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Archer International Consultants, Ltd.

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When a group is looking to enter the world of Forex, they have a long list of tasks that they must go through, from the establishment of their company in the correct jurisdiction, opening a bank account, organization of a trading license or regulation – all while keeping within their budgets. The new brokerage will need to set up a trading technology solution that caters to their needs and gives them an advantage with their clients. Once again cost is an issue.  We are here o guide you through what you require and to provide training along the way. If you are new to this business, we can help transform you in to the expert that you need and will also help you in expending your business in new directions. We are a foremost services provider. We provide tailor made solutions within your budget, laying the foundation of your business. We will assist you in your corporate, banking and financial services. Our services are including in advising and planning, formation and incorporation as well as management of international structures. We specialize in online trading companies such as Forex and CFD. We would rather promise nothing and deliver everything than promise everything and deliver nothing.

Below are the solutions we provide for Forex Company such as

  1. Corporate
  2. Forex Banking
  3. Licensing or Regulation
  4.  Trading Technologies Solutions for Forex and CFD,
  5. Trading Platforms
  6. Signal Solutions
  7. Automated Retention Tools
  8. Liquidity
  9.  Integrated Forex CRM solutions and Management Tools
  10.  Integrated Forex Trading Websites
  11. Legal documentation



Products and Services


When setting up your Forex Company Formation and/or CFD Company, your primary concerns are threefold;

a) Ease in the setup,
b) Efficiency or speed in setting up, and
c) The ability to run your Forex business.

There are several jurisdiction which is available that may suit your needs, we are here to guide you through your options, whether you are looking for an offshore company solution with tax and privacy incentives or an onshore company solution for increased reputation and flexibility.




Forex Banking solutions for online Forex Companies have become one of the major challenges that Companies face when setting up and maintaining their brokerage business. ArcherCTS has been providing banking solutions for years and our account managers are experts in dealing with banks. We are constantly updating our solutions, and it is highly recommended to have more than one banking solution available to any company. We all time review the best off shore banking opportunity for business purpose in the market place and recommended to those which we will be able to assist them in identifying a suitable bank to work with. Few aspects we consider are:

  1. The registered residence and operational address of our client. Banks often have policies that deny, restrict or place conditions upon certain classes of clients from having access to their services, and these policies change from time to time.
  2. The proposed activities of the client company or trust that we administer.
  3. Opening deposits and minimum balance requirements.




We help you to start business with right partners who know and understand you business sides and can offer business payment solution. We know the flexible payment system is paramount to success. It is for this reason that we have identified payment providers that will work with your Forex company and allow you to receive funds easily in multiple jurisdictions and in multiple currencies thus reducing costs and decreasing the time of receipt of payment as well as making the payments from end clients much easier thus increasing conversion.

Payment services are crucial to the continued operation of the online trading company. There are three main points to consider when seeking a payment service provider (PSP).

  1. Direct Merchant Access of Shared Account services
  2. Security of Funds
  3. Authorization of client purchase rate
  4. Discount Rate

At ArcherCTS, we will enquire into the working of your business to see what you are looking for and match the provider accordingly, to increase your approval rate, reduce your costs, and increase your security or all of the above.




The window to your Forex brokerage is your online trading website. Having a dynamic design for your broker website is tremendously important. Our experts have the experience in creating dozens of brands and we bring that experience and knowledge to assist you in creating your own image. Archer CTS offers a two type solution when it comes to website design, either create your own website and we will do the integration, or alternatively choose one of our existing Forex website designs and go live in days.




We provide MT4 white label trading platform which is equipped with a lot of advanced features to make life easy for brokers. We offer best solutions for trading brokers. As in market there is intense competition among brokers. We use most refined Forex full white label brokerage services that exceed the expectation of your customer. Our white label Forex platform makes you one of most preferred online or mobile trading platforms in the market. We help you to deliver a dream trading platform for your customer with our FX white label solution. The MT4 trading platform provided by ArcherCTS as the mt4 white label provider is fully hosted within our servers and has been configured by ArcherCTS experts to provide the broker with a business and marketing advantage over its competitors. ArcherCTS is able to support your brokerage with additional platforms in addition to the MT4 and Mobile trader there is WebTrader & MAM. The web trader, has a unique look is fully branded and allows the end user to trade in a non-download environment and still monitor all trading in a single source.

For Asset Managers a MAM platform is an essential tool of trade, and ArcherCTS is able to deliver its MAM platform for the benefit of the broker’s asset managers.



The MT4 trading platform is the platform of choice when it comes to trading, however even though the download version is supported by the MT4 Mobile, it is still not available as a web trader. It is for this reason that ArcherCTS has made available a web trader that can support the MT4.

The last of the trading platforms made available by ArcherCTS is the MAM platform, (Multi Account Manager), this platform enables asset managers, money managers and portfolio managers the opportunity to run and manage their client portfolios in the most convenient way possible.



The most important aspect of running an A Book, is transparency with your liquidity provider. If no transparency exists then the broker is running the risk that his liquidity provider has a conflict of interest with him.

If transparency does exist, then tight spreads, deep liquidity, and close to 100% execution should be the goal.

ArcherCTS has agreements in place with top-tier multiple liquidity streams on level-2 on all types of categories, Forex, Metals and CFD’s.




Every Forex brokerage that is running their business online needs an integrated Forex CRM system in their website and trading platform in order to maximize conversion and retention of the cliens. A CRM solution dedicated to the Forex market should be easy to use and is built to make the Forex business more efficient, Scalable, reduce the brokers risk, save funds in marketing with campaign management, assist in the risk management and trading, and manage affiliates has never been offered in the past. We make CRM solution specifically for Forex Brokers. The platform reduces inefficiencies and is built for the maximization of client value and operations.

ArcherCTS’s Forex CRM solution will revolutionize the way you do business. The modules include:

1.User friendly interface for sales and retention, to ensure efficient calls and management
2. Tried and tested and used by several large brokers
3. Campaign Management System, to monitor and compare ROI
4. Optional, fully integrated hosted interactive Forex trading website solution with a rich truly multi-language CMS and comprehensive “my account” area
5. Fully hosted solution, so you can save on employee costs. We will support the system for you.
6. Web Solutions
7. VOIP Solutions
8. SMS connectivity
9. Bonus controls
10. Rules for Regulated and Non-Regulated brokers
11. Mass Media marketing and more.



All of ArcherCTS’s trading technologies solutions are hosted by ArcherCTS. ArcherCTS broker consultants have gone to great lengths and expense to create a High Availability environment for all of its servers.

Hosting at ArcherCTS means that the broker does not have to concern himself with any type of servers, everything is taken care of at the highest level, with monitoring of not only the servers but the functionality within as well as High Availability to allow for the highest standards of uptime as well as loss recovery.



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