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Most software companies don’t have a brokerage background, which limits their ability to understand brokers needs. CurrentDesk was founded by a group brokerage specialists who saw the opportunity to leverage their knowledge and create software systems that perfectly fit the unique broker industry.

Product and Services

We have developed a Broker CRM called CurrentBusiness. It is a powerful yet accessible, operational, sales and marketing software suite tailored specifically to fit in the requirement of forex brokerages. You can Access client data, account activity, equity and P&L in real-time. Access client data, account activity, equity and P&L in real-time by connecting to any API, supportive trading platform, or back end.

  • Admin Back Office
  • Partner Back Office
  • Client Portal
  • CRM Tools
  • Revenue Calculator
  • Multi-Asset Manager(MAM)
  • Reporting
  • Platform Independent


Features of Broker CRM CurrentBusiness


We have developed a fully platform independent Multi Asset Management Software for Forex Brokers. It has been integrated with our proprietary Broker CRM CurrentBusiness. You can  Overcome platform limitations and provide accurate allocations, automate performance and management fee distribution; and calculate high-water marks with a plugin free and platform independent MAM.


Broker revenue reporting includes: commissions, spread markups, transaction fees, conversions, and dealing desk revenue.


Get ready to accept more deposits by provide an enhanced portal that streamlines client funding and allows admin managing deposits, transfers and withdrawals efficiently.


All data is stored in a universal format with defined business logic applied to it. The system works with any trading platform that offers standard API protocols.


The admin back office is a complete suite of broker management tools including: compliance, treasury, sales, support, KYC management, user roles, client agreements, reminders, requests, reporting and more.


Increase efficiency by providing your partners like IBs & Affiliates with the ability to manage and close clients with a specifically tailored version of the back office.

CLIENT PORTAL / Traders Room

Clients can deposit, withdraw and convert funds, request internal transfers, upload documents, create accounts, join managed programs and more using our traders room or client portal.


CurrentBusiness offers a full complement of CRM tools including: real-time data, lead management, client details, marketing and email tools, referral links and more.

Integration with METATRADER 4

Adhering to a philosophy of delivering platform and technology agnostic solutions, CurrentDesk has integrated MetaFX MAM into their broker management software, CurrentBusiness. Integration with MetaFX MAM as well as other MAM providers is unorthodox given that CurrentBusiness already includes an effective MAM system. However, CurrentDesk believes that with this flexibility clients will be able to concentrate on business management within CurrentBusiness. Decisions like this show that CurrentDesk is committed to providing holistic solutions that allow clients to use whatever tools and platforms they prefer.

If you are running a forex brokerage business on Mt4 White Label or any other brokerage software, and want to increase the operations efficiency, please contact us and we will give you a DEMO.

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