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Currenex is a market-leading technology provider offering the FX community high-performance technology and deep pools of liquidity for anonymous and disclosed trade execution.

They provide  a unique service – tailored access to disclosed and undisclosed liquidity together on a single screen. And with many significant market liquidity sources connected to our venue, we’re a premium source for FX liquidity in the market.



Product and Services


Execution Methods

Streaming and RFQ/RFS execution methods facilitate trading in a range of various and order types.

Executable Streaming Prices (ESP)

Executable Streaming Prices are available for FX Spot and Precious Metals Spot via our ESP execution functionality. Key benefits of this execution method include:

  • A real marketplace with hundreds of market participants and diverse liquidity sources
  • Ability for participants to be passive or aggressive, earn spread or pay spread, which facilitates continuous markets and price discovery
  • Precision pricing in each currency pair


Market Data

Real-time and Historical Data Premium Solutions

Currenex NOW delivers a premium market data solution. It represents an independent and unbiased view of the most widely available prices, orders and trading activity across all of the various liquidity pools on Currenex.

It provides a real-time, tick-by-tick, streaming, order book data feed offering real precision, trade updates (paid/given) with bucketed size, a Currenex Weighted Average Mid Rate (WAMR) mid-rate, coupled with insight into order book density surrounding WAMR.


Private Label Services

Operate a trading venue without the need for hardware investment. Our technology is robust, easily customisable and can be quickly deployed.

  • Liquidity Sourcing and Aggregation
  • Price Distribution, Market Risk & Credit Management
  • Multiple Front-End Dealing Interfaces & APIs


Liquidity Configurations

Anonymous Trading

Our anonymous ECN, FXTradesTM, comprises hundreds of professional market participants and allows for both passive and aggressive execution of orders as well as central and bilateral clearing. FXTradesTM liquidity is available under the following categories.

  • Sweepable (Firm & Last Look) – for ESP execution
  • Full amount (Last Look) – for ESP & RFS/RFQ execution
  • Full amount (Firm) – for mid-matching (Currenex MIDTM)
Disclosed Trading

Disclosed liquidity is provided by over 60 bank and non-bank FX market makers. This liquidity is available under the following categories:

  • Sweepable (Firm & Last Look) – for ESP execution
  • Full amount (Last Look) – for ESP & RFS/RFQ execution
Liquidity Management

As part of an initiative to optimise the client experience, we created a dedicated Liquidity Management Team to provide more in-depth statistical analysis of trading activities over the platform.

By closely interacting with our liquidity providers and liquidity takers, the team has successfully enhanced the fill ratios and liquidity quality for many clients.


Sell-side Bank and Market maker offering

Low-latency connectivity to large buy-side markets across a range of FX and precious metals, providing alternative distribution channels for your pricing.

A liquidity management team whose focus is to seek to optimize your liquidity streams which may help you to better monetize your flow.

Private label solutions. Our private label business provides sell-side banks with sophisticated access to the FX and precious metals markets and the ability to operate a trading venue — without the need for hardware investment. The entire solution can be quickly deployed and comprises:

  • Liquidity sourcing and aggregation. The bank can aggregate and customize our liquidity pools in developing and distributing prices to their end clients via a range of user interfaces, or a FIX API for a custom integration.
  • Risk and credit management. Our sophisticated technology enables synchronous (A-Book) and asynchronous (B-Book) hedging capability. It can be configured flexibly across individual pairs, facilitating our private label customers’ ability to manage market risk. Client margin calls and net open position (NOP) for clients are automated.
  • Multiple front-end dealing interfaces and APIs. We offer various user interfaces, as well as APIs to allow banks to increase their distribution channels to their clients.

Precise and real-time market data, with analytics around your trading performance on Currenex.

The ability to easily utilize various order types in real time to suit your trading style.

Buy-side Bank and Market maker offering-

Deep liquidity and competitive pricing across a range of instruments. We offer our clients a unique service — tailored access to disclosed and undisclosed liquidity together on one screen. With many significant market liquidity sources connected to our venue, we are a premium source for FX liquidity in the market, particularly spot.

Faster execution. We facilitate continuous high-speed trading and price discovery with the ability for participants to be both passive and aggressive.

High fill ratios. Our sophisticated technology and depth of liquidity can help you achieve consistent fills of orders.

Precise and real-time market data includes full market depth of each available currency pair. Tick-by-tick updates are available to all participants simultaneously.

comprehensive suite of trading functionalities. We also offer the option of API access for the connection of bespoke algos.

The ability to aggregate multiple liquidity streams and create private liquidity pools that are unique to your trading needs and style based on preferences and relationships.

The ability to easily utilize various order types in real time to suit your trading style.

Precision pricing in each currency pair.

Straight-through-processing (STP). We offer a suite of STP solutions that connect Currenex services with your back-office systems to facilitate seamless settlement, workflow, reporting and auditing processes. The connections can be via many of the major post-trade hubs.

Low costs to get started, with the opportunities to scale up your business without the need for significant hardware investment.

Hedge Funds

Currenex offers a sophisticated solution for Active Traders that allows them to focus on their trading strategies in the knowledge that the technology, operational and reporting challenges that underpin this execution are being met to the highest specifications.


For brokers looking to expand their global footprint in the $5.3 trillion-a-day FX market, Currenex’s award-winning Private Label business leverages sophisticated technology to provide easy-to-implement solutions that can be quickly deployed. Our Partners can be viewed here.


Fund Managers

For Fund Managers looking to maximize opportunities in an increasingly competitive and regulated environment, Currenex can provide a comprehensive solution to facilitate FX, loans & deposits and precious metals trading.



For corporate treasurers who manage a multitude of multi-currency and money market transactions and portfolios, Currenex offers a comprehensive trading solution.

Messaging Protocols

We offer a range of messaging APIs, allowing clients to tailor their programmatic access to Currenex liquidity.

Messaging Protocols include:

  • FIX
  • ITCH
  • OUCH

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