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Decimal 62 Solutions Limited

About Us

Established by a core team with a perfect blend of vision,  experience and complementary skills, Decimal 62 is becoming the foremost Services & Technological Solutions Provider to the financial services industry.

The founders have backgrounds in the institutional and retail forex markets, high street banking and retail end-user technology solutions.

Decimal 62 core skills include: IBs / affiliates management, mobile telephony, b2b and b2c sales, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, graphic and website design, database design, IT and websites management, problem solving.

Product and Services

CRM & Back Office Software

A bespoke CRM solution, based on our team’s years of experience working with the biggest forex brokerages in the world. Configurable appropriateness tests, suitable for different regulatory requirements and adjustable rules for setting leverages, deposit amounts.

Back office is where checks and proofs are validated, and payments confirmed. Without a functional back office, clients cannot be approved nor paid. Our system is easy for non-technical folk to use, and makes the client on-boarding journey smooth, and tailored to your regulatory framework. Below are the features of CRM Back office-

  • Web based and responsive design
  • Documents module
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Affiliate & IB Programmes
  • Internal Push  notification
  • Video compliance
  • Wallet System
  • Trading Platform Integration

Client Portal Software

An automated web solution connecting the trader with the platform. Works with all devices so your clients can manage their account any time, any place.

Your client portal is the business-end of your website, controlling the on-boarding process of registration, document uploading and funds management.

Control the client journey fully inside your ecosystem, with access to platforms, regulatory tests, emails, alerts, marketing other products and up selling.

Affiliate Management Software

Remain competitive and attractive, especially to EU based Affiliates and Marketing Partners.

The latest European regulation changes mean tougher rules on governing third parties sending anonymous traffic to your website. These marketing partnerships are of course web Affiliates.

In order to remain competitive and attractive, especially to EU based Affiliates, Decimal 62 has engineered an affiliate management software solution which complies with the latest directives, for example from regulator the CySEC, in Cyprus.

Affiliate payments are based on action trigger points, in line with gathering bona fide data, ensuring “appropriateness” tests are completed, documents uploaded and approved and client status changes are included among others.

Never are triggers linked to gross or net deposits, instruments traded, number of trades or volume traded. Thus, there is no conflict of interest between the Affiliate and the introduced client.

Introducing Broker Software

A plugin solution as part of our overall CRM package.

Independent introducers can be a big source of Clients and revenue for many financial institutions. Maintaining these relationships, and growing your business are often hard to match.

At Decimal 62 we provide an introducer plugin solution as part of our overall CRM package.

Crowdfunding Platform

The back office system provides a full suite of AML and KYC procedures for approving clients alongside management of issuers and projects.

One of our most exciting Products! The crowdfunding platform enables brokerages to create investment projects, and use the power of the crowd to fund the development.

Brokers can rest assured, that the back office provides all the regulatory and compliance reporting needed plus historic performance KPI checks and auditing reports for birds-eye performance monitoring.

For the investor, the crowdfunding platform provides a robust trading platform experience, whereby monies are deposited securely into an wallet, and thereafter used to buy e-shares in investment projects, whether at the start of a project or as part of the secondary market, once development is underway.

Purchasing e-shares gives the investor an opportunity to earn a dividend payment from the project, whether on the sale of the project or from monthly rentals.

Forex Broker in a Box

Set packages of forex products for startups and established brokerage services or pick and choose, à la carte style.


Please fill the Inquiry Form in case further detail required for any product, team will share the best product with best possible price.


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