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Pheasant Limited

About Us

PheasanTech was established in the year 2016, with a vision to become one of the most efficient and cost effective FOREX turnkey service providers in the industry. We cater to a variety of FOREX participants offering various solutions: Company Formation, Brokerage Solution, and Technology Solution.


Product and Services



Forex Licensing & Company formation

During license activities for Forex brokerage firm, you require to follow a strong code of conduct. In order to get started wih your new brokerage activities, you need to carry a necessary compliance with the regulatory body to operate legally in a particular jurisdiction. We pool experienced professionals and agents that carry out specific compliance activities in order to obtain license with our company formation solution from number of different jurisdiction choices we offer.


MT4 white Label Solution

MT4 white label solutions provide you turnkey solution at affordable price with minimal risk, to keep away from facing any barriers in your brokerage. This program is developed to help processional broker and introducing broker (IB) to get started with their own brokerage.  There are many necessary tools and back office support required for new set up comes along with Forex white label program.

  • Enter the Forex Market at Low Cost- Buying a server at the initial stage is not advisable as it is very expensive. The MT4 White Label Program will allow you to get started with optimized initial investment and provide you a quality MT4 white label solution at a fraction of the cost, what a server would have required.


  • Branded MT4 Platform-Creating a branded MT4 White Label is very crucial in this competitive market. Hence, having a fully customised MT4 trading platform with colours and themes of your preference is necessary. Not only to catch the attention of visitors, but also to leave a solid impression on their minds.


  • Compatibility across Devices-All the devices such as Desktop, Mobile and Tablet support MetaTrader 4. Hence, it makes easier for your traders to trade from anywhere using any device. It is important to allow user to access his trading account from either of devices to bring in more business.


  • Full Account Control-Customizing an account using MetaTrader 4 Manager is easy with its control parameters like Create/Edit Trading Account, Deposit & Withdrawal, Reports and History Management, Multiple Accounts Login at the same time and many more. User privacy and security is best in MetaTrader 4 with its reliable security system.


  • Liquidity Provider of Your Choice-Choose a liquidity provider of your choice, without any influence or interference from us. A liquidity provider who suits best with your trading preferences and conditions is vital for smooth business experience. Switching liquidity provider in the future is very easy with MT4 White Label Program.



Forex Trader’s Room


Forex trader’s room is specially designed keeping traders in mind; with an intention of giving them a smooth trading experience.  Numerous vital and supplementary facilities that make trading simple and easy are integrated into the trader’s room. Forex Trader’s Room provides many user friendly services like opening new accounts, Deposit and Withdrawal anytime, reviewing trading history and much more.

It’s basically a profile access given to every trader to operate with ease. This helps in reducing back office work for you as most of primary and basic steps of starting a new account and maintaining their current account will be done by traders.

Benefits of Trader's Room

  • Convenient User Experience
  • Listen to Your Traders
  • Easy Individual Data
  • Easy Transactions
  • Data Privacy



Forex Web Design & Development


It is a tool that integrates Foreign Exchange and Technology altogether very effectively. A potential, content-rich, and a versatile website which is compatible with all the web platforms is essential for successful forex brokerage. Creating attractive visuals and graphics while web designing is as crucial as managing your core business in order to keep the visitor engaged on your website. Forex Web Development helps in improving satisfied customer figures with its simple and user friendly interface. Customers can view products and services, register, give their valuable feedbacks, and much more on your website.

Benefits of web design

  • Super Compatibility
  • Zero Viscous User Interface
  • Easy On Pockets
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy Customer Outreach


Forex SEO

SEO is a methodology that implements different tactics, techniques and strategies altogether in order to increase the number of visitors to a particular web page through high ranked positioning the Search Engine Result Pages of all the major search engines.


Benefits of  Forex SEO

  • Increased Traffic
  • Better Return on Investment
  • Positive Side-Effects
  • Branding
  • Cost Effectiveness



Forex PPC

PPC is the easiest marketing strategy and extremely cost effective as return on investment is comparatively higher than others. Even if you’re convinced and have made your mind about using other marketing tactics and methods, for instance, organic SEO, climbing ladder up to top results takes time. Meanwhile, Go with PPC ads for starters as your while-you-wait option, because no one wants to repent later, do you?

Benefits of forex PPC

  • Start with Small
  • Same Level for Everyone
  • Huge Audience
  • Instant Results
  • Budget of Your Own



Forex CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) primarily deals with Customers as the name itself makes it crystal clear. t helps in organizing and keeping track of Sales and Customer details. Customers are at the core of any business, which makes FX CRM crucial tool for your business. Spare a minute and imagine what if you misplace customer contact information, only to see how important it is to have a good Forex CRM Solution. Visualise your best sales people working on the same lead due to lack of proper communication between them; leading to unpleasant in-house competition. In absence of a centralized program to log and track interactions with customers, you might run out of time and lose your potential clients.


Benefits of  FX CRM 

  • Keeps You Focused
  • Easy Analytics & Reporting
  • Walking Hand-in-Hand
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Increased Accountability



Payment Solutions

In every online business, especially in Forex where the money itself is the business, Online Payment Methods play an important role. PheasanTech provides encrypted, highly secured and easy online payment solutions.

We help you integrate a payment provider network into your website which acts as a Virtual Payment Integration Channel. We have developed partnerships with various payment gateways. Hence, joining hands with us will allow you to offer multiple payment gateways to your clients for Fund Transfers.



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