilingual support, IB support, Forex Academy (educational section). Of course, the functionality does not end there.


Forex Broker CRM / Trader Room

TradeServes has a flexible Forex Broker CRM system developed exclusively for Forex Brokerages and White labels who are dedicated to offering a Higher level of Customer and Partner Experience. Our CRM can be customized to your exact Business Model. As your brokerage operations grow and develop, you can save a huge amount of time and money by enabling your traders to manage information and data that you would have to do manually. The personal cabinet also allows your customers to make deposits online or initiate a request to withdraw money from MT4 / MT5 accounts.


MT4 White Label Solution

MetaTrader 4 is known for its success as Best Auto Trading platform for the decades. It rules the Forex market since 2003, MetaTrader 4 with top choice for fore traders and brokers. Why don't you start your forex company with MT4? Its is quite simple now, Choose the Package that suites you from TradeServes and take the full advantage of MT4. You can build and grow your forex business on our fully-hosted solutions that come with proprietary tools and complementary software bundles. Unleash the full power of FX and control every aspect of your business with our TradeServes MT4 White Label. We service many satisfied brokers around the world, you can be one of them!


MT4 / MT5 Manager API

MT4 Manager API provides access to all administrative & relevant function to be executed from MT4 Manager. API is easy to use and well documented with sample code. API access is provided in web services as JSON and XML format can be consumed in PHP, java and DLL access for .net and C++, such an architecture makes API to be used cross-platform by nearly all of the modern programming languages, easy to plug and helpful in third party development. Supports multiple mt4 managers on single API license. API can be used for Prime and WL MT4 Broker.


MT4 / MT5 Server API

With MT4 / MT5 Server API, forex brokers can integrate the MT4 / MT5 manager or administrator functionality into their website with a well-documented REST API. All the functionality that is available to the MetaTrader manager is supported by REST and MT4 / MT5 Web API from TradeServes Solutions.


MT4 / MT5 PAMM Plugin

TradeServes has been about creating quality and integrated solutions to give clients the best possible experience. We are excited to bring Multi-Account Trader well known as PAMM as one of strongest innovative products to ever hit the Forex market. The MAT system is the first and only allocation tool to be integrated within the MT5/MT4 platform. The MAT was designed specifically for brokerages to offer their Professional Traders and Money Managers a convenient trading tool to operate multiple MT5/MT4 trading accounts simultaneously.


MT4 / MT5 MAMM Plugin

TradeServes provides Forex Brokers with MT4/MT5 MAMM Plugin. Multi Account Manager Module is an excellent fund management tool for master traders to to connect their accounts with different investors account and place trades in their accounts directly.

Forex Company Formation

Most of the people struggling to form a Forex Brokerage Firm-legally. Because acquiring a license for the forex Brokerage is NOT an easy thing but With Launch FXM, the formation of your Forex brokerage company has become much easier and flexible. We have all the expertise and tools required to make your step a complete success.There are various questions that come up when planning to start a Forex brokerage company. A complete forex technology solution provider should offer end to end solution.

We tend to check each stage carefully to identify the things required for a successful business. However, the conclusion seems far beyond that. Our experts with extensive market knowledge, supported by intensive research and taking care of different customers, have identified all the milestones. We help you to do this conveniently, timely and effortlessly.We have the packages created as per the specific business requirements. We offer products such as trading platforms, plugins, CRM and other development services. In short, you do not need to hassle with multiple providers. Either you are looking for legal and tax consultation or the options that would fit your business model, we will always be there.


Forex Merchant Payment Gateway

Online payment options can amplify the ease of access and mobility of a business. For a business like a forex brokerage, where the entire business model revolves in the order of money, online payment becomes a fundamental part. The best point has muscular ties with approximately all payment service providers to give you the expediency of payment dispensation. The effectiveness of payment processing is the lifeline for all stakeholders in the industry. Hence, to drive success, brokers must choose the best forex credit card processing merchant that meets their unique needs and regulatory obligations.


MT4 Bridge Solution

MT4 Liquidity Bridge is a centralized technology made to maintain the risk level while trading. This bridge is the connector between trade terminal and the Trade Hub. We give proficient tools and that empowers brokers of all sizes to oversee risk and turn out to be more profitable. This inventive framework was composed by risk managers and traders. It interfaces brokers to their preferred liquidity providers and permits risk managers to oversee different books of business precisely how they require. It highlights build-in algorithmic hedging and risk administration instruments intended for all organization sizes. A completely customizable, feature-rich, multi-screen trade-station, A comprehensive management and compliance reporting system, A suite of powerful pricing, risk management, and analysis tools and Streaming multi-bank best bid/best offer options pricing and execution.


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