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Elite Markets offers comprehensive solutions for brokerage companies. Elite help brokers build their business and offer solutions that allow the existing companies to increase efficiency and optimize workflows. Elite experts have worked for many years in the retail brokerage business and know it inside out. They have already run into all ramps and made all mistakes typical for beginners, to compensate for that we got invaluable experience and a clear plan how to avoid traps, while opening or optimizing a brokerage company.

Elite love starting new forex brokers from scratch, that’s why they are so proud about our flagship product – “Turn-key Ready Broker”. A guy comes to Elite Markets with a dream to become a forex broker and in a just month he walks away to meet his first clients.


Product and Services



Elite Markets provides the MT4 White Label & MT4 Mobile in an optimized format. This format provides the broker with a massive advantage against its competitors both on the management and marketing side. Elite Markets provides the broker with unparalleled level of support and service to manage its groups, trades, feed, spreads, markups, commissions and more.

Because Elite Markets provides its brokers with an unlimited manager platform, and full functionality on the Meta Admin terminal, the broker has all the flexibility as if he had his own Meta license without the headache of maintaining it. With the Elite Markets configuration, you as a broker will be able to offer your end traders any combination of the list below and more:

  • Forex, Metals, CFD and Equity trading
  • Fixed Spreads
  • Variable Spreads
  • ECN Accounts
  • Instant Execution
  • Market Execution
  • Silver, Gold Platinum Accounts
  • USD, EUR, and other currencies Accounts
  • Micro Accounts
  • Flexible security settings
  • Any combination settings and more

There is nothing that another broker will be able to offer its clients and that you would not do with the Elite Markets MT4 White Label & MT4 Mobile. However the same could probably not be said the other way around. Thus the brokers using the Elite Markets White Label solution will have a distinct marketing and business advantage over its competitors.


Elite Markets is able to support your brokerage with additional platforms in addition to the MT4 and Mobile trader there is WebTrader & MAM. The web trader, has a unique look is fully branded and allows the end user to trade in a non-download environment and still monitor all trading in a single source.For Asset Managers, MAM platform is an essential tool for trade, and Elite Markets is able to deliver its MAM platform for the benefit of the broker’s asset managers.Brokers are able to ask for a demonstration of the trading platforms available under the Elite Markets technology solution.


Elite Markets is able to provide the broker with a Forex Website Design for his online trading website that is both modern and built for conversion. The main objective of your website is to secure the lead, and the design does not lose focus of that point.
Another important component to take into account is time and resources. Elite Markets is well aware that the biggest delaying factor in the creation of a brokerage is the website itself. Integration is only one reason for possible delays, design and decision making is the major reason of delay.
Elite Markets’s fully integrated, ready build Forex websites tailored for the online Forex brokerage offers the broker an advantage in the marketplace as well as a much faster time to market, no headaches or hassles, just a professional fully integrated broker website and automated payment solutions connected to the entire Elite Markets tech solution, with all the control with the broker. No third party’s required at all.


Every online Forex brokerage needs an integrated Forex CRM system in their websites and trading platform in order to maximize conversion and retention of the clients. A CRM solution dedicated to the Forex market should be easy to use and is built to make the Forex business more efficient, Scalable, reduce the brokers risk, save funds in marketing with campaign management, assist in the risk management and trading, and manage affiliates has never been offered in the past.

The biggest technological downfall of most Forex Brokerages is the CRM. It is not unheard of to spend tens of thousands of development hours on building a CRM or configuring existing CRM systems to suit the Forex market, only to find out that it does not perform properly and that hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions have been spent.Elite Markets’s CRM solution is built specifically for Forex Brokers. It is a scalable solution so that start up enterprises are able to benefit from the logic and efficiency of a large institution and large brokers are able to manage thousands of leads and accounts for maximum automation, conversion and retention. The platform reduces inefficiencies and is built for the maximization of client value and operations.



At Elite Markets all brokerage servers solutions are fully hosted in-house, so there is no need for third party involvement. The trading technology solutions are fully integrated and customized to the broker’s needs. The Elite Markets Forex CRM, and CMS System have both been tailored to the Forex Broker industry by experienced industry specialists and both connect to the customized MT4 platform to create a synchronized network which is hosted by Elite Markets.

A Fully Hosted Service solution is ideal if you don’t want the expense and complication of maintaining your own servers and the support personnel costs.

It is a cloud based service hosted by Amazon’s own acclaimed servers. It’s robust, powerful, and allows you to enjoy the benefits of this service without all the technical know-how and day to day management of such a complex solution.

This Cloud based service helps you to reduce your overall IT costs and gives you access to platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure solutions.

At Elite Markets the support (Service) room monitors our brokers’ systems and offers dealing, risk management and technical support for all Elite Markets solutions. The support team is the one and only point of contact for all Elite Markets solutions, and they deal with broker’s questions quickly and efficiently thereby saving the broker time and effort of having to contact other departments.

At Elite Markets, the support team offers its brokers

  • Customized and personal client support
  • 24/6 dealing and technical support
  • Guidance from experienced industry specialists
  • Access to latest technology and Forex industry developments


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