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ITTrendex Company was officially founded in 2013 by a team of experienced software developers for Forex. Most in the team - its programmers working in Forex and near Forex projects for many years. The main office is located in Kaliningrad, Russia.

In addition to a long time professional relationship, many of us learned in one or in parallel grades Baltic State Academy majoring Automated Information Processing and Management. That makes the team stronger and allows achieving mutual understanding, helping to implement the work tasks quickly and efficiently.

For a long time we have been able to build a working system for the integrated service of large financial institutions, fully covering all aspects of IT, and provide all kinds of the most popular services in the Forex industry. We have chosen a course on Forex not by chance; it is a promising direction for the business, which requires software innovations.

Most of our products are focused on Forex brokers, so here you can find ready-made plugins and tools for MetaTrader 4/5 trading platforms, websites for Forex trading, including Forex client's area. Also we develop the direction of binary options, which you can purchase by the White Label system. By purchasing our products you get an excellent opportunity to move forward in terms of technology, as well as the opportunity to become our partner, who has privileges such as discounts on software and services and get exclusive access to some of our services.

Our clients brokers grow, and we have established a system of coverage of trading operations that making possible for them to become a liquidity providers. Using our Bridge systems, you can reduce your risks by transferring transactions of your customers to larger brokers.

Apart from the possibility to buy software and web projects, you can contact us for services of optimization of your websites for clients and search engines, as well as the internet promotion through advertising. We have developed forums, training and analytical portals for our clients. For this, we are able to provide good advertising places for our partners.



Product and Services


White Label service for MetaTrader 4


Forex trading terminal (trading platform) is the main tool which is actively used by the stock jobber to carry out a merchandise transaction on the global market of currency conversion.

Forex broker provides the appropriate support of stock jobber`s terminal – either informational or technical – 24 hours a day. In other words, the trading terminal can be considered as the necessary means of electronic communications between broker and his remote client (private Forex trader). Forex brokers provide their clients with an opportunity to install and activate the trading terminal freely and at no expense – this terminal can be easily copied from the official website of the appropriate broker-provider.

The trading terminal allows the stock jobber to carry out the following procedures:

  • visual display of information on the market situation in dynamics on the price chart;
  •  analysis and forecasting of the currency market dynamics with the help of the special indicators integrated into the program interface or developed independently in the software environment of the terminal by the trader;
  • direct conducting transactions of currency exchange by virtue of setting and executing the appropriate trading orders;
  • status accounting of stock jobber`s trading account (due to the interest-bearing result);
  • financial statement of trading on each of transactions carried out by stock jobber;
  •  trader`s insight into the current news and other information that may be of practical value;
  • development and operation of various means of automatic trading on Forex (trading adviser, scripts, indicators).

Probably, the trading terminal known as MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular in Forex community. It is believed that this platform is the best for the efficient and convenient implementation of the tasks listed above.When purchasing White Label MetaTrader 4 terminal from LiteForex (one of our partners), your clients receive an opportunity to trade on 5 MetaTrader 4 servers, including Demo-server, server with classical conditions, server with cent accounts, server without dealing and overlap.


Services we provide:

We can upgrade and boost almost any process in your company which is related to trading, communication with clients, etc.:

  • Installation, configuring and full integration with such trading platforms as MetaTrader 4/5, cTrader, Currenex
  • Installation and configuration of VirtualDealer plugin for automatic dealing
  • Providing with transmitting of client's orders at liquidity providers
  • Integration with Sirix webtrader
  • Development of plugins for MetaTrader 4/5
  • Development of services for MetaTrader 4/5
  • Creation of official site of company
  • Creation of client's site of company
  • Integration with SugarCRM for your sales and support departments to communicate with clients
  • Installation, configuration and integration of 1c-bitrix «Enterprise Portal» and MetaQuotes «TeamWox»» to improve business performance and employee
  • Providing of Forex analysis, trading signals and economic calendar
  • Forex news feed
  • Creation of financial and trading reports
  • Statistics by clients
  • Integration of Live Chat systems: SiteHeart, LiveZilla, LivehelpNow, TeamWox
  • Development of risk-management systems
  • Development of marketing and tracking systems
  • Integration of SMS / Voice client's verification service


Forex broker's site

A site is part and parcel of any business. Moreover, a good site can yield good profits. We have ready-made solutions which serve as a basis for designing a site of any complexity with a convenient interface. Our experts in design and development of user interfaces will make various kinds of layouts and optimally visualize the information for a visitor to your site. The programmers will write a code and provide all the functionality, so that any visitor could be glad when navigating through your future site.

  • Forex analytics and economic calendar
  • Dynamic display currency rates
  • Contests for demo and real trading accounts with registration form and table of rating
  • PAMM monitoring
  • Multilingual
  • Live chat for contacting technical support
  • Module for translation of site on foreign languages
  • Blog on site. Module of management of blogs in administrator's area
  • Webinars on site
  • Backend for management of site



Forex broker's client's area

The Forex broker client area is a secure site where a client can open trading accounts, load and withdraw money, participate in affiliate programs, manage traders' accounts or invest funds in experienced managers.

The client area includes a number of modules: for traders, for technical and client support, for finance department, regional managers, regional representatives, and partners.


  • Forex analytics and economic calendar
  • Dynamic display currency rates
  • Contests for demo and real trading accounts with registration form and table of rating
  • PAMM monitoring
  • Multilingual
  • Live chat for contacting technical support
  • Module for translation of site on foreign languages
  • Blog on site. Module of management of blogs in administrator's area
  • Webinars on site
  • Backend for management of site



Binary options trading services

Binary option service is gaining popularity around the world. Some people think that the option trading will supplant the trading on Forex. Here the special knowledge is not required in order to achieve success and make money.

Specifically developed binary option service allows covering the broad spectrum of people, who like this earning method, due to the wide range of option types.

  • Client's area
  • 'High/Low' binary options type
  • 'One Touch' binary options type
  • 'No Touch' binary options type
  • 'In Range' binary options type
  • 'Out Range' binary options type
  • 'Minute trading' binary options type
  • Realtime data and graphics visualization based on NodeJS technology
  • Risk management
  • Automated dealing
  • CRM
  • Multilingual
  • Module for translation of client's area in foreign languages
  • Affiliate programs



Payment systems services

  • Website for exchange at competitive rates
  • Aggregator of payments systems for fast integration of payment methods on websites


Forex ratings websites:

  • Rating of Forex brokers
  • Rating of Forex forums
  • Rating of Forex rating websites
  • Rating of Binary options websites
  • Forex analysis
  • Multilingual
  • Prepared database of participants rating
  • Backend for management of website



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