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At OverWatch we strive for excellence in turnkey solution development and MetaTrader platform servicing. With us, forex brokers gain the technological means necessary to attract new clients, surpass competitors, and manage their business more efficiently.

We are privileged to have a highly talented and dynamic workforce, made up of top industry professionals, covering 9 nationalities.We aim to support forex brokers by providing high-grade technological solutions and services that accommodate their every need, allowing them to run their business more efficiently.Our vision is to improve the forex market by creating advanced, up-to-date, easy-to-use, and flexible technological solutions for fully licensed and white label MT4/MT5 brokers.



Product and Services


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Arguably the most important piece of the brokerage puzzle, is the Broker’s CRM. OverWatch, has invested tens of thousands of programming hours into the development of its dedicated Forex CRM.

OverWatch realizes that all brokers do not start large, and therefore the CRM must be able to support all types and sizes of brokerages for the successful management of their business.



Affliate Platform


Online and offline affiliates are becoming more and more important to the online Forex broker, in some brokerages the affiliates are not only important but are vital to the maintenance and growth of the broker. ArcherCTS has several solutions for brokers on how to manage their affiliates.

Dedicated integrated Affiliate Partner websites, several different remuneration packages for the affiliate and more importantly for the affiliate online accurate information on their generated leads.



Trading Platform


MT4 White Label


The world’s most requested Forex retail trading platform remains the MT4 or Metatrader 4 trading platform. The regular download version is also supported by its Mobile counterpart that is able to be used on all Smart phones as well tablets.

A client driven platform is exactly what traders are looking for, which is why OverWatch offers the MT4 platform as part of its full turn-key solution for online Forex and CFD trading brokerages.



Social Trading


OverWatch Social Trading Solution accelerates business growth by increasing brokerage trading volumes. Now more than ever, new clients are signing up with forex brokers who make use of advanced social trading software which grants their clients the opportunity to base their financial investments on a combination of established trader ratings, statistics, and trends.



Risk & Liquidity


The main points of the risk management are to minimize, monitor, and control a probability or an impact of unfortunate events, and to maximize the realization of opportunities.

Our dedicated team of risk managers will be reviewing and analyzing all the accounts and orders on a regular basis.

  • Trades, charts and quotes monitoring, via MetaTrader Manager and real time alert system;
  • Monitoring of the total clients exposure and positions reconciliation between the broker and the LP;
  • Detailed review and analyze of clients trading pattern, and investigating of irregular trading practice and/or malicious activity. (toxic flow detecting, abnormal lot size compared with previous trades, news trading, arbitrage, price latency, high-frequency trading);
  • Regularly review and analyze the IB structure profitability for the company. (IB fees are part of the risk management analysis as they can easily generate losses if left unchecked);
  • A and B book management;
  • Robust reporting - Summary of clients open and closed PL, hedge PL, net revenue and customizable reports according to your needs. (Daily and Monthly reports provide a comprehensive review of profitability and trading activity);
  • Regular analysis of pricing, swaps, spreads, commissions and execution speed. (These key parameters can make your business more competitive on the forex market, and at the same time mitigate the risk of arbitrage opportunities and other abusive trading styles).





Liquidity is all about transparency and execution. Transparency is vital to prove to all parties that no conflict of interest applies. Brokers know better than anyone what a conflict of interest relating can do. Rejected trades, re-quotes, no-quotes, delay in execution and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many providers claim they offer next to nothing spreads, and once on-board the broker is unable to reproduce the same advertised spreads live. In fact, the broker ends up with a massive amount of rejected trades that are a killer to all legitimate STP brokers.





All of OverWatch’s trading technologies solutions are hosted by OverWatch. OverWatch have gone to great lengths and expense to create a High Availability environment for all of its servers.

Hosting at OverWatch means that the broker does not have to concern himself with any type of servers, everything is taken care of at the highest level, with monitoring of not only the servers but the functionality within as well as High Availability to allow for the highest standards of uptime as well as loss recovery.



MT4/MT5 Operations


The best solutions in the World are only as good as the team that backs them.

Our MT4/MT5 Operation Team is composed of experienced broker consultants and trained market professionals, and is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

We have 10 years of experience in MT4/MT5 Operations. Meta Trader is the leading and most popular trading platform for retail clients across the globe. We will be happy to help you setup, support and maintenance your forex trading platform. We are familiar with all MT4/MT5 platform configuration settings.



Formation & Licensing


The first step in starting your own online trading company in Forex and CFD’s is to set up a company. Setting up the right company for you, in the right way requires experience and know how in the industry.

OverWatch will take care of all your needs including finding you the right Jurisdiction, offshore or onshore, take you through the entire due diligence process until all your corporate needs are done. When setting up your Forex Company Formation and/or CFD Company, your primary concerns are threefold.



Trading License & Regulation


There are several different options for licensing or regulating your online Forex and CFD Company by a financial services authority. Selecting the right Forex trading license in the different jurisdictions throughout the world whilst taking into account your financial restrictions and your ultimate goal is a job for experts; OverWatch has the knowhow, knowledge and experience.



PSP Solutions


A Payment Service Provider (PSP) offers merchants online services for accepting electronic payments by a variety of payment methods including credit card, bank-based payments such as direct debt, bank transfer, and real-time bank transfer based on online banking, as well as e-money solutions. Let OverWatch assist you in setting up payment facilities for your Forex Brokerage.

Having a flexible payment system is paramount to success.There are few main points to consider when seeking a payment service provider (PSP).

  • Direct Merchant Access of Shared Account services
  • Security of Funds
  • Authorization of client purchase rate
  • Discount Rate



Website Design


The window to your Forex brokerage is your online trading website. Having a dynamic design for your broker website is tremendously important. Our experts have the experience in creating dozens of brands and we bring that experience and knowledge to assist you in creating your own image. OverWatch offers a two type solution when it comes to website design, either create your own website and we will do the integration, or alternatively choose one of our existing Forex website designs and go live in days.



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