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GBX Broker Services

Manage your entire brokerage from a single platform. Never lose sight of your trades again.

Cost Benefits

GBX Broker Services reduces unnecessary technology licensing costs, staff costs and losses from market risk. Our cross-platform Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) server automatically tracks and organises all trades into easy-to-understand tables that are reporting and compliance ready.

Faster Partner On-Boarding

GBX Broker Services can make it easy for large brokers to bring additional valued partners into their network. Add White Labels and IBs to your network quickly without wasting months managing Bridge software and maximise your revenue.


GBX provides technology for a broker's most valued partners, giving you a unique value proposition that enables you to stand out from the crowd.

Risk Tools

Risk tools are built into GBX's service offering. Get greater insights into your accounts and trades with easy-to-understand visual indicators and metrics.


Product and Services


White Label & IB Tools

GBX has an analytics toolkit for MT4 White Label Brokers and Introducing Brokers. Get visibility into your customers' accounts and trades that are unavailable through the MetaTrader Manager.

Zero Plug-In Analytics with Real-Time Data Integration

GBX Analytics Solutions only requires MT4 Manager login access and will work with multiple MT4 manager accounts. GBX Analytics Solutions integrates data from environments into a singular view. View all trades as they occur, including the status of open orders.

Spreads & Commission

Track spreads and your verify your commission with real-time data. Identify the best partners you can trust your clients with.

Accounts Transfer

Easily transfer your entire portfolio to a better environment with minimal lead time at a fraction of the cost. This solution is compatible with most major Bridges and Gateways.


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