Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is at the core of Cryptocurrency market which brings all the stakeholders like ICO Owners, Crypto Traders & Investors, Crypto Liquidity Providers, crypto wallet providers, cryptocurrency exchange software development company, crypto marketing companies, Blockchain enthusiasts, crypto and forex brokers, Introducing brokers etc. 

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

The list of crypto market participants is huge but you would have got their dependency on a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software. Crypto Exchanges play the pivotal role in ensuring the crypto market remains liquid and vibrant 24*7*365. And a robust Cryptocurrency Exchange Software helps them in this endeavor. 

Advent of Bitcoin, the  pioneer of crypto currencies, opened a new investing, trading asset class for the forex and stock traders. For over 5-7 years people stayed skeptical but past 2-3 years have been pretty eventful for the whole crypto currency markets which brought it to the forefront of global trading community. 

And a major credit goes to the Cryptocurrency Exchanges that let ICO projects owners and promoter to list their coin/tokens on the exchange and help traders and investors to participate by way of buying and selling these cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. 

And the heroes of these next gen fintech solutions are cryptocurrency exchange software development companies and professionals. The crypto exchange you use might look simple and easy but there goes very complicated calculations, architectures, plugins, connections and what not to create fully functional crypto exchange software solutions.

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is the set of software, tools, modules, APIs, Plugins & Bridges that make a platform for crypto traders, brokers, liquidity providers to either trade into the cryptocurrencies or facilitate the traders and investors in trading activities. It ensures that all the stakeholders get equal and fair opportunity to make money by participating in crypto market through the crypto exchange. 

You can imagine how complicated and elaborate Cryptocurrency exchange development work could be for the developers and companies.

What does Crypto Exchange software have for Crypto Traders & Investors?

  • Crypto Exchange Software ensures the crypto traders get access to the best crypto currency pairs like BTC, ETH, XRP etc
  • The exchange to be highly liquidity so that traders to enter into a trade and exit at will without waiting and incurring losses due to slippage.
  • They get a trading terminal with advanced charting and technical analysis tools & indicators to help them make informed trading decisions.
  • They get highly secure e-wallets that lets them deposit & withdraw cryptocurrencies and fiats without hassle.
  • They are provided with as many Order Types like Market Orders, Limit Orders, Stop Limit etc so that they can trade on their own style.
  • There should be a clean User Dashboard that shows all the reports and status of balances, Profit & Losses, Positions, Charges & Costs etc. 

What does Crypto Exchange software have for Crypto Exchange Promoters or Owners?

  • End to end solution for crypto trading right from crypto pairs, trading terminals, matching engine, User & Admin Dashboards, Reporting System, Customer Support, ICO Panel. 
  • Security Measures
  • Uptime & Accessibility
  • Flexibility to change as the crypto market is ever evolving and is going through changes rapidly.

What does Crypto Exchange software have for Crypto Liquidity Providers & Market Makers?

The Liquidity Providers & Market Makers are the key stakeholders of Forex Trading and now they have the opportunity to make the most of crypto trading as well by providing liquidity solutions to crypto exchanges. 

As mentioned above, higher liquidity is one must for a robust and flourishing crypto exchange. Unfortunately Crypto Exchanges still struggle with Liquidity issues and this where crypto liquidity providers come to their rescue.  

A good Crypto Exchange Software is flexible to connect with Crypto Liquidity Providers Bridge and makes seamless connection between the exchange and LPs. 

What does Crypto Exchange software have for ICO Project Promoters & Owners?

What does an ICO Project Promoters & Owners want after raising the fund via ICO? They want freedom to focus on the project development. And what do the investors and traders want? They want to have an opportunity to book profits or trade to make a profit. 

This all can be achieved by listing the coin or token on the crypto exchange and make it available for everyone to trade into. 

A robust crypto exchange has an ICO Panel that lets project owners to apply for the listing, check the status and list the coins on approval. This all should be seamless, secure and transparent in a good crypto exchange. 

What does Crypto Exchange software have for Crypto Technology Developers & Solution Providers?

Every new technology opens the floodgates of opportunities for Software & Tools Developers for the intermediaries and end users. Bitcoin has been a boon for tech engineers and solution providers. 

They have been working on blockchain and DLT Technologies for years but the real commercial breakthrough came when crypto exchanges started taking shape. They have provided the opportunities for developers to create software and tools that have commercial viability and they can make money with them. 

Essential Components of a Crypto Exchange Software

Landing Page / Website

  • Onboarding
    • Sign Up
    • KYC
    • Source of Funds

Wallets & Payment

  • Wallet Creation
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawal

Trading Terminal

  • Lite Version
  • Advanced Version
  • Pairs
  • Quotes
  • Order Book
  • Matching Engine
  • Charting & Indicators


  • Onboarding Status
  • Wallets with balances
  • Order Book / Trade Log
  • Profit & Loss

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Price and Cost

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software price and cost largely depend on what kind of exchange solution you are looking for. We can categorize requirement for Cryptocurrency Exchange Software as follows:

Custom Cryptocurrency Exchange Cost

If you want to get a custom Cryptocurrency Exchange Software developed for yourself right from scratch, it may cost you upwards of USD 500,000

Off the Shelf Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Cost

If you are flexible to use an already developed Cryptocurrency Exchange Software with some minor custom improvements, it may cost you upwards of USD 100,000

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Cost

If you just want a white label crypto exchange, it will cost you as low as USD 10000 to start up.

Hope this blog brought more clarity on Cryptocurrency Exchange Software & the cost of developing a custom solution or just taking white label.

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