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Rous Technology

About Us

Rous Technology is Latvian based software company with offices in the US which develops risk management software solutions for the brokerage and banking industry. Our software solutions have been in use since 2004. We create custom software which allows brokerages and banks to automate their trading platforms order routing processes into their counterparty trading platforms.

We Provide risk management software solutions to the brokerage and banking industry.

Utilizing Rous Software solutions will help eliminate corporate risk exposure and automate trade order flow.


Product and Services

We provide the following custom software solutions.

  • Rous FX Bridge
  • Rous Multi Account Manager (MAM)
  • Rous White Label MT4

Our team consists of over 40 years of IT and financial services experience. Our team understands the needs of our clients and can deliver results that will surpass all expectations.

Our products are currently being used by institutions throughout the world including the following counties.

Rous FX Bridge

The Rous FX Bridge developed by Rous Technology is used by brokers operating the MetaTrader retail platform. The bridge allows a broker to automatically submit trade requests to the liquidity provider of choice and wait for a confirmation prior to sending an accept or reject message to the broker’s client.

The main features of the Rous FX Bridge that bring success to financial institutions are:

  • Provides a connection to the broker’s liquidity provider
  • Supports multiple bridges on a single MT4 Server
  • Full logs of all transactions for security
  • Full reporting of the entire bridge trading activity
  • Scheduled tasks (connect/disconnect, reporting, etc

Rous MAM

Rous Multi Account Manager (MAM) is designed for brokers to offer their money managers access to an essential integrated software tool to quickly execute block orders with one click under a master account arrangement and conveniently automate trade allocations to customer accounts.

The main features that make the MAM a valuable tool in FX trading are:

  • Trade block orders from a single master account utilizing the MT4 client terminal
  • Unlimited number of customer accounts
  • Percentage allocation mode
  • Allocations to clients as little as 0.01 lot (1000 currency units)
  • Manage multiple master accounts having different strategies
  • All normal order types accepted: Market, Stop, Limit
  • All unique order types accepted: Trailing Stop, Close by and Close all
  • Allows Expert Advisor (EA) trading
  • Easily manage Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually client reports through MT Manager
  • Monitor commissions and performance in realtime

Rous MT4 White Label

Meta Trader 4 or MT4 White Label Solution is the most popular brokerage software. We offer Meta Trader 4  White Label Solution at best cost.


Brokerage Consulting

Rous actively advises startup operations interested in offering FX brokerage to retail and institutional traders. With over 20 years of combined brokerage experience, the team members at Rous Technology have the experience in setting up and operating a successful FX brokerage operation.

Dealing Desk Management

Rous technology utilizes existing software and proprietary systems to assist your brokerage operation in monitoring and managing Metatrader environment. Operating a manual dealing desk is expensive and many times not as efficient and profitable as utilizing our dealing desk management service. Desk management is an additional service which works along with the Rous FX Bridge and is available for brokerage operations with existing trading volume.

Software Consulting

Rous is constantly striving to assist clients in providing software solutions which help your business operate more efficiently and profitably. Rous specializes in development of software that works in conjunction with our existing software or third party software as well as acts as a project manager on software integration needs.

Software Training

Rous recognizes the importance of our clients understanding how to use our risk management software to the best of its abilities. Rous does provide initial voice and electronic support when purchasing our software for configuration, but we strongly recommend clients to utilize our in-house software training, where we come to your job site and train your IT, dealing desk, sales and back office on all aspects of using our software. Rous Technology believes that providing your staff with the knowledge of our software will help them become better performers in your organization.

White Label MT4

Turnkey Rous Technology’s white label solution for MetaTrader.

Establish your brand online in the Forex markets using the powerful Rous MetaTrader white label solution. This allows you to establish your new FX business with minimal start up costs and is ideal for brokers and banks which want to enter the FX marketplace which have limited knowledge and resources.

How can Brokers and Banks take advantage of this solution?

  • Low Setup Costs. Banks and brokers that are interested in entering the FX marketplace can use Rous’ MetaTrader platform at a fraction of the cost of obtaining the full MetaTrader license, servers and experienced staff that are capable of managing the environment.
  • Full White Label. Brand Rous’ MetaTrader with your own corporate branding from platform logos to customer statements.
  • Back Office Integration. Rous’ has its own dedicated team and the expertise to advise you on integration from MetaTrader into your own back office. Information from MetaTrader can be sent to you according to your timeframe and in your desired format.
  • Automated Dealing. Utilize the popular Rous FX Bridge to automate your trade execution between MetaTrader and your counterparty.
  • Asset Manager Tool. Give access to your asset managers the leading Rous Multi Account Manager (MAM) which will allow asset managers the ability to place block ordes from one master account which automatically allocates trades post trade to all the client accounts.
  • Trusted Counterparties. The key to success is having a counterparty that is flexible and works with you instead of against you. After understanding your requirements, Rous Technology can connect you to or network of regulated prime brokers and banks located in UK, Switzerland and USA that can fit your specific needs.
  • Revenue. With a Rous whit label solution, you have full control over all aspects of risk management.
  • Reporting. Take advantage of Rous Reports which provides you he ability to monitor your profit and loss on a daily basis from a system generated report.
  • Website Creation. If you are looking to create a website, let Rous provide you with hosting and some low cost designs to get your business off the ground fast.
  • Flexibility. Rous Technology understands that there will be a time when you will want to purchase your own MetaTrader license and hire the experienced staff that will bring your firm to the next level. When you are ready to take the next step, let Rous assist you with transferring your clients from our white label to your own license.

We advise any client interested in the white label solution to contact us with your name, email and telephone number so we can provide you our questionnaire to learn more about how we can assist you further.


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