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Devexperts has been working for nearly two decades consulting and developing for the financial industry. Devexperts is responsible for some of the global financial industry’s most recognized and reliable technology applications (e.g. the thinkorswim platform). For clients, our most important quality is our in-depth knowledge of the trading industry.

Devexperts develops financial software solutions for retail and institutional brokerages, wealth-management firms, investment funds, exchanges, and insurance companies. They are specialize in the development of financial software and help financial industry firms grow, adapt and gain a technological advantage by providing custom software solutions and sharing our FinTech expertise. They are committed to providing an individual approach to each customer, focusing on technical excellence and on delivering the best-in-class software products.


Product and Services

Equities & Derivatives Trading Platform

Brokerage firms refer to Devexperts when they need a trading platform and trading infrastructure tailored to fit their needs.
Devexperts develops solutions for broker-dealers, offering a range of asset classes such as stocks, ETFs, futures and commodities and operating in under different regulations (SEC, CFTC, FCA, JFSA, CMB, etc.).

A typical product has a custom-made and branded front-end (web, mobile, or desktop terminal) interconnected with an exchange or third-party order management system. We have experience with various integration projects, interconnecting our modules with broker’s ecosystems.

This allows for:

  • both trading platforms and order management to be plugged into any ecosystem
  • integrating robo-advisors
  • software updates in accordance with ever changing regulation

Forex, CFDs & Spread Betting Platform

Custom trading platforms can improve conversions with an embedded and a well-thought-out onboarding process.

The same applies to the user’s activation and sales because the custom trading terminal can have widgets for depositing funds and make the process of topping up an account smoother.

The dxTrade platform contains advanced dealing and risk management settings (A/B/C books, various hedging, and slippage control settings, etc.), designed to increase the revenue from the trading flow. These settings can be modified to fit each broker’s requirements.

Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets Trading Platform

The cryptocurrency market is plagued by underdeveloped technology. Many companies that emerged out of the hyped Blockchain boom spurred on from Bitcoin’s popularity are now depending on fragile and non-scalable technology which needs to be replaced.

Devexperts has developed solutions for some of the top 100 blockchain tech companies and cryptocurrency exchanges, identifying issues beyond the typical challenges of a traditional broker. The world of cryptocurrency is still fragmented and loosely standardized; there is no golden standard. This leaves room for various “look and feel” customizations for those looking to build something unique to their brand or to set a new industry trend.

Devexperts offers a multitude of customized solutions as well as complete replacement of outdated trading software with DxTrade platform licensed blocks or development of new ones from scratch.

Asset & Wealth Management Platform-

Devexperts offers custom solutions for asset and wealth management firms, investment advisers, and family offices. These solutions can be flexibly licensed or white-labelled for every customer.

Web Trading Terminal

Devexperts offers development of web trading terminals running on any back-end: be it a customer’s solution or the dxTrade platform. The terminals are tailored to customer’s needs and are white-labelled. We always ensure that our web solutions are fully compatible with all operating systems, browsers and devices.

Core features-

  • Multi-asset trading
  • Live charting
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Risk management
  • Built-in back-office and dashboard
  • Paper trading and training

Order Management System-

Order management system dxTrade OMS is broker-neutral. Its main purpose is real-time processing of orders and account data. Order processing includes validation and routing to both internal dxTrade OMS plugins and to external liquidity providers/execution venues. Account data processed and represented includes account info, balances, portfolios, and working orders as well as recent trading and non-trading activities.

Key Features-

  • Placing, canceling, and modifying orders
  • Monitoring accounts and working orders
  • Sending orders to an execution venue via an adapter or a simple FIX connection
  • Reporting order statuses
  • Performing back-office operations on the accounts

Risk Management & Pre-Trade Control

dxTrade Risk Management is a module, which can be used for risk management and pre-trade control. The scope includes multiple analysis techniques, customizable risk alerts, and portfolio modeling. All of the above can be applied to an individual or a group of accounts. This module connects to an execution venue via an independent FIX gateway and can be collocated with an exchange.

  • Automatic centralized order validation
  • Margin calculation based on built-in algorithms standard for US-based and European clearing organizations (SPAN, Reg T, RBM)
  • Portfolio modeling and analysis tools
  • On-the-fly calculation of profit/loss, margin, Greeks, and complex risk indicators
  • Beta weighting and correlation analysis
  • Breakdown of options portfolio into various strategies
  • Customizable risk alerts based on multiple parameters

Software Solutions for Exchange

Devexperts develops and deploys a full exchange infrastructure for stocks, options, futures and cryptocurrency. We consider every aspect, paying attention to stability, performance, monitoring, and compliance.

Matching Engine-Devexperts matching engine forms the core for any public exchange or a dark pool. Its order management functionalities ensure that each market participant is given the best execution. Matching algorithm allocates matching quantities, used when an aggressor order matches with one or multiple resting orders, and applies both to outright and implied matching.Our matching engine supports price-time priority matching algorithm, implied matching and quotes improving market liquidity, and opening auction.


Key features-

  • High performance of order matching and quotes dissemination
  • 1 microsecond second order matching latency
  • 2 microseconds to process one order
  • Up to 500,000 orders per second throughput
  • HFT support


FIX/FAST Gateways

Devexperts offers custom development of FIX and FAST gateways that can be provided as a uniform FIX and FAST gateway system or separately according to your requirements. FIX and FAST gateway system allows for direct access to all local and international markets, real-time electronic processing of market data and orders on multiple asset classes (stocks, options, bonds, etc.) between exchanges, brokers or other counterparties worldwide via the FIX/FAST protocols. By implementing gateways, your trading solutions will ensure greater transparency and easy access to the global market participants, low latency of data delivery, reduced time to market and cost savings providing your business with a powerful competitive advantage.
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