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The company was founded as an educational center offering courses in the field of technical analyses and financial markets. The launch of brokerage services in 2005 was a natural progression to satisfy the growing need for fair and transparent trading conditions combined with excellent customer support. With us you can be sure of constant support, excellent trading conditions and a trader-oriented approach. We are committed to continue on in this direction and spread our values and benefits to new regions around the world. With the continued growth of the Company, and these guiding principles, we will continue in our quest to become world’s leading Forex brokerage.




Product and Services




PAMM Account Rating- Our PAMM account rating will help you review the effectiveness of PAMM Master's (Manager) work and select the best account to invest. You can see the trading results of a certain Master in detail in the full PAMM account rating by sorting accounts by various parameters: PAMM account name, current gain, number of followers, account type, account age, and more.

PAMM ECN Accounts- FXOpen ECN accounts based on the PAMM Technology. These accounts let the Master trade in the ECN environment.

PAMM Crypto Accounts- By opening a PAMM Crypto account as a Master you can attract more potential Followers by incorporating the most lucrative investment asset of the recent years into your portfolio.

While Followers can benefit from the dynamic and highly liquid crypto market without having to monitor trends and make trades.This type of Crypto accounts is based on FXOpen PAMM technology and it lets you trade the top cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and DASH) against the US Dollar, Euro or Russian Ruble in the form of CFDs.FXOpen STP accounts based on the PAMM Technology these accounts let the Master trade in the STP environment.



Mirror Trading with Myfxbook


It's not an easy task to become a Forex trading pro. But you do not have to make rookie mistakes and learn your way in Forex through a series of painful losses. Learn how you can benefit from the experience, knowledge and skill of the world's most profitable traders! Use the best and well proven Forex strategies to make a profit.

6 reasons to choose Myfxbook AutoTrade

  • It's profitable: myfxbook offers you the choice from only best-performing strategies We only pay to strategy providers for making profitable trades;
  • It's proven: only experienced providers with live trading accounts and a profitable performance for 3 months or more who have deposited over $1000 are accepted.
  • It's reliable and precise: detailed charts give you an overview of the provider's past performance to help you assess their potential;
  • It's visual: myfxbook offers demo accounts and a strategy simulator . See how it really works before investing your money!
  • You have it all under control — you are free to suspend or opt out of a losing strategy at any moment in time. You can also limit the number of lots, trades or currency pairs for any strategy through your myfxbook personal profile or set a level of balance or drawdown, at which point a risky or losing strategy will be suspended automatically for your account.



Zulu Trade


ZuluTrade – is an automatic trading platform that uses signals from professional Forex traders to manage trades in your account. All you have to do is select the traders (also called “signal providers") and ZuluTrade will reproduce the provider's trading strategy in your account. Trades will be opened and closed in your Meta Trader account automatically.

Advantages of ZuluTrade automatic trading

  • Manage several trading accounts from a single workplace.
  • Create a portfolio of your own by combining the most profitable currency pairs from different providers:
  • Protect your trades with ZuluGuard:
  • Swift and error-free signal delivery from signal provider to signal follower in real time;
  • Monitor open positions in real time.
  • A free 30-day demo account with full access to ZuluTrade service.



Forex VPS


Available to all FXOpen ECN, STP and CRYPTO account holders!

  • Accessibility: log into your MT4 platform from any computer anywhere in the world.
  • Flexibility: expert Advisors continue running even when computer is switched off or the power/internet is off.
  • Speed: cross-connected to FXOpen servers.



MetaTrader 4 (MT4)


MetaTrader 4 - the leading Forex trading platform.

Over 70% of Forex brokers offer MT4 to their clients, and over 90% of all transactions on the retail Forex market are conducted via MetaTrader 4. Since 2005 MetaTrader 4 has been holding the title of the most popular Forex trading terminal and continues to receive prestigious awards year after year.

Benefits of MT4

  • Manual trading: trades can be placed directly from the price chart; all types of orders (market, pending, stop loss and take profit); 3 types of execution (instant execution, market execution and execution upon request), trailing stop;
  • Automated trading: download and use ready-made scripts and expert advisors or create a custom indicator or a script based on your own trading strategy;
  • Charting: charts can be displayed as bars, candles or lines; customized chart settings and templates, tick chart;
  • Analytics: 50+ built-in indicators and graphic tools for technical analysis, quotes history center, strategy tester and news.
  • MQL: simple and powerful programming language for creating scripts, trading experts, indicators and all sorts of other useful MT4 add-ins.



MetaTrader 5 (MT5)


MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform

MetaTrader 5 is a multi-asset trading platform developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp and is now the most popular free terminal for online trading. MT5 provides the familiar user interface of MT4 with many new functions providing traders with all they need for successful Forex trading.

Important: Only ECN trading accounts are currently supported in MetaTrader 5.



Mobile Forex Trading


Full control over your trading accounts via a smartphone or a tablet PC.

We offer trading terminal versions for the most popular mobile platforms – iOS and Android. These apps are always there when you need them.  Access your trading account on the go. Mobile versions  of  the trading terminal offer the same essential features, just like your MT4 desktop terminal.



Forex Trading Tools


Promptness, precision, transparency and in-depth understanding of the nature of Forex market–are the keys to successful trading and effective risk-management.

Precise calculations of pip value, margin, SWAPs  and ECN  commissions will help you plan your trading, estimate potential profits and risks and optimize your lotsizes. Focus on market analysis and trading and do not waste your time on routine calculations.





Accessible with no download on PC or Mac OS

  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Supports all popular browsers
  • Familiar interface of MT4 Desktop
  • Reliable data protection
  • One click trading
  • Close By and Multiple Close By trade requests



Forex White Label


Set up your own Forex brokerage using our FXOpen's state-of-the art technology!

FXOpen’s extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the Forex market and customers' needs will ensure a successful operation for your own Forex business. Our advanced and proven technologies allow brokerages to offer their clients a wide range of financial instruments and trading via the world's most trusted and popular Meta Trader platform. Our analysts will help you build up and maintain a business development strategy, marketing policy and workflows essential for the successful operation of your brokerage.


What we offer

  • FXOpen ECN gives you the access to aggregated liquidity from the industry's largest liquidity providers (LPs): banks, international exchanges and other ECNs. Due to multiple LPs we generate a price feed with competitive low spreads. With combined liquidity from the key players of the FX-industry we can execute large-volume orders within only tens of milliseconds. Your clients' orders are placed in the Level 2 order book and can be utilized by other participants of the ECN. As clients act as both Liquidity Providers and Liquidity Receivers, our technology allows order execution even if external LPs do not provide a suitable quote.
  • Liquidity – FXOpen ECN is one of the largest and most technologically advanced liquidity pools in the Forex market.
  • MetaTrader (MT4) is the world's most trusted and reliable Forex trading platform. It is intuitive, packed with powerful analytical tools, and has great potential for automatic trading.
  • PAMM is a powerful cutting-edge strategy replicating tool. A trader can choose from a list of strategy providers (called Masters) with a proven track record of successful trading. The Master's trading strategy will then be reproduced in relation to the client's funds. FXOpen PAMM technology automatically calculates the Master's remuneration and credits it to the Master's account in accordance with the terms of the Master's offer. The Master has full control over trading via the Meta Trader 4 terminal. Even though the Master's and the Followers' funds are virtually traded as one unit, the Master has no access whatsoever to withdrawing the Followers' funds. Automatic allocation of Master's remuneration guarantees that both sides will honor the terms of their agreement.




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