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Fx Back office began as a pipe dream between a few extremely experienced friends who knew they could revolutionize the day to day running of the FX brokerage business. The core team of directors involved with FX Back office have had extensive experience working for Forex brokers. The majority of our sales staff, managers and directors, have been involved in the Forex industry since 2007.

With over ten years of experience behind them, Fx Back office team fully understood exactly what a broker needed in order to operate at peak level and excel within the industry. Working in different departments including support, sales, dealing, compliance and IT, they brought our joint experience together and created a product that would not only support and maintain every day needs, but would add massive value to brokers by creating user friendly conversion tools, simple partnership management programs and a CRM and client cabinet like no other company out there.

Product and Services


A Forex Broker CRM is where all the client data is stored. This goes from when they register (e-mail/contact number/verified documents) to all communication that is made with the client thereafter, and all of their transaction history. Each and every department in the company needs to access this information and use it for different, but equally important purposes. Below are features of Fx Back office CRM-

  • See exactly when a client registers and contact him/her immediately
  • Get notifications when clients request a call back
  • Enjoy the benefits of automated e-mails
  • Use a sophisticated client categorization system helping your sales team
  • Store all verification documents safely and securely
  • Get notifications on when important documents are expiring
  • See all client transactions on the MT4/5 platforms, current and historical
  • Generate CySEC and other important internal financial reports
  • Use built in algorithms for target marketing campaigns
  • Translate your entire website and campaign pages swiftly into any language
  • Check your daily outgoings and incomings
  • Manage your IB and Affiliate networks easily and simply
  • Mass mail or target market emails towards your clients
  • Create specific accesses, tasks, and requests for all department without using another CRM system


One of the largest fails within the Forex industry is having a Client Cabinet or Client Area also known as Traders Room which is overly-complicated, full of excess information, and difficult to use.

Simplicity, manageability, and ease of use when it comes to trading is what clients want to see. From our research and extensive experience, you will lose your client to the next broker 8 times out of ten if your Client Cabinet's functionality isn't up to scratch.

  • Time and money saving
  • Fast and Easy client onboarding procedure
  • Aesthetically pleasing and informative dashboard


Within Client Cabinet, Fx Back Office offers your clients the capability to:

  • Request multiple IB accounts
  • See their IB Agreements at all times
  • Get detailed reports and performance statistics
  • Select and use an unlimited amount of banners for campaigns
  • See their application status for each IB account
  • Edit information in their IB account
  • View clicks and registrations on each campaign

Forex PAMM Software

A Percent Allocation Money Management system or a ‘PAMM’ as it’s more commonly known, is software that allows clients to invest their capital in a specific money manager through a brokerage company.

Forex brokers can offer PAMM to clients who are not confident at trading but have the funds, are confident at trading but don’t have the time, or to clients with bad trading psychology. PAMM managers allow clients to potentially profit with no effort needed on their end. The client simply invests in a PAMM account, and lets the PAMM manager do the trading for them. On-boarding a PAMM system is one of the best ways to attract clients to your brokerage.

B2B Help Desk

Forget e-mails. Forget lengthy conference calls. Forget things being lost in translation and searching hours for documents, logo's, images or important contracts. Our B2B help desk is the perfect project management system.

Having experienced the daily struggle of managing clients requests at mass first hand - and the lack of systems out there that fully cover business to business needs – we decided to develop a B2B management portal like no other, which completely turned our business around. Instead of keeping this development to ourselves, chose to lease it out on a monthly basis to other B2B companies facing the exact same challenges we did.

Fill in the Inquiry Form to know how we can help you scale your Forex Brokerage Business with our Forex Broker CRM.

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