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About Us

Grentone Meta Solutions (also known as “Grentone”) is a Singapore domiciled solutions architect for brokerages and money managers. Our deep presence in Europe and Asia offer many startup brokers or money managers that deals with CryptocurrenciesForex, CFD, Futures, or Securities with our turnkey technological and business solutions to operating in a safe and regulatory compliant environment.

Grentone provide clients solutions in attaining their MT4, MT5 or alternative white label and grey label trading platforms, incorporating offshore forex companies, financial license solutions, custom Traders Room or Forex CRM, payment solutions, plugins for MT4 & MT5, tier-1 liquidity providers setup, bridge solutions, social trading, create cryptocurrency exchanges, regulated companies and software M&A, and create custom technologies for brokers or money managers.

Product and Services

We offer range of forex brokerage solutions like:

Payment Solutions

Bank Accounts

Grentone Meta Solutions provide the service of applying for bank accounts to clients who are working with us on our services. We have proven success in helping forex brokers to open corporate bank accounts whether being regulated or an offshore forex company. This is an exclusive service that helps customers consider various aspects before selecting the right banking institution is suitable for meeting their company’s needs. Whether it is a start-up or a forex broker in its growth stage, we can offer this assistance.

Credit Card Solutions

After the forex broker has attained a corporate that could allow the receiving and transmitting of funds, the next thing would be to apply for another account that could help them receive payments through credit cards and other payment gateways. This kind of ‘merchant account’ allows the broker to accept deposit payments from their clients at the convenience of their websites, accepting through payment gateways such as Visa, Mastercard, AMEXUnionPay, Diners, JCB or even Bitcoin. The broker will apply for this merchant account via a Payment Service Provider, PSP in short.

Forex Broker & Trading Platforms

MT4/5 White Label

White label, in short, is a trading platform that carries your LOGO and name. To own the white label, the cost is low to setup and maintain. Being a white label platform owner, you do not need to buy or rent servers for price streams and execution. With the white label platform, you can attract people to trade on your unique trading platform, and attract customers or affiliates to cooperate with your entity.

MT4/5 Grey Label


For most start-up Forex brokers, their first step in this business is to set themselves up on a Grey Label Forex Platform. It is a good alternative besides the white label solution as it is affordable and easy to setup.

So how similar is a grey label different from a white label? First, you are able to change the leverage and spreads for your clients. Second, you manage client deposits and withdrawals. Third, A and B book forex operating models can be deployed. Fourth, on payment received from client, you credit the amount received on the platform with a touch of a few clicks.

Non-MetaTrader White Label

This is an alternative solution for FX/CFD/Crypto/Options Platforms if you do not wish to use Metatrader as your preferred trading platform. It is a full B2B White Label Solution for FX/CFD/CRYPTO/OPTIONS Platforms

Trading Platform

  • WowFX – FX/CFD/Crypto Web-based Trading Platform, offering advanced Crypto, Forex and CFD.
  • WowOptions – (binary, touch, no touch, Range, out of Range) Options Web Trading Platform, offering pre-defined options on Currencies (Fiat and Crypto), Stocks, Commodities and Indices.
  • WowCrypto – Wow Web Platform, dedicated to Crypto Currency Trading.

Forex License

We understand that there is minimal difference between starting a Forex Broker from “zero to one full suite broker solution” and this solution. However, through our experience in helping new brokers come into this business, we understand that different start-ups have differences in their backgrounds in this business, different financial backing, and requirements set out by their supporting customer base.

CRM Solution

For Startup Brokers-An advanced and reliable CRM system is essential to the growth and success of a broker. Some call it a ‘Traders Room’. With our proprietary CRM solution, you are able to reliably run your business like a multi-million brokerage business, because many partners have used us and done that. Our CRM helps the broker to manage and create a database from KYC (Know Your Client), opening of trading accounts, multi-level commission distribution, payment gateway integration, storage of documents, create and execute requests within the system, lead management, provides detailed account information of the agent and broker relationship, and help you increase your earnings. Indispensable to any broker.

For Growing Brokers-For most forex brokers who are at their growth stage in this business, enhancing their existing regulatory regime can help them to gain better reputation in the market. This means the company becomes ready to take on an increase in their compliance cost. Below are some common choices for jurisdictional Forex and CFD licenses where growth stage brokers would like to come to us for:

Forex Website & SEO Marketing Solution

For any forex broker or cryptocurrency broker, the website is something like the ‘face for the company’. Through having a professional and secure website, the broker is basically telling clients that they are serious about running this business in a professional way and putting clients in their best interest.

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