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Broctagon is delivering multi-asset liquidity and superior trading technology to retail brokerage firms globally. Bringing together some of the brightest minds in the industry, Broctagon strive to streamline and elevate brokerages by equipping brokers with the means necessary to attract clients, exceed performance expectations and redefine industry standards.

Broctagon meticulously calibrated and finely-tuned bespoke solutions serve to augment and optimize current workflows, ultimately helping brokers reach their desired audience and build the business they envision.

Product and Services

MT4/5 Turnkey Solutions

End-To-End Multifaceted Trading Platforms with Full-Cycle Business Support Integration. Recognised as the industry standard by the global trading markets, our enterprise MT4/5 solutions are fully integrated with institutional-grade liquidity bridges, powerful CRM platforms and every auxiliary component that your business requires. Empowering your clients with enhanced security features, detailed technical analysis and flexible trading parameters, the MT4/5 are modern-day trading platform titans set to propel the trading experience of your clients to the next level.

MT4/5 for Desktop

Features of MT4/5 for desktop

  • Security and Transparency
  • Advanced Charting Capabilities
  • Full-Scale Customization

MT4/5 Mobile Trader

With Broctagon’s mobile trader, users are empowered with trading mobility paired with uncompromised access to the consistent full functionality associated with the MT4/5 platform. We offer a unified trading experience in terms of technology, aesthetics and utility by enabling intuitive trades from any mobile device.


The AXIS CRM comes power-packed with a vast spectrum of fully-customizable functionalities, ranging from integration with payment and KYC providers, multi-tier affiliate commission structures to cloud hosting capabilities – all neatly presented within an intuitive, easy-to-navigate user dashboard. Accelerate your business growth through the AXIS CRM and grow your dominance in the brokerage industry today.

  • Client Dashboard
  • Payment Hub
  • Integrated Live Chat/Ticketing System
  • Affiliate Module
  • Analytics Module
  • Admin Module

Broctagon Investment Tools

PAMM / MAM / Social Trading

Featuring full integration with the AXIS CRM, your clients can choose to become an investor or money manager with Broctagon’s investment tools, equipped with customizable allocation and investment management capabilities.


  • Selection and subscription to preferred money managers
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • Viewing of detailed trading statistics
  • High-water mark protection (No performance fee payout during underperforming circumstances)

Money Managers

  • Flexible performance fees
  • Zero trading limitations
  • Management of investor accounts
  • Vast range of GUI tools for investor account management
  • Trade strategy protection (Only closed trades can be viewed)

Ancillary Services

The Express Lane to Kickstart Your Brokerage

Backed by our years of extensive dealings with brokerages, Broctagon understands the tremendous behind-the-scenes efforts required to achieve brokerage liftoff. To ease the initial business inertia, we have created an express, one-stop package, specially aimed at getting your brokerage up and running with zero hassles. Get instant access to in-house expertise, purposefully-built content management systems (CMS) and global regulatory bodies from our vast networks and knowledge repositories.

  • Business Advisory
  • Content Management System
  • Licensing

Data Centre Security

Effectively Secure Your Virtual, Cloud, Physical, and Hybrid Data Environments. Information and data have become the highest priority targets in digital business around the world.


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