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Founded in 2016 and based in Cyprus, Nullpoint Technologies is a leading Forex Solutions provider, which has established a solid reputation of offering quality services and bespoke solutions at affordable pricing.



Product and Services




Our state-of-the-art and mindfully designed CRM has been developed specifically for the Forex industry, offering advanced client management features which will help you and your team achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency. Combined with our ready-made Trader's Room solution you can now offer to your clients a fully-featured client area. This product is the result of years of experience within the industry and carefully studied feedback from users and customers. You can now seamlessly administrate and manage your client's conversion process from account opening till deposit of funds. Request a demo access today and witness the ultimate solution for Brokerages and Financial Firms.

  • Compatible with MT4™ and MT5™.
  • Customizable dashboard: a departmental overview.
  • Clients listing and filtering, including configurable pre-saved views.
  • Client profile including: Personal details, trading accounts, finances, notes, sales info, documents, registration logs and action logs.
  • Sales and retention module, including configurable 'client / sales agents' auto-mapping.
  • Trading accounts management: editable MT4/5* settings, finances, transactions history and balance operations, via MT4/5™ Web API.
  • Leads management module.
  • Integrated payment gateways APIs.




  • A generous number of Securities, Symbols and Groups
  • Unlimited Client Accounts
  • Up to 3 Liquidity Providers of your choice
  • Advanced Liquidity Management panel
  • Detailed trade analytics and reporting




Specifically conceived within the Forex market, Nullpoint’s IB Management System allows you to control and automate the entire process of commission and rebates generation. Furthermore, by using state-of-the-art technology directly integrated within your trading environment, you can now create custom multi-tier campaigns based on your specific criteria.
You can now offer to your partners your own branded premium IB portal with real-time insights about their referred clients and performance. Secured and accessible from any device.

Features Set:

  • IBs and partners administration and managements tools.
  • Department overview dashboard.
  • Combinable single and multi-tiered campaign models: Share, Fix, PIP and CPA.
  • Automatic commission and rebates generation engine.
  • Custom campaigns creation and administration Panel.
  • Custom-branded premium IB Portal
  • Performance insights
  • Easy access to banners and tracking links
  • Client rebates administration
  • Payouts notifications and history
  • Access to Sub IBs insights
  • Referred clients, associated trading activity and financial reporting




Nullpoint is comprised of a dedicated team of MT4/5™ experts and has established strategic partnerships within the industry, therefore we are in the position to cover all your MT4/5™ related needs, including: Hosting, administration, custom development, consultancy and technical support.

  • Ability to perform trading server operations via web requests: account opening, account settings editing, balance and credit operations, account transfers.
  • Historical data retrieval calls to feed data-mining or BI services.
  • Built-in currency conversion for balance operations and account transfers.
  • Secured and encrypted communication by SSL protocol.




As a team of experienced professionals in the areas of Forex & Binary, we are able to provide you with Consultancy regarding your Brokerage, including advisory derived from personal experience having to do with the operational side of your company, as well as provision of detailed case studies on how to make your organization more efficient through the IT side. Below is list of few advantage

  • Custom Made Trading Rooms, Client Areas and Affiliate Portals
  • Sales and Retention Tools
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • MT4/5™ Plug-ins
  • Generic Custom Development



Please fill Inquiry Form for further detail of above listed products and our team will share the detail of best product at best price.

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