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We are optimized for White Label services. By providing comprehensive systems interconnected for website, CS, CRM, IB, MT4/MT5 Manager and Terminals, our program is optimized for financial services business.

We are proud to be the only such comprehensive service provider with unprecedented experience in the industry.It is AdenaSoft’s goal to help you operate your financial services business in a worry free IT environment.


Product and Services

Below is list of software and services provided by ADENASOFT-


ADENASOFT provides websites templates which can be customized for clients. User can create forex boker website using these templates.


AdenSoft provides CRM systems for a backoffice tool useful to monitor the sales data populated
by each client, sales group, country and P/L.

CRM is one of the critical systems of financial services. It encompasses the monitoring and management of client relations, P/L by country, and IB/Affiliate management program. AdenaSoft provides two separate versions for Admin use as well as Sales use.

Admin version provides analytical data to oversee the operations by country and regions. Sales version is for Marketing personnel. Both are designed with user-friendliness in mind.


CS tool is built to automate all processes related to customers accounts management from the account opening to deposit/withdrawals. AdenaSoft made CS interactive with all other systems so that the users can have all the tools in one place.

AdenaSoft provides a comprehensive CS tool encompasses website, IB site, and MT4 terminal. It efficiently brings in the data entered in the websites (main site, IB/Affiliates) for new accounts as well as other inputs (deposits/withdrawals) so that the admin users can process requests in one place. It also generates automated emails to the customers giving them the real time updates.


Introducing Broker / Affiliate program is an essential part of the business to help you grow your online financial services. AdenaSoft’s IB / Affiilate websites can be used as a management tool in response to the statistical data provided to help you strategize your financial services business.

  • - Overall Management System for IB / Affiliate’s clients.
  • - Detailed views for each client’s data and search functionality.
  • - Trading history and Deposit/Withdrawal for individual clients.
  • - Overall Forex Market Watch and Real-time Trading & Orders.
  • - Simple data sorting by
  • (Name/Position/Lots/Open & Close Time/Profit & Loss/Commission Stats)
  • - Internal Transfer function enabled for IB’s client.
  • - Downloadable in Excel spreadsheets for customer management data.


AdenaSoft provides Financial Bridge Systems.

Our proprietary bridge is a solution to liquidity provider for FX/CFD/Commodities markets as well as
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium. We pride ourselves to be one of the few companies with
the PAMM/MAM technology provider enabled for MT4/MT5 platforms by Metaquotes.


Risk management tool allows the financial services companies to monitor and react to any alerts optimized for your business.
These alerts will go off for any events that require attention of the risk manager such as abusive trading and system errors.
Our risk management tool is designed to make your business run safely.


MT4/MT5 manager systems are very important tools to manage FX trading business effectively.
90% of the FX brokers use these programs and we offer them as a package to our While Label clients.


You can enjoy mobile services provided by AdenaSoft to help you access your account anytime anywhere with your smart phones. MT4/MT5 mobile versions are also available for both Android/IOS versions in addition to our mobile web services.



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