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FXecosystem Inc



About Us


Founded in 2010, and have unrivalled FX market experience, market knowledge and expertise in connectivity. It's many clients can outsource all or part of their connectivity and infrastructure needs and challenges, allowing them to focus more efficiently on the key components of their business – trading, competitive strategy and sales.




Product and Services




FXecosystem's FX Meet-Me-Room™ delivers a single point of contact to connect to global FX banks, ECNs, vendors and buyside institutions, eliminating the need for multiple leased lines.

The FX Meet-Me-Room™(MMR) provides a single point of entry to connect multiple market participants on a global scale.  It's co-location facilities provide proximity hosting solutions to meet all your FX trading requirements in LD4, NY4, HK1 and SG1.


Key Benefits

  • FX market focus
  • Centralised connectivity
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Low Latency
  • Metatrader Solutions
  • Unbiased advice




Bespoke FX networks


FXecosystem have strong technical expertise in circuit latency, networks, redundancy, infrastructures, switch management, security and project management, so can deliver any FX network solution required.

Reliability is absolutely crucial for clients. FXecosystem provide multi routes to market and have built a robust network which can suffer more than a single point failure and still maintain above SLA operations. The amount of capacity available on our infrastructure and the specific types of hardware we use, allows detailed reporting at layers above the standard network statistics metrics available from our competitors.


Key Benefits

  • Network reliability
  • Above SLA operations
  • Real time monitoring
  • Circuit latency
  • Expertise
  • Switch management
  • Security
  • Project management




Managed services


FXecosystem provide completely unbiased and objective advice on routes, carriers and solutions to best fit a client’s specific requirements. FXecosystem  have  demonstrable ability to deliver cost benefits whilst providing market-leading connectivity solutions including Disaster Recovery and Business Risk Consultancy.  It offer fully outsourced connectivity / network  / circuit service provision with a single point of client contact and global 24/7 support.


Key Benefits

  • Independent status
  • Unbiased solutions
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Technical expertise
  • Global 24/7 telephone support






FXeco-eye is the real-time performance monitoring & analytics system for business units and network/trading system support teams.  It provides market leading venue comparison analysis as a powerful tool for Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA).

  • Monitor market flows with real-time graphics and custom dashboards
  • Unique level of detail lets you know where liquidity is in the market at any moment
  • Enables a faster response to market conditions for better, quicker trading decisions
  • No software to install, easily accessible via web browser
  • Works across multiple asset classes for Banks, Brokerages and Hedge Funds
  • Speed up the process of establishing the root cause of any network and trading issues


Key Benefits

  • Real-time graphics
  • Custom dashboards
  • Faster response to market conditions
  • No software to install, easily accessible via web browser
  • Works across multiple asset classes

FXeco-eye provides a real-time network & flow operational monitoring and data visualisation solution for all your Capital Markets connectivity links and business flows.

FXeco-eye provides both historical and real time customised data analysis and visualisation capabilities with respect to your Capital Markets electronic trading venues. These tools allow you to view both current and historical availability, behaviour and capacity.

FXeco-eye’s powerful business and network data solution requires no desktop installation and can be easily accessed from most browsers.






It provides single point of contact  to connect  global bond traders to leading ECNS and Bank.

  • Market leading connectivity for bond traders
  • Provides a multi-asset class connectivity solution
  • Eliminates the need for multiple leased lines
  • Co-location facilities provide proximity hosting solutions to meet all bond trading requirements in key data centres such as LD4, NY4, HK1 and SG1
  • Enhanced trading execution and operational efficiencies


Key Benefits

  • Market leading connectivity
  • Single point of contact for bond traders
  • Merge asset classes into one e-commerce platform
  • Co-location proximity hosting
  • Enhanced trading execution for bond traders



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