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Doo Tech is all in one forex trading technology solution provider with own product development and technical support team. We are offering a range of forex software which include own Forex CRM, Trading System, Soical Trading Platform, Bridge Cloud, Hosting Cloud and Clearing System. We are helping forex brokers with our cost effective, reliable and user friendly services like MT5 Managed Service and White Label Solution.


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Product and Services


Hosting Cloud MT4/MT5 Managed Service

Retail customer were having multiple issues in forex trading and there were lack of quality trading environment due to  connectivity issue, system instability, inconsistent setting and international standards, and slow response. There were no reliable and low cost dedicated forex software to solve these issues and this became biggest challenge for forex brokers.

Doo Tech has identified these issues and build a group of forex and technology experts. By using our rich industry knowledge and experience,we have introduced software like “Hosting Cloud”, MT4/MT5 Managed Service solution. These software are providing operational support to new brokers and help them to scale up their business. The level of MT4/MT5 operation has built a solid foundation for the development of the brokerage business.


MT4/MT5 White Label Solution

Small and medium sized brokers are having limited budget and it is impossible for them to bear MetaTrader 4/5 Full License cost, so Doo tech is offering low cost and fully featured MT4/MT5 White Label Solution for forex brokers. It provide brokers an independent MT4/MT5 trading platform, customized services along with technical support and other required features.

We also provide the MetaTrader 4/5 White Label Solution for partners who want to start their retail FX broker business. This product is dedicated to helping to achieve the most convenient and robust development path.


CRM System

Based on the SaaS model, the customer management system integrates the MetaTrader 4/5 system access module perfectly, and realizes the full process electronic management of customers, introducing brokers, sales, customer service, administrators and other roles, providing rich functions, stable and safe. The one-stop Internet brokerage customer management tool has greatly improved the overall operational efficiency of Internet brokers, greatly reducing the R&D and maintenance costs of self-built IT systems and teams.


InTrade HTML5 Trading Terminal

InTrade is a leading cloud and web-based trading platform for Futures traders. It include all advance feature like charting tool and share portal for share and view trading ideas. Here you can plot all kind of easy and complex chart as per your need, you can perform back testing using available tools and uninterrupted data.



A tailor-made for the broker, support one-to-many, many-to-one account management, to meet the different brokers on the trading account management of the background. On the one hand, it breaks the information barrier between investors located between different brokers, supports all brokers, realizes cloud cross-broker shouting and ordering; on the other hand, it integrates system management, documentary, MAM Multi-functional, able to meet the management needs of different brokers.


Outrade Social Trading System

For the broker to create a personalized and Saas-based community-based trading front desk for retailers, including transaction signal sharing, follower follow-up, and community interaction, the product breaks the gap between foreign investors and different brokers. Information barriers, support all brokers, to achieve cloud cross-broker calls and orders.


Price Cloud Quotes Feed

In the financial industry, the quotes feed of different trading products are derived from different exchanges/liquidity providers. Due to the difference of the APIs, brokers are difficult to have quotes feed of different types of trading products.


MT4/MT5 Risk Management System

The risk management of MT4/MT5 has always been a tough problem that has plagued many brokers. Safe Guarder is an MT4/MT5 risk management system independently developed by Doo Tech, based on the collaboration experience with more than 300 brokers, combining market needs and compliance requirements.


MT4/MT5 Bridge

MT4/MT5 Servers as an independent trading system, need to connect the liquidity provider and upstream company through middleware to realize the transmission of quotation and transaction flow. Bridge Cloud, the MT4/MT5 Bridge, is such a powerful and mature middleware. It has already implemented MT4/MT5 to FIX API, Interactive Brokers IB Gateway, Esunny, Doo Clearing and many other and futures trading companies. The connection of the popular back-end system provides a mature solution for connecting the liquidity provider and the upstream company to the brokers based on the MT4/5 trading system.


Clearing Cloud Liquidity Clearing System

With the help of our rich industry experience we have developed Liquidity Clearing System known as Clearing Cloud. Clearing cloud includes features such as Liquidity Access, Price Aggregator, Distribution, Clearing Account Model, Risk Management, Reporting and Health Monitoring. This system is preferred by liquidity providers and also very helpful for large-scale brokers.


Please feel free to fill Inquiry Form for further  detail of above listed products, our team will get back to you with best product at best price.


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