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Soft-FX is a fintech company with over 12 years of experience of developing innovative IT products for the financial services industry. Our solutions cater for both well-established FX brokers, crypto exchanges, investment funds and professional traders, and also financial start-ups. Soft-FX provides its own proprietary off-the-shelf solutions, development of custom software, software integration, maintenance and support. We have complete expertise in software development, trading of derivative financial instruments (FX, CFD) and crypto currencies, high-frequency trading, risk management in financial companies, AML/CFT, development of reporting systems.

Soft-FX is a modern IT company specializing in software development for the financial services industry. We create high-tech software solutions for forex and cryptocurrency brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, dealers, banks, funds and other financial companies.

We not only provide our own off-the-shelf solutions for companies in the financial sector, but also develop bespoke software, perform software implementation, maintenance and support and provide hosting services. Our products make it possible to start a retail or institutional broker / exchange with integrated connections to a number of the world’s largest liquidity providers (including Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Kraken, Currenex, Integral, LMAX) from scratch in 2 weeks.

Soft-FX Crypto eXchange or turnkey Crypto Exchange is one of our products. It is a ready-made off-the-shelf solution for crypto exchanges / brokers. The system includes modules of interface to liquidity providers, payment systems and trading terminals. The product was created using our extensive experience of working on Forex solutions and uses cutting edge technology solutions.

Our team of IT-professionals possesses many years of experience in software development and all the necessary skills in trading derivative financial instruments (FX, CFD), virtual currencies, high-frequency trading, risk management in financial companies, AML/CFT, construction of reporting systems.

It’s Soft-FX’s mission to offer its clients from the financial sector high-tech and quality solutions, providing an extremely high level of trading fiat and virtual currencies, derivative financial instruments, as well as reliable protection of stored data.

Soft-FX in figures:

  • 2005 – foundation of the company;
  • 2010 – partnership with FX/CFD broker FXOpen;
  • 2011 – office opening in Riga, Latvia;
  • 2012 – office opening in Minsk, Belarus;
  • 2015 – Minsk branch office of Soft-FX becomes an HTP (Hi-Tech Park Belarus) resident company;
  • Around 500,000 users of Soft-FX software;
  • Over 100 employees in Riga and Minsk offices;
  • 2018 – Microsoft Gold Partner status, 50 certified specialists on the staff.

Product and Services

PAMM technology

PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module; PAMM account is a trading account that consists of unlimited Investors accounts, representing an independent and unified trading structure, which is controlled only by the Manager (trader or company) of the PAMM account. PAMM account is a technical solution that helps to automatize profit/loss distribution, eliminate human error and allows Money Managers to manage multiple Investors accounts via one centralized MT4/MT5 interface.

The Soft-FX PAMM Service is a software solution that makes possible to copy trade operations from Master account to one or more Slave accounts and it helps to automatize profit/loss distribution. Master operates his/her personal capital through a given PAMM Account, and his/her trading strategy is replicated on the Slaves own capital. PAMM Account performance can be viewed and analyzed with the help of advanced analytics that provides information in digital and graphic ways.

Soft-FX PAMM Service guarantees exact and instantaneous copying of trades with no limitation on Slave’s capital.


  • Qualified and experienced 24/5 support, backed with detailed manuals for Admin/Master/Slave sections;
  • Real-time data collection and advanced analytical tool with variety of statistic parameters;
  • Maximum flexibility in customization to meet different broker’s needs;
  • User-friendly and easily operated web-interface;
  • Easy to integrate with any Trading Servers via API. It could be realized as Standalone Solution or SaaS with DDoS Shield;
  • Integrated Referral Partnership Program;
  • Share your ideas /requirements /suggestions with us and we will implement them

Turnkey cryptocurrency exchange software

With the high rate of cryptocurrency market development and wide recognition by the world community and leading economists, people start thinking about ways of investing into the cryptocurrency industry. This is a great opportunity to find a niche and start your own business. We offer to familiarize yourself with our software product that will allow you to launch cryptoexchange platform in the shortest possible time.

Our product Soft-FX Crypto eXchange is a boxed solution for cryptoexchange operators. It is a multi-module system that allows you to launch a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform in the shortest time from the scratch. This solution solves a lot of tasks required for the full work of the exchange:

Aggregator Solution

The Soft-FX Aggregator is a software solution for liquidity aggregation from various external and internal sources within a single view. It supports different combinations of currencies, order types and tiered pricing. This advanced solution makes it possible for organizations to manage their liquidity so that the numerous combinations for best execution and smart order routing could be set up according to specific rules defined by each firm. It is very important for organizations that want to build up their own liquidity network and fully.

Clearing accounts opened with liquidity providers are connected to the Aggregator via an API, and each account has a unique portal in the Aggregator. So, the current Market Depth data from each LP is combined with the current liquidity from your own company clients. This approach helps to considerably reduce the spread and increase liquidity by combining the volumes of offer from different LPs.

The Aggregator receives and processes information about demand and offer of different LPs and ensures clients` order execution at the best possible bid or offer price available on the market. All orders are routed directly to the best liquidity provider price. The Aggregator gives all traders equal and anonymous access to the inter-bank marketplace, optimizing marketability for all participants.

Benefits of Soft-FX aggregator

  • full access to the Aggregator from special application Client AdminEye;
  • maximum flexibility in customization. There are 100+ settings to meet any needs and requirements;
  • the Aggregator Manager has the access to all clearing accounts opened with different LPs;
  • there is a reporting system for all order types. The report provides detailed information about order execution speed and quality on each LP;
  • all TP and Limit Orders are placed in the Depth of Market (DOM) that increase liquidity and reduce the difference between the best BID and ASK;
  • a detailed recording of all order execution steps for each order;
  • the Aggregator is implemented in C++ which leads to high performance.


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