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Rayfin Solutions is here to help you expand your business in new directions, and to solidify your existing ones. Rayfin Experts will help you establish yourself as a leader and provide you with technological advances and solutions.

Rayfin Solutions is first and foremost a service provider. Rayfin Solutions provides tailor made solutions within your budget, laying the foundation of your business. They will assist you with your corporate, banking and financial services. Rayfin Solutions specializes in online trading companies looking to establish their business in a number of jurisdictions worldwide, onshore or offshore, and thereby facilitate our client’s ability to expand and conduct business globally.

Rayfin services include advising and planning, formation and incorporation as well as management of international structures, specialize in online trading companies such as Forex and CFD.

If you are looking for a solution for your Forex Brokerage Business such as:
1. Corporate
2. Forex Banking
3. Licensing or Regulation
4. Trading Technologies Solutions for Forex and CFD,
5. Trading Platforms
6. Signal Solutions
7. Automated Retention Tools
8. Liquidity
9. Integrated Forex CRM solutions and Management Tools
10. Integrated Forex Trading Websites
11. Legal documentation

Product and Services


As a highly renowned MT4 White Label provider, Rayfin Solutions offers the best solutions for trading brokers. Since there is intense competition among brokers, everyone is trying to catch the attention of customers with more and more innovative and useful methods. MT4 White Label trading platform is equipped with a lot of advanced features to make life easy for brokers.

If you want to take your reputation as a white label forex broker into new heights, you can buy our white label trading platform. The MT4 trading platform provided by Rayfin Solutions as the mt4 white label provider is fully hosted within their servers and has been configured by Rayfin Solutions experts to provide the broker with a business and marketing advantage over its competitors.



Rayfin Solutions is able to support your brokerage with additional platforms in addition to the MT4 and Mobile trader there is WebTrader & MAM. The web trader, has a unique look is fully branded and allows the end user to trade in a non-download environment and still monitor all trading in a single source.

For Asset Managers a MAM platform is an essential tool of trade, and Rayfin Solutions is able to deliver its MAM platform for the benefit of the broker’s asset managers.

Brokers are able to ask for a demonstration of the trading platforms available under the Rayfin Solutions technology solution.


Forex Broker CRM

Rayfin Solutions’s Forex CRM solution will revolutionize the way you do business. The modules include:

1. User friendly interface for sales and retention, to ensure efficient calls and management
2. Tried and tested and used by several large brokers
3. Campaign Management System, to monitor and compare ROI
4. Optional, fully integrated hosted interactive Forex trading website solution with a rich truly multi-language CMS and comprehensive “my account” area
5. Fully hosted solution, so you can save on employee costs. We will support the system for you.
6. Web Solutions
7. VOIP Solutions
8. SMS connectivity
9. Bonus controls
10. Rules for Regulated and Non-Regulated brokers
11. Mass Media marketing, and more.




Online Forex and CFD brokers are realizing more and more of the necessity of partnering with affiliate partners. Forex Affiliate partners are in great demand by all online brokers and as such the broker’s often go to great lengths to entice the Affiliate to work with them. It is for this reason that Rayfin Solutions developed a fully integrated Affiliate platform solution specifically designed for the Forex and CFD  brokers to manage their Affiliate partners.

As a Forex and CFD Broker and client of Rayfin Solutions, the broker is able to have a unique affiliate partner website that is fully integrated into the affiliate platform.

Rayfin Solutions is able to provide the broker with a Forex Website Design for his online trading website that is both modern and built for conversion. The main objective of your website is to secure the lead, and the design does not lose focus of that point.

Another important component to take into account is time and resources. Rayfin Solutions is well aware that the biggest delaying factor in the creation of a brokerage is the website itself. Integration is only one reason for possible delays, design and decision making is the major reason of delay.


Rayfin Solutions is a trading technology provider. The full technology solution is SaaS based, which means a fully hosted solution with 24 hour service; essentially Rayfin Solutions is your outsourced trading technology partner. Your risk decisions are supported by Rayfin Solutions broker consultants but NOT determined by us. The solution offered by Rayfin Solutions is not a white label partenrship, but rather a technology solution.
Your brokerage has the right and the ability to decide on its own risk management procedures. You are able to have 100% “A Book”, 100% “B Book” or anything in between.
All A Book trades are routed directly to a dedicated account separated individually by broker; all B Book trades are authorized by the Rayfin Solutions configured Virtual Dealer.
1. Risk Management
2. A and B book capability
3. Manned Virtual Dealer for B book execution
4. A book direct to Liquidity


Liquidity is all about transparency and execution. Transparency is vital to prove to all parties that no conflict of interest applies. Brokers know better than anyone what a conflict of interest relating can do. Rejected trades, re-quotes, no-quotes, delay in execution and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many providers claim they offer next to nothing spreads, and once on-board the broker is unable to reproduce the same advertised spreads live. In fact, the broker ends up with a massive amount of rejected trades that are a killer to all legitimate STP brokers.

Rayfin Solutions opens a separate account for each and every broker with its ECN liquidity provider. The broker actually has a choice of either opening up an account with Rayfin Solutions or opening up directly with a true top tier ECN provider. Either way the broker will receive a dedicated account, straight from the FCA regulated ECN provider.
The advantages to the broker are obvious and can be summed up in a single word “TRANSPARENCY”.

  1. Full transparency on all STP trades
  2. Dedicated accounts with FCA Regulated providers
  3. Direct Accounts with providers
  4. Forex and CFD, all with STP capability


Rayfin Solutions is a global leader in FANTASY SPORTS website development.

  • Revenue-focused entertainment, marketing, and rewards based custom fantasy sports web development
  • Designed for extremely immersive & engaging fan experience
  • Solutions built on rFantasy - world’s most feature rich fantasy sports software.
  • Native iPhone & Android mobile app development


Rayfin's team of cryptocurrency exchange software developers, advisors and subject matter experts harness their experience and domain knowledge to navigate your white label cryptocurrency exchange development journey. Every line of code, every pixel in design, every layer in security stack, each nanosecond on a performance scale and every scenario in quality assurance is diligently taken care of during white label cryptocurrency exchange software development. We emphasize on delivering the world-class experience of the best white label cryptocurrency exchange.

Apart from delivering white label crypto exchange development services, Rayfin specialize in enterprise grade cryptocurrency exchange development. Rayfin's white label and enterprise cryptocurrency exchange services pivot around our motto to help you drive measurable business benefits.


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