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Forex consulting is our language; investing in people & promoting talent for over a decade, at the forefront of the most competitive market of the financial services industry.

With our Sales Training at the core of our business and the support of our large network of individuals, service providers and brokers, we meet all FX corporate challenges and consult on a daily basis the operations of our brokerages, at all stages of their development.

As we teach our Sales Reps “Not all people bite Just make the call, have a quick & to the point talk, and never be too sure of who’s at the other end of the line”. So make sure you reach out because… we just might surprise you.




Product and Services




allFX-Consult is a boutique forex consulting agency, catering to quality rather than quantity. For over a decade, our Directors have been connecting with some of the best individuals/professionals, service providers and brokers the industry has to offer ensuring we can meet any corporate challenge relative to how to start a forex brokerage.

allFX-Consult always has a counterpart/partner for any forex corporate structure. Before introductions/connections take place, we thoroughly examine all possibilities. We’re chosen for being discreet, detail oriented and deadline driven.

  • Research & planning Product/Budgets/Targets
  • Register a company With license or not
  • Setup your banking Direct or other
  • Build a website Add info from plan
  • Buy Platform/CRM/BO W.Label/full license
  • Connect PSPs & wallets Direct/Payment Agent



Forex White Label


A full license to purchase your own forex platform is very costly and unless you have the operations to support it, then it is common practice to connect through a forex white label program of another provider (usually a forex broker or a prime broker) and market it as your own, with certain conditions. This enables you to start your own forex brokerage operations, market your very own forex brand and access banking, technical and technological support for a fraction of the huge cost required to do this on your own.

As our worldwide client base increases, Forex IB and White Label plans emerge that allow networkers to work with some of the best professionals the industry has to offer.

  • Newly established forex brokerages with strong finance background and solid funding, offering very flexible terms to support their new ventures.
  • Well established investment firms offering partnerships for tied agents, regional partners and more complex structures.



Forex IB 


Any legal person, individual or company that introduces/refers potential business to a Forex Broker and receives remuneration based on Revenue Share, CPA, CPL or P&L is considered to be an Introducing Broker (forex IB).

Connecting offshore: With our clients in Belize, Seychelles, the Caymans, Martial Islands and St. Vincent offering the most flexible IB and White Label solutions.

Connecting in the EU: With our clients in 15 out of the 28 member states offering strong partnerships to individuals and corporations with existing client base, looking to connect.

allFX-Consult always has a counterpart/partner for any corporate structure. But before we connect anyone, we thoroughly examine all possibilities.We’re chosen for being discreet, detail oriented and deadline driven.



Forex Affiliate


A Forex affiliate, simply put allows a forex broker to use his/her website(s) to advertise, promote or distribute a product/service for a pre-agreed revenue commission scheme.

With the rise of blogs and high traffic websites, affiliate marketing gained huge popularity allowing small enterprises to score big, especially relevant ones that have forex related content like news, signals, trading information and industry service providers.

Especially in the world of forex, where every broker wants a piece of the pie a.k.a. market share, forex brokers are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a single affiliate, if it’s worth it. Each forex affiliate owns a small/big piece of that pie, in different regions of the world, thus rendering the website/affiliate network invaluable to the hungry forex broker willing to get it no matter the cost.





A Tied Agent is a person (natural or legal) established in a Member State, who, acting under the full and unconditional responsibility of only one Investment Firm (the “IF”) of a Member State, on whose behalf it acts, promotes investment or/and ancillary services, attracts Clients or prospective Clients, receives and transmits Client orders in respect of investment services or financial instruments, places financial instruments or/and provides advice to Clients or prospective Clients in respect of those financial instruments or services.



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