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m-FINANCE, established in 2002, is the leading and most experienced Forex/Bullion/Bulk Commodities Trading Solutions Provider in Asia. For years, m-FINANCE has been striving for excellence and committed to providing state-of-the-art trading platforms and innovative one-stop trading solution. With expert knowledge of the market and cutting-edge technologies, m-FINANCE has provided a wide range of top-notch products and services, including mF4 Trading Platform, MT White Label Solutions, CRM System, Electronic Identity Verification Solution, MT4 Futures Gateway,  MT4/MT5 Bridge and Plugins,  ECN System, Automated Trading Solutions, STP Solutions, Cross-platform "Broker+" Solution, Copy Trading Apps and other value-added services.



Product and Services


MT White Label Solutions


m-FINANCE offers the one-stop MT White Label solutions to help brokers start their own businesses promptly, allowing them to have their own branded trading platform at affordable prices. Meanwhile, m-FINANCE has partnered with a number of liquidity providers to offer clients a variety of hedging solutions. Brokers can freely switch between A-Book and B-Book modes according to their business needs, so as to control risks and maximize profits.



mF CRM System


mF CRM System is a Customer Relationship Management system developed exclusively for facilitating forex/bullion brokerage companies to manage all the Introducing Brokers (IBs) and clients efficiently. It assists to streamline and standardize the operation processes, resulting in reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing customer retention. The sophisticated cloud-based CRM system integrates seamlessly with the MT4, MT5 and mF trading system. It has a full-fledged affiliate system with multi-tier rebate capabilities which allow brokers to grow their brokerage business rapidly. By introducing new functions to cater different business models, the mF CRM system can help brokers manage their entire business effectively whilst reducing trading risk.



MT4/MT5 Bridge


m-FINANCE MT4/MT5 Bridge connects the MT4/MT5 Server with Liquidity Providers (LPs) to manage risk by providing hedging capability. The system allows brokers to pre-define rules for specific client groups and enables deal routing to suitable Liquidity Providers (LPs).



MT4/MT5 Plugins


A variety of tailor-made MT4/MT5 plugins are provided to fit every broker’s highly customized demand for their unique trading model. We help our brokers to get ahead of the market by extending standard MT4/MT5 platform features.



Cross-platform Solutions


Highly reliable and advanced forex/bullion/futures cross-platform gateway solutions, developed to help brokers to reduce operating expenses, enhance risk management, utilize new business models and provide new possibilities to increase business revenues and competitiveness


MT4 Futures Gateway

Want to trade exchange futures through the MT4 platform?
m-FINANCE has the solution for you!
We can provide our MT4 proprietary futures gateway to connect MT4 platform to futures brokers, allowing investors to trade futures in real time.



mF4 Trading Platform


m-FINANCE’s mF4 Trading Platform is a sophisticated trading system designed for forex/bullion trading. The trading system is secure, stable and compatible with FIX protocol. The trader terminals support web, desktop (in Java and .Net), and mobile apps versions to suit the needs of all financial institutions.

The whole system includes four modules: Trader Terminal, Dealer Terminal, Back Office, and Price Engine. The design concepts of these modules are to allow brokers to have one-stop management of their business, monitor risks and have personalized settings.



Copy Master


Copy Master is a mobile copy trading solution developed to help brokers in building their own branded copy trading platform. It is a turnkey solution that integrates the functions of copy trade, live streaming and social circle, and works with both MT4 & MT5 platform.



ECN System


m-FINANCE's ECN system is an automated system that matches buy and sell orders from different market participants. It connects individual traders, major brokerages and tier-1 liquidity providers in the centralized order book so that they can trade directly among themselves without having to go through a middleman.
There is no dealing desk and no conflict of interest between traders and brokers in an ECN environment. This trading model enables the participants to enjoy transparent pricing, ultra-tight spreads, fast execution and deep liquidity.



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