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Tools For Brokers Pte. Ltd.

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T4B is a top-notch B2B Forex technology provider. We develop plug-ins and applications for brokers of any size and type. We specialize on software development for Metatrader platform (MT4, MT5) and can implement any of your ideas in a custom solution. Expand your possibilities with tools4brokers.


Product and Services


We provide a full range of services for MetaTrader brokers. Having expertise in MT4/MT5 servicing and configuration we will help you not only to solve your tasks, but to save your money



Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) system is a reliable and customizable asset management tool that combines,  Transparent and intuitive web UI, Considerably powerful performance, Additional options and customizability.

The system enables investors to choose money managers by viewing statistics of their performance and popularity. This way, PAMM stimulates the activity of both investors and managers and thus increases the investments and traded volumes.

Platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5






SECURE, MULTI-PART MODULAR SYSTEM Which combines a risk-free liquidity bridge and market making order pool. Trade Processor (TP) is a system that enables brokers to bridge the trading to multiple liquidity providers, manage risks, and collect data via simple and useful web UI with a possibility to:
  • Collect statistics from multiple servers, analyze it, and divide into A-book, B-book (optional), and C-Book (hedged);
  • Switch the orders/positions on-the-fly between liquidity providers and brokerage models;
  • Secure the trading process by setting a backup liquidity provider for cases when the initial liquidity provider is unavailable.
  • Our system supports connection to a wide range of liquidity providers with powerful performance capability and secure data delivery. It answers the demand of dealing specialists, allows modeling work with WL and enables to customize the options to any broker.

Platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5




MULTIFUNCTIONAL WEB-BASED SERVICE For business analytics and risk management. Brokerage Business Intelligence (BBI) is a tool designed for monitoring, reports automation, and risk management which:
  • Provides full and precise information on the infrastructure, history, and server data;
  • Generates reports that comply with different regulations;
  • Has a simple and friendly interface that does not require any direct interaction with the platforms.

This product answers the purposes of decision-maker professionals of the financial market and provides comprehensible visual data vital for compliance managers, dealers, accountants, marketing specialists, etc. Thus, BBI makes the entire broker experience easy and enjoyable.




WL is the possibility to start a brokerage business without acquiring expensive trading platform, but receiving the same benefits as if you were a server owner. MetaTrader 4 White Label by T4B allows you to become a competitive Forex broker without considerable investments and technical issues.

  • Access to MT4 and MT5 without buying a platform
  • STP and Market Maker models by your choice
  • Your own dealing conditions
  • Easy access to Liquidity
  • Technical solutions (plugins and addons) included
  • for free 24/7 technical support




Our MetaTrader tools and plugins help on every stage of a brokerage business life-cycle: to economize on the start, increase attractiveness and differentiate your business from the competition on the growth and maturity stages.



For setting up a brokerage always implies large investment and IT resources. Setting up a brokerage always implies large investments and considerable IT resources. However, you can offer own competitive Metatrader 4 brokerage service without purchasing MT4 licence and investing in technological infrastructure. We offer technically enhanced White Label solution which allows you to start a Forex broker without technical issues.

Advantage of working with T4B

  • Branded MT4 without buying the platform
  • Most demanding plugins and solution for brokers included
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Flexible settings
  • Easy access to liquidity of your choice
  • STP and market maker models by choice


Solution for MT4

  • Hedging, Liquidity and Feed Management
  • Protection against quotes and execution delays
  • Asset management and copy-trade tools
  • Risk management and Dealing
  • Reporting and Server Data Collection
  • Bonus and Affiliate Programs
  • Integration & Expansion
  • Routine Tasks Automation
  • Server Monitoring and Risk Reduction



MT5 Solutions


We have developed a set of ready solutions for the growing in popularity multi-asset Metatrader5 platform. These plugins and applications will help MT5 brokers to offer the initial set of services required by their clients. Our MT5 product range continues to grow.


Solution for MT5 Solution

  • Bonus Manager
  • Agent and IB Commission
  • Swap Changer
  • Risk Handler
  • Stop Out Plugin
  • Groups Exact Copier
  • Website Integration Kit


We provide a full range of services for MetaTrader brokers. Having expertise in MT4/MT5 servicing and configuration we will help you not only to solve your tasks, but to save your money




Server transfer will help you to move client, order and symbol databases from one server to another. We have listed the Core capabilities of service

  • Transferring data during Forex weekend
  • Ability to rename symbols, groups, accounts
  • Moving opened orders and full trading history





We offer an end-to-end custom development process - from the problem analysis and technical task formulating to design of final product. Our experience in development for Forex industry enables us to develop high quality products that solve your unique tasks.

  • Trading platforms integrations
  • Modification of existing products
  • Development of unique systems for brokers




We consult your team on the Metatrader4/5 platform specifics and help you with regular server maintenance as well as performance improvement. We offer below tasks for support

  • Server setup and configuration
  • Training and consulting your staff
  • Troubleshooting and server stability maintenance
  • Establishing connection with Liquidity Provider
  • Selection, setup and configuration of additional software
  • Organization of risk management system
  • Automation of routine processes


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