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We measure ourselves on how well we equip our partners to perform better by using the latest developments in Big Data and AI. Our goal is to provide every tool, service and support mechanism in easy-to-use solutions to help your business grow. Be the best part of the customer journey. Deliver the sales, support, and marketing your customers want by using our AI-driven products.


Product and Services


MT4 and MT5 trading platforms


Fully integrated solution with every tool you need to succeed. Multiple liquidity providers, bridges, data feeds, trading signals and educational resources for all traders.

Impactrade bring the world’s most popular trading platforms to your fingertips with the benefits of a trusted brokerage solution. Mobile, automated and social trading and a robust security system are among the many features available. Our brokerage solution also integrates seamlessly with our full range of products.

Our trading platforms are updated to reflect the changes and new opportunities in the global financial markets. Every channel we offer synchronises automatically and has a user friendly interface that makes connecting to the world’s markets easy.

  • Desktop trading
  • Mobile trading
  • Web trading

Multiple channels trading- Trading made easy

MT4 and MT5 are the world’s most popular trading platforms used by millions of traders. Forex, exchange instruments, futures and crypto currencies are traded easily. Technical and fundamental analysis is part of the platform as is the option to trade automatically using robots and trading signals.



Impact CRM


Delivers an intelligent customer management process across sales, customer support and marketing in real-time.

Features of CRM

AI-driven Sentiment Analysis reveals the mood of your clients and leads during every interaction. Identify what makes your clients happy and improve retention by creating a detailed picture of the actions that result in sales. Gather the insights that deliver higher converting campaigns and improve your sales performance by defining optimal listen/talk ratios while avoiding compliance pitfalls.


Automated lead segmentation

Automatically assign leads to the people best suited to convert them in your sales team. Every lead is efficiently processed and segmented based on the marketing channel it came through, the language used and where applicable Introducing Broker (IB). Automated sorting saves time and enables your team to follow up leads as soon as they are created through automated tagging which assesses their potential using lead scoring and designates to pre-defined lead pools.

One dashboard delivers the big picture (All the information your team needs on a single interface):

  • Give every client-facing member of your team the information they need to deliver the best customer experience.
  • Open one screen to reveal personal information including their lifetime value.
  • View verification details and the status of their KYC/AML.
  • Give context to your communication through access to details about previous interactions and marketing campaigns.
  • All account activity is displayed to give any member of the team the opportunity to make the most of every client interaction.
  • All documents, audit logs, calls and emails can also be viewed within their timelines to add relevance to the information.
  • Impact CRM’s dashboard can be customized to meet the information needs of every member of your organization.
  • Give managers the data they need to analyze their team’s performance and CEOs a global picture of business operations while managing access to sensitive information.



Impact PSP Gateway




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