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Star Financial Systems is not your traditional 'fintech' company. We develop and run our platform as if we were a broker. This is no coincidence as all our directors come from a brokerage background. We know that to be forward thinking and deliver new content and innovations, first you need to have rock solid foundations built around principles of latency, reliability and the ability to scale.

As with technology the retail trading industry is continually evolving never more so than in recent times. Regulatory changes and an increasingly globalised client base means brokerages also need to change. At Star Financial Systems we don’t underestimate the importance and the challenge of keeping up with these industry changes.




Product and Services


Web Trader


Our Web Trader Platform is ready-to-go. All you need to do is customise our template with your colours, logo & layout - then you’re ready to go.



API Trader


API Trader allows you to use our industry leading APIs to build your own front end, or integrate a third party, creating a unique and customised trading experience for your client.


A Platform That’s Solid To The CORE

Behind our APIs is a mature back office system fondly known as The CORE. Both the Web Trader and API Trader Platforms sit on top of our CORE system and this is where the real magic happens that sets our platform above the rest. Our CORE system has processed millions of trades and counting. We’ve been doing the heavy lifting behind some of the biggest brands in the industry for over a decade (we are probably the biggest brokerage platform that you’ve never heard of!)


Make Your Brokerage Unique

Why have the same platform as 1000s of other brokerages when you could offer something unique?  Retain your clients by offering them a tailor-made experience that reminds them why they chose you.Continually tailor your offer to the evolving demands and requirements of the industry and your clients. Increase the Intellectual Property in your Business.

We run a great platform - that’s what we specialise in. But we know you have your own favourite CRM, LP, and charting provider for your clients. That’s why our APIs allow you to bring them all together with our awesome platform. Our CORE system can act as a risk hub, aggregating risk across your platforms, or you can use our APIs to export in real time the trades from our system into your chosen risk management tool.



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