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We have adopted the latest technologies and international standards to develop our FOREX online trading platform, VertexFX.

VertexFX is a comprehensive platform with all its components for the Backoffice, Client trading stations and server sides intended for Market Makers, Clearing Houses, Brokerage Firms and Dealing Rooms.

We used more than ten different languages and tools to develop our trading front ends and communication content, and to deliver them as a single package called VertexFX Trader. The product guarantees flexibility, reliability, and security, and has shown excellent availability in all versions.

Our fast development and customization, provided with professionalism and support for trading systems, creates a solid ground for real partnerships that allow businesses to grow and prosper.



Product and Services


White Label


VertexFX Customers and Partners who purchased a full dedicated trading software can benefit from the White Label service by implementing it to their Brokers or Introducing Brokers (IB) as Subsystems with shared hosting and limited functionality through a leasing agreement. This is optionally shipped service with VertexFX trading platform. The IB clients will see their direct IB name and not the main system owner one, which gives privacy to this IB.

White Labeled IB can be implemented in different implementation scenarios and privileges, the main platform owner can decide what level he needs and do it from his side and all scenarios are part of the main System tree node and inside his own server, which means that he can see all the clients under the White Labeled subsystems.

These deliverables are at least:

  • Client Terminal.
  • Backoffice Terminal (with a privileges determined by the main system owner and white label provider).
  • Vertex-to-vertex Bridge.
  • E-Broker multi account trading terminal.



VertexFX Web Trader


VertexFX Web Trader is the light module of VertexFX Client trade station, while the main is the traditional windows-based desktop application and the third is the VertexFX Mobile Trader.

VertexFX Web Trader is considered to be a machine independent Trading terminal, as it is totally WEB enabled and fully tested at all traditional web browsers with smooth online market movement, real time market order placement, with the same security of the windows based system.



VertexFX e-Broker - Multi Account Management (MAM) Solution


VertexFX e-Broker is one of the VertexFX Trader’s Main Value add services, shipped with the system by default, developed over VertexFX Client API, to perform the Multi-Account (MAM) Trading capability.

VertexFX e-Broker is suitable for the money managers that wish to trade for multiple accounts at the same time, at the same price; VertexFX e-Broker was built to do so. Just list your accounts, you will find a one click login, for them all, three ways to distribute amounts, and then you are one click far to trade to them all.
With the ability to Trade Market, place limits, add stops, account list saving, account list importing, fare amount distribution methodologies, that’s all you need if you are an money manager.



VertexFX API


An application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards that allow access to a web-based software application, in this case – VertexFX. At Hybrid Solutions we know there is continuous need for customers and system users to tailor the VertexFX system at the dealing room or trading ends. So we’ve released sophisticated APIs for different elements of our software. And our APIs are equipped with the same interface as most of the platform’s features which makes it easy to build a new custom application.

As developers know, API development is the fastest way to customize uniform applications.Our APIs allow them to easily create plug-ins that offers VertexFX users more flexibility and system personalization.For example,

VertexFX APIs include specifications for routines, data structures, object classes and protocols used to communicate between the consumer and VertexFX Trader. We have released APIs far all of:

  • VertexFX Client.
  • VertexFX Charts.
  • VertexFX BackOffice.
  • VertexFX Currency server.
  • VertexFX Bridge.
  • VertexFX SMS Central.



VertexFX Binary Options

Based on the rising number of users and growing demand by our customers, we are glad to announce the VertexFX Binary Option Plugin.

Binary option is a type of trading option based on a simple Yes/No market proposition to expect if the market will go up or down in a certain amount of time (Depending on Payout value).

vStore is your one-stop-shop for VertexFX plugins and apps. vStore categorizes the plugins/apps to make it easier for both front-end and back-end users to reach what they need

  • Choose from hundreds of VertexFX plugins/apps
  • VertexFX API toolkit to develop plugins/apps
  • Brand and sell your own plugins



Auto Clearing Bridge Service


You will need to use VertexFX Risk Management Bridge while your business is growing, risk grows whenever the business grows. VertexFX Risk Management Bridge help your business reach the high stakes with no or less risk, while holding some risk is one of the main key features for some creative businesses. VertexFX Risk Management Bridge is a back end forex trading software used to connect your VertexFX system to another one for clearing and risk management purposes, with the ability to connect it to any other non-Vertex systems simply by
developing your own Liquidity Provider (LP) over VertexFX Bridge LP API, then plugging it to VertexFX Bridge with one click.


Bridge API

VertexFX Bridge Liquidity Provider (LP) API is a .NET Class Library DLL used for implementing new LP in the VertexFX Bridge application. All what you need is to build your own .NET Class Library project, which has a class name LP inherited from VertexFXBridgeLPAPI.VertexFXLP
class over the provided API, then build the DLL with name prefix VFX after overriding the needed functions, finally copy this DLL (with its dependencies) in the LP References folder of the VertexFX Bridge application in order to be supported.

After finishing your LP DLL, you may test it using the Tester application included when installing the VertexFX Bridge LP API.



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