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TechFinancials Inc


About Us

Techfinancials is leading the tokenization of real-value assets revolution by re-inventing the way blockchain is used to enable commodity trading. Our successful track-record of building unique and previously non-existant, proprietary short-term volatility financial instruments proves our ability to deliver innovative products that generate real, profitable business.

Techfinancials uses blockchain technologies, tokenization and smart contracts to enable the trading of real world assets easier, faster, cheaper and more accessible.

In early 2017, we identified the potential blockchain technologies held for future marketplaces and started to develop an infrastructure that would maximize its capabilities, as currently evidenced by Cedex.com and Footies.Tech, TF’s business initiatives. Over the past year-and-a-half, we have stood at the forefront of blockchain and fintech-oriented projects, including CEDEX, a groundbreaking blockchain-based diamond exchange, and Footies, an innovative blockchain-based ticketing and venue management system for the sporting (football) industry.


Product and Services



The TechFinancials infrastructure uses powerful, state-of-the-art software, enabling us to become one of the world’s leading developers of blockchain-based projects. Our new technology infrastructure leverages deep knowledge that we have accumulated over the past nine years. In doing so, we have integrated innovative software concepts used by the largest software organizations in the world, such as microservices, continuous integration and continuous delivery. Our powerful technological capability has now positioned us to construct Blockchain-based solutions for the fintech market, rapidly and efficiently.

TechFinancials’ development teams operate according to the principles of Scrum methodology, utilizing Java, Hibernate, Spring, Akka, Kafka, Vertis, Elasticsearch, React, Redux, Solidity, Android and IOS to perform core services, meet product deadlines and ensure flexible and scalable infrastructure and Web UI for every client.

User Services-

  • Customer onboarding
  • Compliance
  • AML & KYC
  • User Engagement

Digital Assets Trading Technology

  • Order Book and Matching Engine
  • Aggregated Feed
  • Risk Services

Asset Management Tokenization

  • Physical Asset Management
  • Asset Tokenization

Back Office Management

  • CRM
  • Compliance for Financials
  • Services Billing

Asset Payments & Wallets

  • Variety Of Payment Methods


Technology For Online Brokers and Exchanges

TechFinancials’ offering for traditional FX/CFD brokerages includes an exclusive portfolio of feature-rich products for the mass market, Forex/CFDs, MetaTrader 5, Ladder options and a mobile trading suite, all of which are accessible via a single, shared wallet.

TechFinancials provides a complete, modular for your business that complies with all relevant regulations. Our rapid setup ensures that you can quickly tap a whole new market and generate a fresh source of revenue. Benefit from optimal market reach and maximum trader life-time value with robust, user-friendly mobile and web platforms, integration with WeChat, a dealing desk, and a wide array of products and services. Our comprehensive back end includes a CRM, a branded WordPress site, BI (analytics & reporting), conversion and retention tools, hosting servers and a proprietary pricing engine, the latter enabling us to deliver the most accurate, real-time pricing services for a wide variety of assets. We also provide easy integration with your current systems, via our advanced API.


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TechFinancials Inc
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City House 6 Karaiskakis Limassol, CY-3032 Cyprus

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