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LMAX Exchange operates as a multilateral trading facility and price aggregator for fore trading. LMAX Exchange founded in 2010, Headquarter is in London, United Kingdom.  LMAX Exchange provides an order-driven execution environment for traders to conduct electronic Forex trading transactions with low latency. FX and CFDs are leveraged products that can result in losses exceeding your deposit. They are not suitable for everyone so please ensure you fully understand the risks involved. The information on this website is only directed at institutional and professional clients.




Product and Services


LMAX Exchange FX Solutions

LMAX provides solutions for retail brokers, hedge funds, corporate clients, asset managers and institutional level traders. LMAX Exchange’s business model is targeted at providing technology driven solutions which provide transparency by determining the true cost of Over-the-Counter forex as well as provide precise and reliable execution for Forex trades.


Specialized interbank FX services (For Bank Only)

LMAX InterBank is the execution venue for spot FX transactions, open to banks only. It comes with exclusive membership, has a clear Rulebook with all codes disclosed post-trade. There is complete transparency of trading with order book updates and trade data published anonymously and in real time. Latency is 0.5ms, providing ultra-fast execution for forex trades.


As a Prime Broker/Price Aggregator

LMAX Exchange provides deep forex liquidity and price quotes from the top-tier banks and proprietary trading firms, with an average latency that does not exceed 4ms. LMAX Exchange delivers pre & post-trade transparency by providing an open order book, which is driven by no “last look” limit orders that are provided by institutional liquidity providers and top-tier banks. Trade matching is done on an anonymous basis.



LMAX Global – key features

  • Tight spreads on streaming firm limit order liquidity from top tier financial institutions
  • Over 100 instruments: FX, metals, equity indices, commodities and crypto CFDs
  • Reliable, high performance proprietary technology – 100% exchange uptime
  • Strict price/time priority order matching
  • Real time reporting and reconciliation
  • Real time, full order book market and trade data
  • Competitive commission and overnight financing rates
  • Clearing via margin account
  • Global liquidity pools in Equinix London (LD4), New York (NY4) & Tokyo (TY3)
  • FCA regulated and committed to the FX Global Code


LMAX Global offers liquidity and exchange quality execution from LMAX Exchange suited for clients in the following categories

  • Broker dealers
  • Money managers
  • MT4/5 brokers
  • Professional traders

LMAX Global is an FCA regulated Broker for FX and part of the LMAX Exchange Group. LMAX Global offers brokers and professional traders the ability to trade on the LMAX Exchange central limit order book, offering tighter spreads on streaming firm liquidity from top tier banks and proprietary trading firms.



LMAX Global – global liquidity – exchange quality execution


  • Transparent price discovery and tight spreads
  • Firm limit order liquidity with no ‘last look’ rejections- (Strict price/time priority order matching, execution quality metrics as standard)
  • Complete trading anonymity – conflict free and neutral (Simply matching buyers with sellers within an anonymous trading venue)
  • Low latency execution- (Orders are matched with an average speed of 3ms)
  • FCA regulated and committed to the FX Global Code- (Trusted, rules-based trading environment – one public rulebook applied to all participants)
  • Award-winning, scalable technology platform- (Our proprietary technology is recognised for excellence and innovation)



Other Services

LMAX Exchange also offers advanced trading technology for all categories of market players. LMAX Exchange technology features the following:

  • API technology: Using LMAX’s FIX Protocol, traders can create and automate their own strategies and integrate them into the LMAX system. Risk-free testing on demo is provided.
  • Web trading: Access low latency, anonymous trading from the LMAX web trading interface without the need to download any software. A user manual is provided.
  • Mobile trading: LMAX Exchange offers a variety of apps for the Android and I OS devices, which provide seamless integration with the LMAX Exchange Trading app. This guarantees ultra-low latency exchange, market data and updated market news from a Smartphone or tablet device.

LMAX also offers a market news application known as the LMAX News app. This app provides the latest forex news, FX market data, economic calendar and charts, all in one app.

Another mobile app from LMAX is the LMAX VWAP app. This app gives the trader live forex market data with market depth of up to 20 levels of market depth, along with volume-weighted average prices (VWAP) for all markets offered on the LMAX Exchange. The LMAX VWAP enables traders to switch between trading venues effortlessly.




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