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PrimeXM is an award-winning technology provider to the global financial industry. Our key business focus is providing cutting edge aggregation software, ultra-low-latency connectivity, institutional grade hosting solutions and high end MT4/MT5 Bridging and White Labels. Over 250 financial institutions worldwide choose PrimeXM as their trusted technology partner.

Established in 2010 we operate from offices in Dubai, Limassol and Shanghai. We are privileged to have a highly talented and dynamic workforce, made up of top industry professionals, covering 22 nationalities.

Our value is that we are committed, Consistent, Transparent and Reliable.


Product and Services

MT4 / MT5 white label solution

PrimeXM offers a turn-key solution for those clients looking to utilize the MT4 or MT5 technology, either via MT4/MT5 bridge technology or a fully managed white label solution. PrimeXM’s White Label offering combines PrimeXM’s technology, hosting and administration services together with a fully branded MT4 and MT5 trading platform. Available at our facilities in London, New York and Tokyo, this turnkey solution greatly reduces in-house technical overheads, initial capital requirements and overall operating costs. White Label clients, as every other PrimeXM client, have the freedom to choose their liquidity partners and control every aspect of the service in real time.

PrimeXM’s MT4/MT5 Web Administration Tool has been inherently designed to provide a better service to White Label clients. The tool gives MT4 & MT5 administration privileges in a flexible and user-friendly manner.


Key features

  • Gain access to a high performing co-located setup
  • Reduce in-house technical overhead
  • Low capital requirements and operating costs
  • Gain access to a high performing co-located setup
  • Reduce in-house technical overhead
  • Low capital requirements and operating costs


MT4/MT5 bridging

PrimeXM’s MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway are powerful yet light-weight server side plugins which connect MT4 and MT5 platforms to the client’s XCore order management and reporting engine. Sophisticated synchronization mechanisms ensure consistency between MetaTrader platforms and the XCore; while full support for parallel processing allows maximum throughout at low latency.


Key features

  • Ultra-light weight server side plugins
  • Full support for parallel processing
  • Capable of processing thousands of trades per second
  • Sophisticated synchronization between MetaTrader and XCore
  • Complex order routing capabilities
  • Partial fill and sweep the book capabilities


MT Analytics

PrimeXM MT Analytics is a powerful reporting and analytics tool that allows users to run a variety of trade reports for a specified time interval. It also offers valuable business insight through real-time positions and exposure monitoring, client profiling based on trading activity for all trades processed within the MetaTrader Server for any combination of groups and accounts.


Key Features

  • Generate Orders Reports i.e. for closed trades; two entries will appear for each side of the trade
  • Generate Trades Reports i.e. for closed trades; one entry will appear for both sides of the trade
  • Real-Time tracking and monitoring of accumulated open position
  • Real-Time tracking and monitoring of currency exposure
  • Real-Time tracking and monitoring of Value at Risk (VaR)
  • Client profiling and classification based on historical trading activity


Hosting services

PrimeXM offers a comprehensive financial hosting solution that focuses on empowering clients to achieve ultra-low latency and superior security levels for their trading environments.

PrimeXM’s sophisticated forex hosting solutions are supported by the company’s institutional grade infrastructure which is hosted in fully-serviced premium suites in Equinix data centres, in NY4, LD4 and TY3 respectively. As these are also the leading FX low latency suites, PrimeXM clients can host their MT4/MT5 servers and XCORE suites and enjoy a premium position in close proximity to all major liquidity sources.

Ultra-low latency hosting is achieved through direct connections between the client’s MT4/MT5 server and XCore with the liquidity sources of their choice. PrimeXM is currently connected to over 120 liquidity providers and new cross-connects can be made upon request.


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