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Match-Trade Technologies LLC

About Us

Match-Trade Technologies LLC, headquartered in Irvine, California is a fully integrated Forex and Cryptocurrency technology provider that delivers turnkey trading solutions for FX Brokers, ECN Venues. Liquidity Providers and Crypto Exchanges. Match–Trade has combined together state-of-the-art software and hardware components of matching engine technology that enables Brokers, Exchanges and LPs to participate in the new generation of transparent, distributed and independent ECN Forex or Cryptocurrency market.

We exist to help Forex brokers run their business and make it more profitable. Our products are designed to make FX market more open, transparent, distributed and exchange-like. Our Broker Support department provides 24/6 dedicated technical support and advisory to our clients facilitating the implementation of our solutions and integration with other tools for brokers. We also take care of hosting and administration to ensure the highest performance and stability of our clients’ FX infrastructure.

Product and Services

Match-Trader WL package

Built with an aim to provide simplicity, transparency and modern design at a reasonable price. The platform leverages on innovative technologies to bring the best trading experience and branding possibilities. Below are the features of Match-Trader WL package

  • Branded Web platform
  • Branded Desktop platform
  • Branded Mobile platform
  • Client Office with CRM

MT4/MT5 White Label

Benefits of trading software-

  • A – Book and B-book executions available
  • Wide range of instruments available
    • Offer your clients extensive investment possibilities with feed for Forex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Equities.
  • Low cost, transparent pricing
    • We charge only a simple flat fee – no turnover or volume-based expenses. Eliminate or significantly reduce the cost of IT  by utilizing our all in one solution: Technology – Hosting – Administration.
  • Tools to support your business
    • Onboard clients with dedicated registration forms. Offer multiple deposit options and keep track of withdrawals with our Client Office. Keep your profits under control utilizing a robust Risk Management System. Expand your business with a Multi-Level IB solution.

Forex Solutions

Bridge MT4/MT5 with RMS

Match-Trade routing technology provides you with the most competitive aggregated liquidity at a very reasonable price.
MT4/MT5 Bridge and Liquidity Aggregator can work seamlessly with many Liquidity Providers, therefore we can provide you with full flexibility in connecting to desired liquidity pools. We have created a scripted language which allows creating different hedging and risk management algorithms. Our bridge can be customized to your needs. We service many satisfied brokers around the world, you can be one of them.

Client Office app with CRM

Our Client Office application (also known as Traders’ Room) is expanded with a CRM feature to help brokers managing all of their clients’ and IBs’ activities in one place. This Forex CRM app allows reducing operating costs by automating the most important business operations.

PAMM/MAM and Social Trading

Offer your clients multiple investment possibilities thanks to our PAMM/MAM solution adapted to different trading platforms like MT4, MT5 and Match-Trader to boost your brokerage business. We are also integrated with Brokeree to provide Social Trading possibilities.

ECN Liquidity

Our ECN liquidity solution is based on ultra-fast matching engine technology, which guarantees no requotes, no rejections and no last look execution. All your trades are executed at a fair market price on over 100 instruments available in the Matching Engine with the market depth of up to 10 levels.

Crypto Solutions

Payment Gateway with Exchanger

Our crypto payment gateway supports payments in 7 most popular currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, NEO.
Match2Pay payment gateway is a complete fully automated solution for collecting and exchanging cryptocurrencies. Clients who will be using our gateway can track and book automatically all payments on individual accounts in a dedicated back office. Crypto deposits can be also converted to other currencies such as USD before booking them in Clients’ accounts. Conversions are done automatically and rates are adjusted according to broker needs.

Coinmatch Exchange Platform

Cater to the increasing demand for crypto assets. Use our reliable and secure CoinMatch Crypto Exchange Platform (www.coinmatch.io) for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Connect to a deep pool of liquidity, manage your clients’ account from a robust back office application and take advantage of the flexibility of system configuration.

Crypto Liquidity

Match-Trade provides access to liquidity pool based on most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges such as CoinbasePro, Kraken, Bitstamp, Gemini and LMAX Digital. Therefore, the pool is designed to be used by both: trading with leverage FX Brokers and Exchanges with spot trading.

FX Brokers

Startup Brokers

Are you considering starting your own Forex brokerage? Becoming a broker requires investment but can be also very profitable in the long term. If you’re already successfully operating as an introducing broker you should start your own FX brokerage business.

Existing Brokers

You’re not satisfied with the services of your existing technology provider of MT4/MT5 White Label Brokerage? Looking for cost-effective solutions for FX brokers? By moving your White Label to Match-Trade Technologies you can increase the profitability of your transaction flow by eliminating turnover fees. We help in moving Accounts and Orders to our server

Crypto Exchanges

CoinMatch is the leading platform which provides a complete solution for physical cryptocurrency trading to run your own Crypto Exchange.

It’s the next generation cryptocurrency exchange built for companies looking for proven and reputable crypto technology, data quality, security, transparency and deep liquidity.

Liquidity Providers

Match-Trader Pro is the new generation system to create transparent, distributed and independent ECN Forex market, which provides an exchange-like experience for forex brokers.

Our solution is a complete system with a built-in matching engine to become independent liquidity provider with the ability to easily scale your business.



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