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HaveTrade Software Solutions Ltd.



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We provide one stop solution for all brokerage needs. Have trade offer an unmatched combination of expertise, information and analytics.Our mission is to bring multi-asset liquidity solutions and best in class trading technology under one roof.

Our vision is to seek stretch our commitment and software solution across the world by constantly evolving our products through continued research and development.Our values are innovative, trust, privacy, quality and transparency.



Products and Services




To setup your broker with trending software, MetaTrader 5, you can choose this package. This package is added with all essentials of a Start-up Forex, You can get started with your own Forex in No time, What else you have to wait for? Get MT5 Whitelabel Package and Start your forex broker now with Start-of-Art website and Industry's best Forex CRM integrated with MT5.

  • Your Brand MT5 Terminal
  • Upto 1000 Live Accounts
  • MT5 Web API
  • 6 MT5 Manager Accounts
  • 9 MT5 Group
  • 30 Unique Symbols
  • Forex CRM
  • Wordpress Website






To setup your broker with trending software, MetaTrader 5, you can choose this package. This package is added with all essentials of a Start-up Forex, You can get started with your own Forex in No time, What else you have to wait for? Get MT5 Whitelabel Package and Start your forex brokerage business now with cutting edge website and Industry's best Forex CRM integrated with MT5.

  • Your Brand MT5 Terminal
  • Upto 2000 Live Accounts
  • MT5 Web API
  • 9 MT5 Manager Accounts
  • 60 Unique Symbols
  • Forex CRM
  • Wordpress Website






Metatrader 4 Whitelabel features your business with your branded Trading software.This will provide you branded terminal and greater access. The package includes all the basic tools to start and run your Forex business efficiently. You will get 4 MT4 manager, 9 groups, 30 symbols, MT4 Web API, IB Setup and MAM. We will provide responsive website with 2 fix API LP connection

  • Your Brand MT4 Terminal
  • 4 MT4 Manager
  • 9 Groups
  • 30+ Symbols
  • Mt4 Web API
  • Rebate Setup
  • Responsive Website
  • Forex CRM
  • Two FIX API Connection

We have 2 more packages MT4 Pro Broker and MT4 Prime Broker of METATRADER 4 .



Forex CRM


We enables forex broker to manage their clients efficiently. We have forex specialized CRM software that is unique and completely customized. HaveCRM enables forex broker to manage their clients efficiently. Understanding the business model, we have Forex specialized CRM Software that is unique and completely customizable in. The Trader Cabinet, Staff portal and Admin panel enable the efficient management of the Business. Thinking of a Forex CRM, choose haveCRM.





A website that is user friendly to support your new users and robust enough to hold your existing client is vital for making your forex brokerage business a success. We have pre-designed themes that you can choose from as well as industry specialists to build new ones as per your brand and company requirement. We focus on every detail and discuss the design with you to get the perfect outcome.

Website is the first-hand introduction of your company. If you miss to define your goals to your clients through the website, you lose majority of your client. Understanding the importance, we look into various aspects before finishing the design.

Our responsive websites can give you the independence of working across multiple platforms. We also offer our clients the ease of updating contents on their website through WordPress control panel. This is not all. Our custom design will promote your brand with your company name and logo.A website that caters to the forex brokerage business entails a lot of other functionality that are vital. We integrate those features to provide a fully functional one specific to your business requirement. We provide MT4 integration, custom live currency rates tickers, live chat, CRM integration, multiple language support, integrated online account applications, IB support, educational section, and much more.You only need to contact us for your specific requirement and we would tailor the package and price as per your need.






We know that a lot can be achieved beyond the existing system and our professionals are constantly working on fulfilling the arising needs of our clients. We believe in ‘progress through innovation’ and keep brushing up our skills.

We have a dedicated team who looks after the development of plugins to make your execution smoother. You can rely on our team to help you with the custom requirement with high end development.Through our custom development, we can boost almost every process which is related to trading under your unique brand. Our team excels in creating new plugins as well as updating the old ones. We assist in the installation, configuration as well as integration with MT4 and MT5 platforms.If you worry about the existing competitors who have already gone far ahead in terms of technology, we have the products and solutions to catch up with them and are quite economical for your start up. If you can express what you think can be done with the application, our experts will make it really possible.

We also provide platform independent plugins to help you work across platforms. All these can be achieved under the umbrella of our services without going anywhere else. Your one-stop solution for everything indeed!






We make your formation of forex Brokerage Company much easier and flexible with our expertise and tools and make your steps a complete success. Our MT4/5 platform provides ease of managing trading request while preserving the security of information data. From pre requisite to client reach till reports and analysis, we tend to check of the stages carefully to identify things required for a successful business. For start your company to provide brokerage services we can assist you with our product and in-house support team. We also have white label solution to strengthen your brand. We have created package as per the specific business requirements. We offer product such as trading platforms, plugins, CRM and other development services. With us you do not need to hassle with multiple providers. We are here to provide you a complete and comprehensive solution.




Everyone who is going to start Forex business is resists from getting into the complexity of legal issues. We are expert in provide smooth execution ahead. We get all the services under one roof to make your forex brokerage firm a success. Legal licenses are one of among them. Forex license is important and should be getting before your company becomes operational.  License will be your first step for entering remunerative business of forex brokerage. As per stats, broker earns way more than the direct traders. We have direct connection with the foreign jurisdictions which not only help us to obtain the forex broker license with competitive capital but make the entire process comparatively faster with little or no red-tape. The best part about obtaining a broker license is that you become eligible to work with users from different countries online. You can grow your customer base with a legitimate global presence.




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