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Fair Trading Technology

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Founded by Forex Traders, Fair Trading Technology intends to bring together the trading platforms and liquidity providers to provide a seamless experience to forex traders. We have seen and experienced the trouble faced by traders. We are based out of Sweden.

Fair trading technology is proud to be the fastest growing forex brokerage technology provider that provides creative and innovative solutions for the day to day problems faced by foreign exchange clients and brokers.

Fair Trading Technology is your go-to forex broker solution provider. We help you to start and grow your CFD & Forex brokerage business by offering BROKERTOOLS which have Back Office, Trader's Room, Partner Management and Asset Management solutions.

Our range of broker solution includes Meta Trader-4 and Meta Trader-5 solution. We provide you turnkey solution for your business with BrokerTools CRM and X Open Hub (XOH) Trader platform. So whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start forex brokerage firm or are already running an FX brokerage, we can help you with different forex brokerage solutions to operate efficiently.


Fair Trading Technology- Forex Broker Tools Provider


Forex Broker Solution

We provide end-to-end Forex Brokerage Solution right form MT4 White Label to, Broker CRM and Liquidity Providers. With us you are ready to hit the road running. Here is what we offer:

1. MT4 White Label Solution

We offer the most popular Forex White Label solution; MT4 White Label! Our MetaTrader 4 solution is seamlessly integrated with our in-house developed Broker CRM, creating an environment for broker admin, introducing brokers, money managers, and traders.


Our MT4 White Label Package includes: 

  • Broker CRM: As a Forex Broker, you can manage and keep track of clients’ KYC process with the help of our Broker CRM. Provide your clients an experience of a smooth and fast account opening process and get notified on traders’ activities.
  • Partner (IB & Affiliates) Manager: Our package includes an advanced selling tools for any type of partners, from affiliates to IBs, and facilitates tracking from online to offline. It lets them focus on their core business which is marketing and not worry about the tracking and commission calculations.
  • PAMM: PAMM is the in demand fund management tool and we offer it to our brokers. It will help you to provide value added service to your clients and help you earn additional revenue. PAMM components are seamlessly integrated to our Trader’s room, creating a solution both for the money managers and your traders.
  • Trader's Room: Fair trading technology redefine your Trader’s room to better engage with the traders – let them easily manage files, trading accounts, portfolios, and transactions in the mobile-friendly back office environment.
  • Payment Management: Our Broker CRM enables you to integrate payment gateway easily and smoothly. You can use rule-based options to manage transactions and bring a better experience to your traders.
  • Store: Create a marketplace in Trader’s room – sell digital products or subscriptions to your traders – creating endless unique selling points and increasing user loyalty.
  • Risk Management: Our tools allow brokers to manage spreading and groups in real time, rank and filter traders, and move traders between A and B book.
  • Surveillance & Support: We have surveillance and support team of IT professionals that monitor all order flows and ensure full functionality during market hours.


MT5 Solution

MT5 platforms, we create all in one brokerage solution and tools you need to manage you day to day operations, including MT5 CRM Back Office, Configuration Management, Trader’s Room, Partner Management and Asset Management. Furthermore, we are constantly adding new features.

Benefits of MT5 platform

  • Multi-asset platform
  • Market depth
  • Improved architecture and scalability
  • Gateways
  • More order types & charting
  • Easy integration


MT5 Back Office Supported Modules

  • Back Office: The Back Office module gives you a solid foundation and seamlessly connects to the other snap-on modules in Broker Tools and as a result creating a powerful brokerage management suite.
  • Trader’s Room: With the Trader’s Room module, clients have extensive access to the key information and functions, which subsequently help them successfully manage their trading.
  • Partner Management: With our module Partner Manager with multi-level support, the system takes care of all that for you.
  • Asset Management: With our Asset Management module (PAMM) system, investors can easily review and compare the performance of published strategies offered by money managers approved by the broker.


X Open Hub

X Open Hub is a trading platform and brokers tool CRM technology create a true turnkey solution for brokerage.
Why Choose X Open Hub’s Solution?

New mobile platform: A platform built for the next-generation trading no matter if it is forex, equities or futures.

Intuitive branding possibilities: The setting of default layouts, icons, colors, and languages.

Top movers and heat maps: Tool helping traders to explore the biggest stocks gainers and losers on the market.

FX analysis and global market research: Free financial news, insights and trend analysis helping your clients make savvy trading decisions.

Open xAPI: Proprietary xAPI is meticulously optimized, resulting in the lowest latency and highest throughput API available on the market.

Fully-equipped back office: Create new clients, process deposits and withdrawals, observe the trading activity and view overall performance, all in real-time.

Please do contact us for any inquiries. We will be happy to help you!

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Fair Trading Technology
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